10 Most Expensive Wines That Are The Best

Have you ever wondered what wine is the most expensive in the world? Or are you curious if this wine is worth its price?

Or maybe it is curious you if the wines we’re gonna list below are more than five digits? If you want to know more, then we’re welcoming you to our latest blog!

Here, we will tell you the 10 Most Expensive Wines you could ever find across the globe; of course, we guarantee you that all of these are high quality and better wines! So what are we waiting for? Let’s proceed!

1. Ghost Horse Vineyard ‘Spectre’ Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, USA – $4,214


If you want a wine that could give you your own world, Ghost Horse Vineyard ‘Spectre’ Cabernet Sauvignon—a famous wine from Napa Valley, USA, can give you what you want.

Although this wine tastes dry and bold, this wine works well with the following dishes: beef, lamb, hard and mature cheese, poultry, and game—deer or venison. So don’t let the dryness and boldness hinder you from drinking this wine!

This wine has a dark and rich amazing taste that has a fruity finish. So if you prefer a kind of win like this, surely you’ll be in love with this wine.

2. Petrus Pomerol French Red Wine – $4,400

Petrus-Pomerol-French-Red-WineHere’s a red wine that everybody can’t resist. The price may somehow be overwhelming to others but worry not—as this wine can taste more than it’s worth.

All its violets and plums, together with its Indian spice–will make you crave more! This wine balances everything making all the people, not just you, want another glass of drink.

So if you’re planning to drink this wine, we recommend you to drink the 1989 year, since it tastes good! You can pair this wine with any kind of dish of lamb, poultry, and beef.

3. Screaming Eagle Sauvignon Blanc, Oakville, USA – $5,028


Have you ever heard the name Screaming Eagle—a name for wine? If yes, then you’re probably one of the wine drinkers or wine enthusiasts who are drinking wines frequently! Or if this is your first time hearing this name—making you feel confused about why it cost more than 5,000 dollars, no need to worry! Since we’re here to tell you why the price is somehow pricey—yet worth it!

This type of wine has a lemony taste with citrus and melon making the wine provide its crispiness and fresh taste! This tastes fantastic if you pair this wine with veggies, shellfish, and cheese

4. 1947 Chateau Cheval Blanc – $8,202


Let’s increase the price a little bit! Next on the list is this 1947 Chateu Cheval Blanc which can be found commonly in France. This wine has a taste of chocolate with a hint of oak and tobacco that will make you fall in love! Don’t overthink the taste since this wine perfectly balance everything.

So if you want a wine that has a subtle amount of chocolate plus a ruby color, this wine suits you the best. This wine is exceptional and the structure of its taste is very earthy. We highly recommend that you drink this wine with your friends and pair this with beef, lamb, and poultry.

5. Henri Jayer Echezeaux Grand Cru – $10,474


If you prefer a reddish taste of wine, such as berries, cherries, and other fruity red flavors, this Henri Jayer Wine must be on your list. For some, it may be too pricey for a wine that is smooth and has a spicy taste, but we hundred percent guarantee you that you’ll love this wine!

The 1995 Vintage will give you the ripest taste you could ever taste with the touch of leather—which balances everything. The sexiness of the color of this wine will make you mouth the word “ethereal.”

Indeed, this wine is one of the top tier!

6. 1945 Jeroboam of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild – $16,412


Let’s go for a wine whose price is even higher! This vintage Chateau Wine has a taste of earthly flavor that has a bold—yet acidic type of wine.

The blackberry, coffee, mocha, and chocolate taste of this wine will be delightful for some! Do you know what’s more amazing? Although you can taste subtly its fruitiness, the main source of its taste is from the soil—making this wine very stratospheric.

This wine is indeed a must-try, especially with the pairings of the dishes such as lambs, beef, and poultry.

7. 1992 Screaming Eagle Cabernet Sauvignon – $19,268


If you loved the first Screaming Eagle Cabernet stated above, here’s another Screaming Eagle Wine you can try—but let’s make it fancier and more luxurious!

