Montrachet Wine Guide: History, Made, Taste and Serving Tips

Montrachet twine might be one of the world’s most prestigious wine brands. The white wine has been heralded as the highest quality of Chardonnay in the world. With that said, we are here to answer the question—What is Montrachet Wine?

What is Montrachet Wine?



 Grand cru, France

Commonly made with





Sweet and Fruity



Sugar Content



12% ABV

Biggest Producers


If worldwide wines are what you are looking for, then Montrachet wine should be on the list. The white wine from the Burgundy appellation in France is one of the world’s most expensive and fancy wines.

Since 1937, the AOC Grands Crus has listed Montrachet as one of its recognized areas. Since then, the brand has become a sought-after wine.

Unlike most other Burgundy blends, Montrachet uses one sole variety of wine grapes—Chardonnay. This results in a richer taste than many wine connoisseurs. It’s regarded as the highest quality of white wine grapes.

The wine grapes came from the Puligny and Chassagne villages. The wine from Puligny has the label Montrachet, while the one from Chassagne has El Montrachet. However, despite having different labels, both are grouped into the Montrachet brand.

How is Montrachet Wine Made?


Montrachet wine is made by using a hundred percent Chardonnay wine grapes. This particular type of white wine grapes is sitting in the famous Grand Cru vineyard.

It’s situated in the Burgundy’s Côte d’Or, where the list of available Burgundy wines came from. The appellation is known to produce the world’s most high-quality Chardonnay.

Unlike many Burgundy blends from the area, Montrachet does not use Pinot Noir in its wine. With pure Chardonnay as the main ingredient, the wine is made to be richer in taste and aroma.

When the wine grapes are at the right age for harvest, winemakers will handpick them. As the area is relatively small, the amount of work to pick it out manually is doable. Then after the pressing process, the wine is fermented in French oak for twelve to eighteen months.

This results in a rich taste with hints of earthy tones and a powerful aroma. Most people with a bottle of Montrachet wine tend to age up the drink for eight years and older. This process of aging results in better flavors.

History of Montrachet Wine


The area of Burgundy in France has been active since the time of Rome. However, it’s struck by many tragedies that kept its wine industry from flourishing.

In 92 AD, a Roman emperor stopped the production of wine vineyards other than in Italy, leading to Montrachet’s being lessened out. By 280 AD, the industry started to flourish again well into the Middle Ages.

However, by the 1800s, the appearance of many vineyard diseases had a devastating effect on the vineyards. By the start of the 1900s, the introduction of American vine grafting lessened the outbreaks leading to a more bountiful harvest.

Le Montrachet has been an active appellation in Burgundy’s Côte d’Or area since 1937. It opened its 7.99 hectares of land to the Chardonnay blend at the same time. The wine grapes came in between the village of Puligny and Chassagne, possessing the same number of acres.

Since it is an active plantation, the Montrachet brand is a household name in the list of prestigious white wines.

Taste and Appearance of Montrachet Wine


Montrachet wines are known for their sweet taste and light color. The drink has a tinge of gold that goes darker after a long time of fermentation. After some time, Montrachet can turn into a blend of light brown hues.

Made with high-quality Chardonnay, you will taste the unique and delicious flavor of the French blend with every sip. The Montrachet wine boasts a unique mix of buttery and fruity flavors. Its richness is a sought-after quality of the Montrachet blend.

Montrachet is also somewhat sweet. With around 180g sugar content per liter, you can ensure a pleasant sugary taste with every sip.

Why is Montrachet Wine Expensive?


The prestigious name of the Montrachet wine is apparent in its price. Most bottles can get from as low as $200 to thousands. However, many of you might wonder why Montrachet wine is expensive.

Limited Supply

Montrachet blend is a brand based on the area of the grapes. You cannot get the same taste from any other vineyard. This leads to a limited supply and a smaller number of bottles per harvest.

