7 Easy Steps to Open a Sparkling Wine

Opening a bottle of sparkling wine is often portrayed as a messy process with a loud popping sound. However, this is not necessarily the correct way. Follow these seven simple steps to learn how to properly open a sparkling wine.

1. Chill the Wine Bottle

For a more straightforward process, chill your sparkling wine before opening. The coldness will prevent it from bubbling and help it retain its carbonation. Chilling will enhance the wine’s flavors and aromas, making it even more delightful to drink.

To ensure you get the best taste out of sparkling wine, serving it at the right temperature is crucial. The recommended temperature range for serving sparkling wine is between 40-50°F (4-10°C).

2. Cut the Foil

To prevent dropping the bottle, place it on a table and use a wine knife to cut the foil. Take off the foil, but keep the muselet intact.

3. Keep the Wire On


First, carefully remove the foil on the bottle, pointing it away from you and others around. The wire cage or muselet on a bottle of sparkling wine serves an essential purpose—it helps to hold the cork in place and prevent it from popping out prematurely.

Always keep the wire cage on a bottle of sparkling wine to prevent mishaps until you’re ready to open it. The wire cage keeps the cork in place as the pressure inside can be very high.

Even though you will keep the wire on, you can turn the twisted part. It should take around 4 to 6 twists to loosen it.

4. Hold the bottle at a 45⁰ Angle


It is essential to tilt the bottle of sparkling wine at a 45-degree angle before opening it. The angle will help prevent spills and excessive foam. Tipping the bottle reduces the pressure inside and decreases the space for CO2 bubbles to escape.

Keeping the wine bottle at an angle while opening it can help prevent spillage and excessive foam. Also, this method provides better control over the pressure release when taking out the cork.

5. Secure Your Thumb Over the Cork


Place your thumb over the cork and your hand around the cap for a better grip to prevent a sudden release. Also, keeping your thumb up top will make it easier to maintain your grip on the bottle while turning it to remove the cork.

Pushing the top of a bottle of sparkling wine with your thumb before opening it is essential. It will prevent the cork from popping out too fast and causing the wine to spill or foam.

When the wine bottle is opened, the pressure inside is released, which can cause the cork to be ejected with force. It can be quite harmful if not done correctly. By placing your thumb on top of the bottle, you can control its release speed and avoid spilling or wasting wine.

6. Turn the bottle, not the cork


When opening a bottle of sparkling wine, rotate the bottle instead of the cork. Yanking or twisting the cap can make it snap or get trapped inside the bottle, making it difficult and unsafe to extract.

It is easier to control the pressure release of the cork by turning the bottle instead to prevent spills and accidents. Turning the bottle also gives you a better grip on the bottle and cork, helping you remove the cork safely without injuring yourself or damaging the wine.

7. Listen for the Pop

There is one iconic thing about sparkling wine in media: the sound of the champagne bottle popping. Although movies and television show this, it’s not the proper way to open a bottle of sparkling wine.

Opening a sparkling wine with a loud pop can harm the delicate flavors and aromas of the wine by releasing excessive carbon dioxide and agitating the wine. To avoid this, it’s advisable to open the bottle with a gentle hiss.

If you want to have a more visual guide, you can check out this video

How to Serve Sparkling Wine?

Now that we have learned how to uncork a bottle of sparkling wine let’s discuss the proper way of serving it. Here are some tips for serving sparkling wine:

