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Welcome to Wine Flavor Guru

We’re not your typical wine specialists. We don’t use words like tannins or sommelier (unless we have too much). Instead, we prefer descriptors like ‘smooth as butter’ and ‘tastes amazing with pizza.’

What makes us qualified? Well, let’s just say that we, as a team, offer a unique insight into the beautiful world of wine!

Our mission at Wine Flavor Guru isn’t to force-feed you info about each bottle until your eyes glaze over. Instead, we strive to educate people who didn’t previously care that choosing certain wines can take their meals up several levels.

Not everyone has the time or help available to pick out ten different bottles every other day until they find ‘the one.’ That’s where Wine Flavor Guru hops into action!

Our History

We’re just some regular Californians who used to own an epic vineyard nestled right here in beautiful Sonoma County. But due to health reasons that were way outta our control, we had no choice but put down stakes and shelf this gig with wine in 2021.

But don’t worry – when one door closes, another opens up; these days, you’ll find us running things on the blog front! We couldn’t let all those years of knowledge go straight into oblivion without leaving behind at least something- so fast forward now, every week-to, not only learn about wines produced sight unseen; but get insights directly pouring-out-of-the-mouths experiences shared by us connoisseurs!

Wine Flavor Guru

And funny enough? Our writing will probably give ya’ quite a different vibe compared to any other typical fact-chewing consultant, following textbook guidelines (we earn serious points over screwcap vs. cork debates, lol!).

Expect witty humor and unexpected twists where words tumble upon each line, each paragraph gaining momentum making scrolling-da-blog-thang-amazing-feeling …yeah-even-we-were-surprised-too!

So that is how we have come to exist here today – thanks to our brilliant founders who, after months upon months exploring different niches, found themselves gravitating towards educating others like them.

People who love great wines but don’t know enough yet what sets truly special bottles apart. Through helpful blog posts featuring reviews, pairings tips, and much more.

The Founders

Here at Wine Flavor Guru, we’re not just passionate about wine – we’re also firm believers that any venture worth pursuing must be done alongside great folks. That’s why our small but mighty team comprises experts from various backgrounds who have been bonded together by one common love –wine!

Sylvia Thomas–Moore and George Moore, Founders

wine flavor guru author George Moore

Meet our brilliant founders: a powerful couple who have put their heart and soul into Wine Flavor Guru. Years of hard work have resulted in one of the finest vineyards right here in Sonoma County.

Hundreds upon hundreds of hectares were brought forth into this world thanks in part to their visions, dedication hard work (oh-and, lots & lots of blending endless wine batches).

Starting out as grape-growers extraordinaire; slowly-growing passion was kindled by producing the first bottle-it was at that point they caught an unstoppable winemaking bug.

It only took determined gathering acquaintances-turned-friends with vast knowledge bases passionately eager-to-share to catapult them-next-level being skilled vintners amongst other biggest bigwigs around.

Sylvia has been in the wine industry for over 20 years now, working as a consultant for some of California’s most prestigious vineyards before deciding she wanted something more; uniting people through their mutual appreciation of fine wines.

George is an entrepreneur by nature – smooth talking his way into everyone’s hearts. He quickly found himself chasing yet another passion: premium grapes from coveted estates sourced all around Napa Valley & beyond.

Through never wavering passion—with time, their reputation snowballed, eventually becoming a household name in the California Wine Region.

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