7 Ways to Get Labels Off Wine Bottles (Step-by-Step Guides)

If you’re passionate about wines, a wine crafter, or just a little curious, in that case, you’ll find yourself removing wine labels for your wine collection. Getting tags off wine bottles is easy and fast if one knows the proper method.

As you will see along the way, there’s no absolute rule on removing labels from wine bottles. But in this article, we present different methods along with step-by-step details to help get rid of labels from wine bottles.

In the latter part, we did our best to answer the common questions on the web to help you preserve wine bottles in excellent condition. So, here we go!

Top Reasons for Getting Labels off Wine Bottles


For wine enthusiasts and lovers, wine bottles carry unforgettable experiences and memories they hold dear to their hearts. A wine bottle may symbolize laughter and joy over shared intimate conversations.

So, it’s no wonder some people want to remove labels from wine bottles to add to their collection or keep them in their scrapbooks, diaries, or journals.

On top of that, wine crafters and artisans want to get labels off wine bottles to incorporate them into their art collections. We have seen these art projects through framed wine labels, wine bottle glassware, wine bottle lights, desk art, and wine tile coasters. Further, private winemakers remove wine bottle labels to recycle or reuse them.

Whatever the reason for getting labels off wine bottles, one thing is sure and steadfast. Wine labels are an accurate remembrance. So, let’s get moving and discover quick and easy methods to get labels off wine bottles.

Wet Methods on Getting Labels Off Wine Bottles

The wet label method is an efficient solution for eliminating wine labels from full and empty wine bottles. If the brand you want to get off wine bottles is made of conventional glue, you should use a water-soluble method.

Wet methods involve using baking soda, soap, hot water, and ammonia solutions. Always remember that these methods are not 100% sure, and none of them is perfect or foolproof. So, take a closer look at the techniques and carefully choose which one will effectively work for you.

Baking Soda Method


Using baking soda is a popular, effective method of getting labels off wine bottles. This technique is best for full wine bottles since baking soda will not affect the quality of the wine. For this method, you’ll need baking soda, a towel, a bucket, a sink, a rag, and steel wool.


  1. The first step is soaking the wine bottle using lukewarm water with around five to ten tablespoons of baking soda. Leave it for at least thirty minutes.
  2. After thirty minutes, you’ll most likely find the label floating on the water. Still, if that’s not the case, you can remove the label by wiping or peeling it off using a rag.
  3. If the label still won’t come off and becomes problematic, try using a ball of steel wool or your fingernails to eliminate the remaining parts.
  4. Finally, once the wine bottle label is off, allow it to dry before you use it.

Pro Tip: If you don’t have any baking soda in your house, you can alternatively use OxiClean or Ajax.

Soap Method


The soap method is another efficient remedy for removing labels from wine bottles. On top of that, the soap method is simple because it uses materials that are typically available at home. You don’t need to go to the local grocery store. Here are the items you need: a small bucket or container, water, and liquid soap.


  1. Pour water into the empty wine bottle.
  2. Second, drop a small amount of liquid soap in a bucket or container and pour water.
  3. Place the wine bottle label-side down in the bucket and soak for one to two days.

Pro tip: Using a container or a small bucket is essential for the soap method, so there’s only a tiny space for the wine bottle. Once the wine label has soap exposure, removing it will become easy and fast.

Hot Water Method


We highly recommend you try this hot water method of getting labels off wine because it’s straightforward but effective. If you don’t have baking soda or OxiClean, here’s a technique you can try. Prepare hot water, gloves, towel, steel wool, sink, or bucket.


  1. Pour the proper amount of hot water into a bucket, and soak it for five minutes. Remember that this first step is crucial because too much hot water can break the wine bottle.
  2. Use gloves, and fill hot water inside the wine bottle. Keep the position of the bottle for ten minutes.
  3. Lastly, try removing the label using steel wool or a rag.