This wine is almost 20 Grand! For some, the price is so overwhelming for a bottle of wine, but we guarantee you that every drop of wine from this bottle is very worthy—yes, it will indeed give you the satisfaction that you need.

The perfectly balanced and smoothness of this wine will be very memorable for you! And if you want it to be extra memorable, try pairing this bottle of wine with lamb and hard cheese.

8. Domaine de la Romanee-Conti Romanee-Conti Grand Cru – $26,286


Another wine to try is Domaine de la Romanee. Yes, you’ve read its price right; this wine cost more than 25,000 dollars!

You probably wonder how this wine tastes. So to give you an experience, this wine will make you—not because of its price—but because of how it tastes. The taste is very heavenly because of the berries from this wine. And indeed, it will be very memorable if you’re a first-timer.

You’ll be addicted to how this wine tastes so be prepared for another glass of wine!

9. Leroy Domaine d’Auvenay Chevalier-Montrachet Grand Cru – $28,905


Not far away from Domaine de La Romanee wine’s price, this Chardonnay type of wine is superbly balanced from its ripe fruit, acidity, and minerality—right, almost everything! This wine is practically perfect, plus very classy, making you feel elegant when you drink this wine.

The alcohol level for this wine is moderate—13%, so you should drink moderately. Although this wine is in the middle of sweet and dry, here’s another wine to consider drinking; it will for sure make you utter the word “perfect”!

The best food to pair with this type of wine is pasta, fish such as salmon and tuna, cured meat, cheese, and some shellfish.

10. Domaine Leroy Musigny Grand Cru – $41,205


Now that you’ve reached the last part of the list, well then—congratulations! You’ve now found the most expensive wine that could ever exist. Costing about 42,000 dollars, you should try this wine if you have the means.

The rarest one you could ever find is the oldest collection from 1992—which is very thrilling for its price. The taste is very exotic, tropical, and very powerful.

This wine is so addicting that you’ll love every drop of it! The elegance from start to finish of this wine deserves a reward for its perfection! This wine is indeed very delightful.

Common FAQ


What is a luxury wine?

There’s no specific definition regarding luxury wine—since most of us are based on its price. But beyond that, expensive wines are usually based on how uniquely the process of the wines was made to give us the special characteristics of a wine.

Also, based on what we’ve observed, you can define if the wine is luxurious or expensive if the wine is old, fermented for a long time, and of course—it should be from a well-known brand of wine.

What can you consider for a wine to be called expensive?

Aside from price basing, there are so many ways to define a wine as being a luxury.

The few things you must consider are the brandings of wine—what wine brands do you mean? Of course, brands that are high quality, provide both sense and pleasure, privilege, and if the wine came from a special place.

Every expensive wine deserves its price since almost all of them have their uniqueness and qualities that some wines won’t have.

What’s the difference between expensive wines and cheap wines?

This question is very common, and to answer this question—you must remember these 4 things to differentiate cheap wines from expensive wines.

The first thing you need to remember is the vineyard of the grape, the place where the grapes are growing. Second is the fermentation process. Third is the aging process and lastly, the marketing or branding of the wine.

Can wines be a good investment?

A simple answer to this question is yes, wine is somehow a pretty good investment for an alternative asset since the value of wine rises—especially if the wines are a good one—when they mature, so basically the wine will become rare as time goes by.

If you want to learn more about investing wine, you can watch this video:

Is there a restaurant that has the largest wine collection?

There are plenty of restaurants that have the largest wine collection. But if you want to find a restaurant where they serve different expensive wines, and serve more than you expect, we recommend you to go to these two places: Bern’s Steak House which is located in Tampa, Florida, and in Grand Lisboa Hotel, which is located in Macau China.

These restaurants have mostly the wine you want to try, so if you can travel to these places, we recommend you to go to this resto!

Final Words

We hope that you will try these 10 Most Expensive Wines, of course, without hesitation! The price may be overwhelming for some since they are indeed very expensive, but we guarantee you that they are worth their prices. So remember to add them to your bucket list and try them maybe not now but in the future.


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