11 Popular Types of Red Wine

Today, we will be stepping into the dark side of the wine world as we show you the 11 popular types of red wine! Whether you want to add a new kind to your rack or bring a new red to a party, one of these 11 will likely do the trick.

We have tons to talk about, so let us not delay. Let us get to the red wines now!

The 11 Popular Types of Red Wines You Want to Check Out

There are many types of red wines, and the numbers could get overwhelming. Getting started can be confusing and all. However, there is no need to worry! We could help you with that and show you where you want to begin your venture.

1. Pinot Noir


Pinot Noir is one of the lighter ones, making it an ideal red wine to start one’s wine journey.

It is hard to grow, but it is still produced all over the globe. With that, it should not be surprising that it comes in varieties. They all have their charm. However, they all come in a somewhat fruity berry flavor with a hint of a floral taste and an earthy bite.

The Pinot Noir is an ideal food wine. Additionally, it is a wine known in the romance department. With that, it might be best for a romantic dinner.

2. Merlot


Once you are ready to take on bolder red wines, you might want to start with a Merlot. It is one of the middle-ground wines as it is bolder than many lighter ones but still not that bold.

The taste of a glass of Merlot depends on the climate where it came. While this wine is generally known to have a chocolatey taste, a Merlot from warmer areas tend to have a more mocha taste. On the other hand, one from a cooler area leans on the bitter end.

The Merlot is a good food wine.

3. Cabernet Sauvignon


The Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely grown wine grape in the world. It is arguably the most popular of the red wines.

This wine is grown in many places, and the taste of this one depends on where it came. While each one is unique from one another, all the varieties of the Cabernet Sauvignon always have a hint of a black fruity flavor.

You might want to grab a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and partner it with some flavorful meats if you want to try and woo some guests coming over for dinner.

4. Barolo


The Barolo is undoubtedly a wine with a history of its association with rulers and nobilities. It is sometimes called the wine of the kings. Other times, it is known as the king of the wines.

This wine can only be grown in the place from where it got its name.

In its early years, this wine mostly boasts fruity flavors. In its latter years, it offers more complex flavors.

This one is a full-bodied wine with high tannins, making it an ideal partner for charcuterie boards. However, it seems it is often also paired with different plates of pasta.

5. Red Zinfandel


The Red Zinfandel offers an array of fruity flavors combined, making it one of the sweeter wines on this list. However, it also has a hint of spice. With that, it is best with, you guessed it, spicy food!

This wine has a bold flavor and a high level of alcohol if you compare it to the others on this list. Additionally, it has medium to high levels of tannins and acidity. If you want your wine to pack a punch, you might want to consider adding a Red Zinfandel to your rack.

6. Grenache


Grenache is a wine known by many names. Sometimes, it also goes by the name Garnacha or Cannonau.

This wine offers an array of fruity flavors and notes of spices. While there are different types of this wine, every kind offers some strawberry flavor and notes of dried herbs.

Additionally, this wine has medium acidity and tannins. However, it does have a high level of alcohol.

You can pair the Grenache with almost any type of meat, and it can go well with dishes with veggies too. Additionally, you can also partner them with chocolate desserts!

7. Malbec


This wine is grown mostly in Argentina. However, it is also grown in other countries like France and the United States.

The Malbec has a fruity flavor made of dark fruits like plums, raisins, and black cherries. However, it also has hints of cocoa and mocha, to name a few. Of course, we cannot forget to mention that this wine also offers a smoky finish.

If you decide to take home a bottle of Malbec, you might want to get some blue cheese too! These two make a great combo that is not to be missed!

8. Cabernet Franc


The Cabernet Franc is grown in many places. However, production is mostly in France, followed by Italy, then the United States.

It has a fruity flavor mixed with some spicy notes. It has a somewhat high level of tannins and acidity, making it a good pair for acidic dishes like some tomato soups or salads.

On the other hand, it does not have a high level of alcohol, so you do not have to worry about enjoying a little bit too much at times. One more glass than the regular will likely not hurt!

9. Sangiovese


This wine is grown mostly in Italy. It is one of the wines that can surprise you. That is because its taste can depend on where it is grown. However, you always want to expect that it will have at least a hint of fruity flavors with some tomato tones in it.

It has medium to high acidity, tannins, and alcohol, making it an ideal option if you want something that can hit the spot but not too much. It is a wine you want to consider if you like to take your savory meals with some wine.

10. Tempranillo


This wine offers a blend of sweet and savory fruity flavors. Its tannins and acidity levels often are high enough for these two to be hard to miss.

If you like eating some fancy stuff at home, you might want to consider getting a bottle of Tempranillo to go with your gourmet meals.

This wine is grown in many places, but more than half of the production is in Spain. You can find a bottle of this wine with a hefty price tag. However, do not worry. There are also some budget-friendly options in some supermarkets.

11. Syrah


This wine also goes by the name Shiraz. It is grown in many places but is mostly associated with France and Australia. That is because it originated in France and Australia helped spread the love for it.

The Syrah is one of the darkest wines you will see. A complement to its intensity and boldness. In terms of flavor, this wine offers a fruity flavor with a hint of a chocolatey taste. However, it is also known to give off a meaty flavor.

It can go with many dishes, but you might want to try it with flavorful meat dishes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Wines

What Are Red Wines?

Red wines are alcoholic drinks made by fermenting dark-colored grapes.

Are There Other Types of Wines Aside from Red Wines?

Aside from red wines, we also have white, rosé, sparkling, and dessert wines.

How Many Calories Are in a Glass of Red Wine?

A standard pour of 5 oz of red wine has around 125 calories.

What Are Tannins? Can You Only Find Them in Red Wines?

Tannins are matters you can find in many things, including all parts of the grapes. It affects wines in many ways. However, the levels of tannins often refer to how bitter and dry a wine is.

Red wines often have more tannins than others, but other wines also have them too.

How Do You Store Wine?

You want to store your wine sideways where the temperature is around 50° F and does not change often. Keep your wine away from any light too.

How Do You Serve Red Wine?

First, choose your cup. You can choose any cup, but for wine, it would be best to go for, you guessed it, a wine glass. Additionally, it would be ideal to go for a clear one with a stem.

It would be best to serve red wines at around 65° F. To manipulate the temperature, you can put your wine in the fridge before serving. However, it might be best to use an ice bucket.

Finally, do not shake the bottle!

Final Words

Today, we showed you the 11 popular types of red wine. As you have seen, while all of them are red wines, they all have their charms and are different from each other. Whether you want some red wine for a party or a simple dinner, there is a kind that will likely fit your needs!

We hope this list helps you with your wine matter. If you have more questions or concerns, feel free to come and visit our other talks!


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