13 Best Wineries in Houston, TX (Photos and Maps)

Looking for wineries in a metropolis can be challenging. Fortunately, Houston has establishments to offer.

Some have their vineyards outside the state of Texas, while others use the other vineries to make their wine. No matter where their grapes come from, here are the 13 Best Wineries in Houston, TX.

AWI Winery of Texas

$$$ | (832) 453-6439 | WEBSITE


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Awi Wines uses the Uco Valley of Argentina to care for its super-premium grapes.

Furthermore, they gather more than 30 wine grapes from different sources to make their white and rosé. What made their wines different other than the quality of their grapes is that they age them up to 14 months in French oak barrels.

They have skilled winemakers with successful stories and achievements.

Likewise, this winery received recognition as the best winery in Houston 2021 from Expertise. If you want to keep experiencing their award-winning wines, you may join their AWI KISS Wine Club.


Sable Gate Winery

$$ | (713) 360-7113 | WEBSITE


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This winery does not only gather their grapes in their neighborhood but from the best vineyards around the world!

With these resources, they can make more than 50 wines, including the all-time favorite Merlots and Chardonnays and rare finds such as Barolos, Gewurztraminers, and Petit Verdot.

But the more fantastic news is you can have your blend. If you have no idea what wine you want, have a wine tasting, and the servers will explain what wines might be to your liking. Don’t forget to enjoy your glass with their charcuterie and pizza!


Decant Urban Winery

$$$ | (832) 834-7960 | WEBSITE


While you can enjoy the scenic view and atmosphere of some wineries’ tasting rooms, Decant Urban Winery has a different way of letting its guests enjoy their stay.

As you drink your glass of wine, you may watch how they make the wines you are drinking, from how they crush the grapes and bottle them.

To make your experience extra special, the person who will serve you will most likely be the one who also made that wine. You can ask them for details about their wine, and they will gladly share the details.


Nice Winery

$$ | (713) 744-7444 | WEBSITE


You can enjoy quality wines without going far here at Nice Winery. After all, they supply the top restaurants and had multiple recognitions and awards from wine competitions. For this kind of credentials, the prices of their wines are very reasonable.

Not only can you enjoy their beautiful wines, but they also have chefs in the establishment to serve you the perfect pairings for your glass.

Not only is the staff knowledgeable about what they offer, but they are also hilarious, which makes your day more fun. For extended benefits, guests highly encourage you to join the club membership.


Pur Noire Wines

$$$ | (832) 476-2974 | WEBSITE


The owners of Pur Noire Wines were inspired by the wine experiences and surprises they experienced over the years.

They started by selling other brands but later thought of starting their brand with high-quality wines. Additionally, they want the people to experience the journey that made their winery happen.

The guests enjoyed the relaxing atmosphere of the tasting rooms. If you are new to wine, the staff offers a wine selection that will not be too bold for your first try. But if you have had many wine-tasting experiences, you will enjoy everything on their list.


Infuse Wine Bar

$ | (832) 240-7375 | WEBSITE


Ever thought of drinking the wine of your dreams? Even though there are many wine varietals, you still seek something else. Here at Infuse Wine Bar, they make your dream come true. They give their guests the power to infuse their flavors with their choice of fruits, herbs, and sweeteners.

You may also plan your next party in this winery. Aside from enjoying their wines, the hosts’ personality is entertaining, and so are the games they have for you.

If you are with someone who does not drink, don’t worry. They can still join the party while having non-alcoholic wine.



$$ | (713) 405-0082 | WEBSITE


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SERCA has its vineyard in Uco Valley Argentina that produces various grapes such as Ultra and Super Premium Malbec, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc.

They hand harvest the grapes annually and have them delivered to their winery. Before they process the grapes into wine, they make sure they only use the healthiest fruits that will give the right balance of sweetness and acidity.

You can enjoy their perfectly balanced wines in their tasting room or rooftop space. Many people thought of this family-owned business as Houston’s hidden gem. On your first visit, you will consider joining their membership club.


Vinture Wine

$ | (832) 289-6099 | WEBSITE


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If you want to support the locals, buying wines from Vintures is the best way.

Their name is a combination of wine and adventures, as they have various wines that will give you incredible experiences for every taste. They sell products of small wineries to build a community.

This winery is particular to the people in Texas as they only deliver within the state. The prices are very affordable and delicious. You can find almost every kind of wine in this shop, so be sure to drop by when you are around the area.


French Country Wines

$$$ | (713) 993-9500 | WEBSITE

Are you a French wine lover? You might want to check their place out.

French Country Wines gives you access to the wines of 8 different French regions without leaving Houston, Texas. They also distribute these wines in restaurants and bars in the city and throughout the state.

They also have a pervasive range of price points, so you can enjoy wines if you are looking out for your budget or feeling extravagant.

The guests love the welcoming personality of the hosts and the place. Drinking the wines that they offer makes you feel connected with French culture.


Reata Cellars

$$ | (832) 834-6657 | WEBSITE


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Tasting rooms can be overwhelming when it’s your first time going to one.

If you want a relaxed feeling of enjoying various wines, Reata Cellars is an excellent place for such. The area is simple but filled with incredible artwork that you may view while enjoying a glass of wine.

While there are many restaurants around the area, you may wait for your table at the store.

And if you like what you are tasting, why not bring a bottle to your dinner? While the place is quaint, its wine selection is exciting and great finds other wineries don’t offer.


DuVin Pintor Wine & Art Gallery

$$$$ | (832) 350-8134 | WEBSITE


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DuVin Pintor Wine & Art Gallery is another establishment that pairs wine with two arts: paintings and music. The place is very sophisticated with its dim lights and soft jazz.

People like to go here for a different type of wine tasting experience. You may also buy the artwork like you are taking a piece of art culture with you at home.

The elegance doesn’t stop from the ambiance of the place. They also serve great wines that go well with their charcuterie. They have nine available wines with different notes, just like the various expressions of the paintings.


TuttiLili Wines & Specialty Foods

$$ | (832) 284-3808 | WEBSITE


This establishment aims to allow its guests to relive their memories and give a nostalgic feeling. They believe that they can achieve this with food and wine.

The owner wants to share her childhood memories with the customers by serving memorable meals to her. Meanwhile, the wine enhances this experience as you may remember your first sip.

When you enter their store, you will feel rooted to the place even if you are not from around. The customers also consider the wine in TuttiLili as one of their best specialty wines.


Vesper Wine

$$$$ | (832) 987-2757 | WEBSITE


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Vesper Wine is exclusive only to its members, which will make you feel special when subscribed to them.

When you are a part of their club, you can experience unique wine selections that only you can participate in in Houston and use some wine experts’ tools. The service is exceptional, and they will take care of you 24/7.

You might also meet the owner, a sommelier, who will share his knowledge and passion with you. Not only can you talk to him about the wines that you drink, but you can ask him for any wine advice.



Do these 13 Best Wineries in Houston, TX, make you thirsty for a glass? Don’t let anything stop you, and head down to the wineries mentioned. You deserve a break, whether in an elegant, fun, or artistic way.

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