12 Best Wineries in Vermont to Give a Visit

Are you planning a winery tour in Vermont? Let us show you our list of the 12 best wineries in Vermont, then!

Vermont has lots to offer, and wines and wineries are on that list! They might not dot the state like restaurants and cafes, but this place has some hidden gems for wine lovers.

Whether you are heading north or south, there is a winery you can stop by for some good ole Vermont wine. With that, let us not dilly-dally anymore. Let us get this show on the road!

1. Snow Farm Vineyard & Winery

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If you are on a winery tour in Vermont, Snow Farm is undoubtedly a place you want to add to the list. For one, it boasts of being the first commercial vineyard and winery in the state, making it an ideal stop if you want to delve into the wine history of Vermont.

For another, it has lots of fun to offer. That is, from concerts to workshops. Finally, of course, the wine! You will likely have trouble finding their Vidal Blanc Ice wine elsewhere, so ensure you take a bottle of it home when you visit!


2. Boyden Valley Winery & Spirits

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Boyden Valley is a place to visit if you like wines and distilled drinks alike! This place offers a wide variety of wines. However, it also has ciders, bourbons, and the like. As you can see, it is a winery where you can take the gang. It has a little bit of everything. Everyone will likely find something to enjoy.

You might want to visit on a sunny day. You can enjoy their wine at their barn or the bistro, but we recommend sipping some wine on their stone patio so you can enjoy the views!


3. Whaleback Vineyard

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Whaleback is a family-owned winery. The grapes are grown in their vineyard and handpicked by the family, while other parts of the process happen on the estate.

With that, you can be sure you can get some authentic Vermont wine here. It is an ideal place to go to get a Vermont wine experience.

Not only for their wine, though! They have a gallery here where you can view the works of local artists. With that, you can drink some Vermont wine while looking at some Vermont artwork!


4. Charlotte Village Winery

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Charlotte Village is a winery that offers variety in more ways than one. For one, they have a wide selection of grape wines that you can try. On the other hand, they also have many fruit wines if you want to try something new.

They have apple, strawberry, and raspberry wines, to name a few. However, it is their blueberry wines they speak of the most, so make sure you at least give one of their blueberry wines a try when you visit! Whatever type of wine you like, they likely have a blueberry wine to match your tastebuds.


5. Putney Mountain Winery and Spirits

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Putney Mountain is a winery that engages in green practices. While aiming to make an assortment of flavorful wines, they do not forget to tend to the environment. With that, it comes as no surprise when the lands give them good harvests, which, in turn, becomes good wine!

This winery has something for everyone in the gang. They have a variety of fruit wines, spirits, and even a nonalcoholic choice! If you like fruit wines, do not miss out on the rhubarb blush. On the other hand, for their spirits, we recommend simply chocolate.


6. Neshobe River Winery

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Neshobe River Winery is a winery you might want to consider adding to your stops if you plan on seeing the Green Mountains. You can find them at its foothills, after all!

They have wines made from Vermont grapes, but they also have some beers you might want to give a try while you are there. They share their tasting room with a brewery. With that, you can hit two birds with one stone here!


7. Fable Farm

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Fable Farm is a winery you want to consider if the group can only make one stop. They have a little bit of everything, which does not only apply to their wine selection. Aside from their wine, they also have some delicious dishes to offer.

You can also see all sorts of art here from time to time. Finally, they also have a vast land you can explore. As you can see, it is a place to visit if you want some good wine and a good time!


8. Isle La Motte Vineyard

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Isle La Motte is a winery run by a husband-and-wife duo. It is one of the younger wineries on the list. However, do not count them out for that.

It is a winery to visit if you want to sip on some wine somewhere warm and cozy and want to avoid the buzzing and bustling. Not only can the place offer warmth, but the couple too!

Isle La Motte has a decent wine selection, but it is their Marquette you do not want to miss out on when you visit them!


9. Maquam Barn & Winery

$$ | (802) 527-0220 | WEBSITE

The Maquam Barn is known for their wines. However, that is not all! Many brides have fallen in love with this place, and they are now also distinguished as a wedding venue. It is a place a pair of wine lovers looking for the perfect place to tie the knot should check out.

This family-owned winery offers award-winning wines and stunning views to match. As you can see, it is an ideal place for two oenophiles to say exchange their vows!


10. La Garagista Winery

$$ | 802 291 1295 | WEBSITE


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La Garagista is a winery you want to consider adding to your list of stops if you like your wines untouched.

They work with their wines as minimally as possible, letting the grapes show their true colors. With that, the grapes get a chance to show their true selves, and each bottle can be a surprise.

That is not all, though! This winery is a place you also want to consider if you care for presentations. In this list, it is undoubtedly one of the most aesthetic ones!


11. Autumn Mountain Winery

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Autumn Mountain is the winery on the list you want to visit if you want a wine getaway. This place does not only offer a winery. They also have some cabins. Staying with them, you can always be close to your next glass of wine.

That is not all, though. They also have the largest wine cask in the state. With that, even if you do not plan on staying with them, they are a place to consider adding to your list. A wine-related tour in the state does not seem complete without seeing the biggest cask in the area!


12. Due North Vineyard & Winery

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Due North is the last winery on our list, but it is undoubtedly not the least. It is the most northern winery in Vermont, making them an ideal stop if you are, well, due north! They are not the biggest winery around.

However, do not count them out for that! Honestly, that is one of their charms. As they are a small operation, you can get up close and personal with the wines here. In turn, learn a lot about the wines you will drink.


Final Words

That concludes our Vermont winery tour, and we hope our list of the 12 best wineries in Vermont was able to help you find some wine stops for when you visit the state.

Vermont has lots to offer, and as you have seen today, wineries are one of those things! However, Vermont is not the only one. Other states also have hidden gems only waiting for wine lovers to get to know. Now, we can help you discover those hidden treasures. Head on over to our other talks now!

Best Wineries in Vermont

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