Since the area is just around 19 acres, a couple hundred bottles are done each year. This number is much smaller compared to other appellation-based wineries. Most brands can make well into thousands of bottles per year.

Manual Labor

Manual labor can be a rare way of picking and making wines in the modern age. However, the Montrachet brand uses handpicked processes to harvest and make wine.

The addition of more hands in the production is the higher number of workers to be paid. It leads to wineries using more labor force to make the best wine in the area.

Higher Quality Grapes

Lastly, the quality of grapes from the area is not just for show. Many heralded the Montrachet wine as the most excellent Chardonnay wine in the world, and that’s for a reason.

Being a prestigious label, the amount of intricacy that comes with the process is no joke. The wine is made with high-quality products and processes, from vines to bottles. It leads to a higher price that reflects its quality.

It also has the Grand Cru brand, which means it’s heralded to a better screening to be recognized as a prestigious brand.

How to Drink Montrachet Wine?


Since you might be new to drinking Montrachet wines, let’s go over the different ways you can elevate your experience.

Opt for an Older Vintage

When it comes to Montrachet wines, opting for an eight-year-old or older vintage is the best option. Many connoisseurs explain that the blend has a far richer flavor than newer ones.

Most Montrachet wines have an aging period of up to fifteen years. It’s best to try out older vintages rather than new ones when it comes to Montrachet.

Try it With Rich Dish

Despite having a sweeter taste on the palate, Montrachet still serves as a perfect pairing to a rich and intensely flavored dish. The dry taste of the drink serves as an excellent way to balance out your meal.

This wine is best served with some acceptable dining main courses, such as steaks and salmons with rich sauces. White meats such as duck and chicken breast also work well.

If the main dishes are not your type, trying your Montrachet with some charcuterie board is also an option. Fill it with caviar and saltine crackers, and you are in for a delicious snack.

Montrachet Wines You Should Try


Now that we know much about Montrachet wines, let’s get into the brands you should try. Don’t worry! Whatever budget you have, there is a bottle you can try out here.


Domaine de la Romanee

Joseph Drouhin Marquis de Laguiche

Domaine Blain-Gagnard


 Buttery, Complex

Rich with Floral Notes

Buttery and Rich






13.5% ABV

13.5 – 14.2%

12% ABV

Best Serve with

Chicken, Turkey

Meat, White Meat

Meat, White Meat, Poultry

Average Price

 $10, 000 to $14,000

$700 to $1000

$33 to $100

1. Domaine de la Romanee

Coming from an original high-end brand, this prime bottle from Domaine de la Romanee is a very pricey starter. However, it’s on the expensive end for a reason. The brand received many Le Guide Hachette des Vins stars with their vintages.

The DLR Montrachet Grand Cru boasts a light-yellow tinge. It’s luminous with its dry buttery taste and complex flavors. Despite being a dry wine, it has a smooth velvety texture that will have you wanting more.

2. Joseph Drouhin Marquis de Laguiche

This bottle from Joseph Drouhin is an excellent middle point between expensive and budget-friendly wines. Inside Burgundy gave this 2018 vintage a score of 95 with its aromatic blend.

You will notice the strong and wonderful scent from this 2018 vintage when the cork has been lifted. Every sip is home to deeply saturated flavors and a dry finish.

3. Domaine Blain-Gagnard

If the first one is too expensive for you, this bottle from Chassagne might be a better option. It’s a more budget-friendly option, especially if you choose smaller bottles. Although the reviews in this one are on the average rating, it’s a perfect introduction to some inexpensive Montrachet.

It’s also characterized by the golden color known for the blend. Its rich buttery taste makes it a perfect combo for some white meat such as duck, turkey, and chicken.

In Summary

Much like its taste, the process of making Montrachet wine is also intricate. With this article, we hope the question of what Montrachet wine is answered. Whether you are curious about the history, process, or other information about Montrachet wine, there is a section for you to read and learn.

Montrachet Wine Guide

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