Ammonia Method


The ammonia method is similar to the baking soda method. It’s also another excellent technique for eliminating labels on wine bottles. However, unlike baking soda, ammonia contains complex odors.

So, the best way is to have proper ventilation while executing this method. Here are the things that you need: gloves, water, household ammonia, and a small bucket.


  1. Put water in the bucket, and add around ¼ cup of household ammonia. Mix the solution gently and appropriately.
  2. Pour the empty wine bottle with water, and leave it in the bucket for thirty minutes. While doing this, put a cover on the bucket so the air will not spread.
  3. Use your gloves, and slowly remove the label of the wine bottle. Afterward, it will be helpful to wash the wine bottle outside the surface using cold water to eliminate residues.

Steaming Method


The steaming method is another efficient way to get labels off wine bottles. However, one must sometimes extend the steaming time for better results. Only two things are necessary when you pick this method: water and pot.


  1. Add some water to the pot. Afterward, boil it.
  2. Place the bottle over the boiling water for around ten to fifteen minutes. Doing this steam will help soften the label and eliminate the adhesive brought by the glue.
  3. Finally, carefully get the label off the wine bottle with your hands.

Dry Methods for Getting Labels Off Wine Bottles

Now that we’re done with the wet methods let’s keep moving. Here are the dry techniques you could use for getting labels off wine bottles. If you feel that the label of the wine bottle is more plastic-like or has a sticky texture, it would be better to switch to dry methods.

Heat or Oven Method


The heat or oven method is perfect when you do not want the label to appear as laminated. Always consider that if the temperature is not high or good enough, you will resort to scraping off the wine bottle’s title, which has a high potential for damaging it.

Here are the things you need for this technique: a razor or knife, oven mitts, and oven.


  1. Get rid of the bottle cover to prevent harsh odors while heating.
  2. Put the wine bottle on a baking sheet to keep it from moving around once it’s inside the oven.
  3. Set the oven’s temperature to around 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat the bottle for at least five minutes.
  4. Lastly, get the wine bottle outside the oven and remove the label carefully using a razor or knife.

Pro Tip: Make sure that once you decide to apply the heat or oven method, there’s no remaining wine in the bottle. In addition, try not to use force or your finger when eliminating the label of wine bottles because it may form wrinkles.

Hair Dryer Method


You can always go for a hairdryer if you don’t have an oven at home. But of course, ensure that your hair blower releases hot air since this method will not work if there’s no heat. You’ll need a hairdryer and a razor for this method.


  1. Focus your hairdryer on the wine bottle’s label for around five minutes.
  2. Afterward, eliminate the wine bottle using a razor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get Labels Off Wine Bottles

1. How do you get rid of wine labels using vinegar?

Vinegar only works to eliminate the persistent and sticky adhesive of the wine bottle. However, it does not preserve and keeps the label. Once you get rid of the brand of the wine bottle, try to put and rub vinegar on the bottle. Doing this will eliminate residues like paper and adhesive from the bottle.

2. What method should you use in removing wine labels from bottles?

Regarding getting labels off wine bottles, there are two methods you can utilize. You can either go for wet (soak) or dry techniques. However, always keep in mind that these methods are not perfect.

But when picking a method, it will be helpful first to look at the materials used in the wine bottle’s label. If you feel the brand is paper-like, using the wet or soak method will be beneficial. On the other hand, if the title has a sticky feeling or is plastic-like, you can switch to dry methods.

3. How do you remove labels from wine bottles while preserving them?

As we discussed, if you aim to preserve the labels while removing them, it’s essential to choose between wet or dry methods carefully. Do not use force, and gently peel the labels to avoid tearing. Use some accessories like a utility knife and razor blade when necessary.

The Bottom Line

Getting labels off wine bottles may look tricky and complicated. But it’s fun to learn methods and to reward once you preserve the wine bottle label.

The techniques we provide in this article are tried and tested, though not 100% foolproof. So, if you want that wine label for your souvenir or remembrance, try these wine hacks we made for you, and good luck!

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