  • Serve at the Correct Temperature: Before serving sparkling wine, make sure to chill it first. But don’t overdo it and make it too cold. Aim for a temperature range of 40-50°F (4-10°C), which was mentioned earlier. You can achieve this by refrigerating the bottle for a few hours beforehand. Serving sparkling wine at the right temperature enhances its aroma, preserves its carbonation, and highlights its flavors.
  • Use the Right Wine Glass: You may be tempted to pour your bubbly into a tall flute or champagne glass. But those aren’t necessarily the perfect vessels for sparkling wines. Opt for a broader, more shallow glass, such as a white wine glass. It allows the wine to aerate and its aromatics to be fully appreciated. Meanwhile, opt for a flute or classic champagne glass if you are drinking something more delicate or sweet. It enables the bubbles to be preserved for longer periods.
  • Hold the Wine Bottle at a 45-degree Angle: It’s necessary to tilt the sparkling wine bottle at a 45-degree angle while opening it and serving it. The tilted bottle will help preserve the bubbles and prevent spills while pouring the wine into the glass.
  • Slowly Pour the Wine: To keep the carbonation in your sparkling wine, slowly pour the beverage into the glass and wait for the foam to settle before adding more. The slowness will maintain the wine’s delicate flavor notes.
  • Fill the glass to 2/3 Full: For optimal enjoyment of sparkling wine, it is suggested to fill the glass only up to two-thirds capacity. The space allows space for bubbles to rise and release the aroma, thereby maintaining the wine’s delicate flavors.
  • Use a Wine Stopper: To keep the carbonation of leftover sparkling wine, use a wine stopper to close the bottle tightly. Store the bottle in the refrigerator and consume it within a few days to prevent the wine from becoming flat. For optimal enjoyment of sparkling wine, it is vital to maintain its bubbles and serve it at the correct temperature. By adhering to these instructions, you can ensure that you get the most from your sparkling wine.

Opening a Sparkling Wine: Why is it Important?


Opening a bottle of sparkling wine is essential in serving it properly. Here are a few reasons why it’s vital to open sparkling wine correctly:

Preserve the Wine’s Texture and Flavors

Opening a bottle of sparkling wine helps maintain its texture and flavors. By opening the bottle correctly, you can ensure that the carbonation is preserved and that the delicate flavors and aromas of the wine are not lost.

Sparkling wine can become flat after opening because the carbon dioxide responsible for creating bubbles is dissolved under pressure. Releasing the tension by removing the cork too quickly can cause the carbon dioxide to escape, resulting in a loss of carbonation, flavor, and aroma.

To maintain the texture and flavors of wine, it’s critical to open the bottle carefully by twisting the cork gently instead of popping it forcefully. This will help to release the pressure slowly. Properly opening the bottle is crucial to serving sparkling wine correctly and savoring it thoroughly.

Avoids Mess

When opening a bottle of sparkling wine, it’s essential to do it carefully to avoid accidents. The high pressure in the bottle can cause the cork to pop out too quickly, which can be dangerous and result in wasted wine. Opening the bottle properly prevents any mess and ensures everyone can safely enjoy the wine.

Tips for Opening Sparkling Wine


Choose the Right Type of Sparkling Wine

The carbonation level varies in different types of sparkling wine, which can impact the pressure inside the bottle. For instance, Champagne typically has higher pressure than other sparkling wines. It’s essential to be aware of the specific sparkling wine you’re dealing with before opening the bottle.

Practice Opening Sparkling Wine Ahead of Time

It is recommended to practice opening sparkling wine before serving if you lack experience. This helps you feel more at ease with the process and prevent any accidents while serving the wine.

Avoid Shaking the Bottle

To avoid the cork popping out forcefully, it’s best to handle the bottle gently and always keep it upright. Avoid shaking the bottle, as it can increase the pressure inside.

Keep a Towel Handy

To prevent any spills when opening a bottle of sparkling wine, having a towel nearby is a good idea to catch any drips that may occur when removing the cork.

To serve sparkling wine properly and fully enjoy it, it’s essential to open the bottle carefully. You can achieve this by selecting the appropriate type of wine, practicing in advance, refraining from shaking the bottle and having a towel nearby.

Following these steps will give you the confidence to open the bottle quickly and savor its contents safely.


With these easy steps, you can now open a bottle of sparkling wine without any hitch. So grab the bottle, and enjoy the wine today!

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