The Complete Guide to Pack Wine Glasses for Moving

Moving to a new house is a lovely journey. However, packing your things, especially breakables, can be tedious. Perhaps you’re a wine lover who has collected glassware and other tools. This article will show you how to pack wine glasses for moving. These packing ideas will allow you to enjoy your special glassware in your new place.

Materials Needed for Packing Wine Glasses

The first consideration before packing is to prepare the materials. You can purchase the following materials from a school supply, craft, or hardware store. They are also available online.

1. Boxes


A banker’s box is the best box to secure your wine glasses. These boxes have cushion foams and built-in dividers, so you don’t have to buy them separately.

Unlike traditional boxes, a banker’s box has a whole cardboard lid instead of four flaps. You also do not need to tape the cover since it fits the box perfectly. The best thing about this box is that you can reuse it after you’ve unpacked it.

2. Glass Dividers

You can use any other sturdy box if you can’t get your hands on banker’s boxes. However, you must purchase glass dividers to secure your glasses. These dividers will work on any standard-size box.

3. Foam Cushions or Bubble Wrap


Another material you need to buy if you’re using a regular box is a foam cushion. It will help protect your glasses from breakage and scratches. You can also use bubble wrap as an alternative.

However, they can be too bulky, and the glasses might not fit in the glass dividers. Using this protective material is best if you’re not using dividers.

4. Packing paper

You can purchase packing paper if you don’t want to dent your budget. It’s less bulky than bubble wrap or foam cushions. You can also use them as drawing sheets for kids after you’ve unwrapped your glasses. Make sure you buy packing paper with no prints on them.

5. Packing Tape


Invest in high-quality packing tape. Don’t scrimp on adhesives since it ensures that the top and bottom parts of the box are secured. Reliable brands will prevent the box from popping open while movers carry them.

6. Labels

Movers or family members will know if the boxes are fragile if they have proper labels. You can purchase stickers that have the words “Fragile,” “This Side Up,” and “Handle with Care .”Some labels indicate the room where the boxes need to go.

Step-by-step Guide in Packing Wine Glasses


Now that your materials are ready, you can start packing. Here are the steps in packing your wine glasses to protect them from breakage.

Step 1: Assess your collection

Check your wine glass collection before packing them. Discard broken glasses properly and separate the ones that do not resonate with you anymore. You can donate unwanted glasses to family or friends who would love to have them. When you let go of some pieces, you will have more space in your new home.

Step 2: Prepare your materials

Declutter your work area before packing your glasses. Then, lay down the materials in an accessible spot. Refer to the list above to ensure you have everything you need.

Step 3: Place a layer of protection

Protecting your wine glasses ensures they don’t move inside the box. The best way to do it is by utilizing a protective material and cardboard dividers. Place a layer of bubble wrap, packing paper, or foam cushion at the bottom of the box. Then lay the partition on top of the foundation.

Suppose you’re using a deeper box. You can also use these protective materials to add another layer. This system allows you to fit in as many glasses as possible without damaging them during transit.

Step 4: Wrap the wine glasses individually

It is the most vital part of your packing journey. The secret is to treat glass as a precious gem. Follow this step-by-step guide to protect your glasses.

  • Scrunch some packing paper until it forms a ball. Stuff the wine glass with the paper balls until full.
  • Place a paper sheet, foam cushion, or bubble wrap on a flat surface. Diagonally lay the wine glass. Ensure that the glass bottom is facing a corner of the paper.
  • Wrap the glass like a burrito but stop when you’re halfway.
  • Tuck the paper’s ends at the bottoms and top part of the glass. Then finish rolling.
  • Secure the ends with tape so they won’t unravel.
  • Repeat these steps for your other wine glasses until you’ve wrapped everything.

A professional mover in this video will teach you how to wrap your wine glasses properly.


How to Secure Wine Glass Boxes


At this point, each glass is protected with packing paper, bubble wrap, or foam cushion. Now, it’s time to prepare it for transit. The following are the steps for placing them inside the box.

Step 1: Prepare and secure the box

The box will be your wine glasses’ vessel, so please ensure they’re secured inside and out. Here are the steps that will make your box as sturdy as possible.

  • Use packing tape to seal the bottom of the box. Make sure that the flaps are correctly aligned. Reinforce the seal by adding two to three layers of tape. Doing this will ensure the flaps won’t open when movers carry them.
  • Lay scrunched-up packing paper on the box’s base. Be generous in adding layers of paper. It will help in the load’s weight distribution. You may use foam cushions, bubble wrap, or towels as an alternative to the packing paper.

Step 2: Set the glasses inside the glass

  • Arrange the divider inside the box. Carefully place a wine glass inside each compartment.
  • Place two-three layers of bubble wrap on top of the glasses before covering the box.

Step 3: Seal the box

  • Align the flaps to cover the box. Please don’t bear down on the box to prevent any breakage. Make sure that the package doesn’t bulge. If it does, you need to use a giant box or lessen the contents inside.
  • Seal the box using packing tape. Add two-three layers of tape to secure your package.

Step 4: Label the box

Use sticker labels to indicate what’s inside the box. Aside from labeling them “wine glasses,” you may also put the room where movers will place them. It’s best to mark the package as “fragile .”You may also stick a “handle with care” and “this side up” to inform movers that they’re handling delicate items.

Labeling your boxes will make moving and unpacking more efficient. When the boxes are in the correct room, you won’t spend so much time looking for your stuff. It can also prevent mishandling during transit.

Helpful Tips on Packing Wine Glasses


Wine glasses are usually expensive, so taking care of them is essential. It would be very disappointing if there were cracks when you opened the boxes. It’s best to remember these tips to prevent any damage.

  1. It would help to crumple the packing paper before laying it on the box’s floor. Doing this will make it less slippery and improve its grip.
  2. Avoid using old boxes if possible. Try to invest in new boxes since they are sturdier. If you have no choice but to use old boxes, ensure they’re dry and have no tears or holes.
  3. You can buy boxes from liquor stores or wine shops. These boxes are specially made to hold delicate items, making them an excellent choice.
  4. Do not use newspapers as an alternative to packing paper. The ink may transfer to the glasses and damage them permanently.
  5. If your box already has dividers, you may use packing paper. However, if you’re using a plain box, ensure that you use bubble wrap or foam cushion.
  6. It would help if you placed the glasses upright with no dividers.
  7. Stuff the gaps between glasses with crumpled paper to prevent them from moving. Generously add as many fillers as possible to protect your glasses.
  8. Shake the box once you’ve finished placing the glasses inside. If you hear any rattling noise, you still need to add more crumpled paper.
  9. Place the box of wine glasses on the truck’s floor to prevent them from toppling. If possible, avoid placing other items on top of it.
  10. One of the best transportation modes for your wine glasses is a car. Separating it from furniture and appliances will keep it safe from harm.
  11. Packing wine glasses is often time-consuming. It’s best to do it earlier in your packing journey so you’ll have enough time to accomplish it. You can buy plastic wine glasses to use before the move. Packing can be very tiring, and you deserve some wine to relax and recharge.

This video teaches how to pack wine glasses without dividers.


Packing for a move can sometimes be stressful. However, knowing how to pack wine glasses for moving can help ease your burdens.

Please remember to buy high-quality materials to ensure your precious glasses are protected. Take your time wrapping each glass. They are delicate, fragile, and expensive, so it’s best to be mindful when packing.

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