7 Best Wineries in Door County, WI (with Pohotos & Free Map)

There are many things to love about Door County, like fish boils, cherries, and of course, its lovely coastal towns, to name a few. However, we can lengthen the list today.

How? Well, allow us to show you some of the hidden gems of this place. Today, let us visit the 7 best wineries in Door County, WI. Without further delay, let us start this tour!

Door Peninsula Winery

$ | (920) 743-7431 | WEBSITE


Door Peninsula offers a good variety. Whether you want one of the standards or something unique, you will likely find something here to tickle your fancy. However, that is not all. If you like your spirits, they can also help you with that!

With all of the choices, it could get overwhelming. However, you do not need to fret. They have some lovely and helpful people over here that can come to your rescue!


Harbor Ridge Winery

$$ | (920) 868-4321 | WEBSITE


H2arbor Ridge has tons of reds to offer. However, fans of lighter shades need not worry. They also have a decent selection of whites and rosés.

In addition to their wines, Harbor Ridge offers a lovely area where you can enjoy your drink. They have a picturesque place with a relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, they also have some friendly folks over there. The full package, as you can see!

To top it all up, they are next to a cheese shop. You will not have to worry about what to munch on as you sip great wines here at Harbor Ridge.


Stone’s Throw Winery

$$ | (920) 839-9660 | WEBSITE

The name Stone’s Throw might be familiar to you. Well, that is because this winery and its founder (Russell Turco) have been featured in many magazines.

Aside from the wide assortment of wines Stone’s T5341ubbing here. Wine lovers of all ages (as long as the wine lover is of legal age, of course) are welcome and entertained here!


Door 44 Winery

$$ | (888) 932-0044 | WEBSITE

Door 44 is a winery to check out for fans of lighter shades. They have a wide assortment of whites from which you can take your pick.

Additionally, they have a wide variety of rosés, which you do not see that often. Also, they have some sparkling wines if you like your wine bubbly. However, fans of darker shades need not worry. They have a decent selection of reds too.

This winery is an ideal place to stop by if you are up for a chat. The staff will not only tickle your taste buds, but your funny bone too!


Red Oak Winery

$$ | (920) 743-7729  | WEBSITE


Red Oak offers an assortment of wines. However, variety is not the only thing they offer. Their wines also come at good prices for the generous pour they give.

In addition to that, Red Oak also has a set of friendly folks over there. The staff are welcoming, warm, and helpful! If you come at the right time, you might even get a chance to have a chat with the owners!


Simon Creek Vineyard & Winery

$$ | (920) 746-9307 | WEBSITE

Simon Creek offers a wide variety of reds, but they also have some whites for fans of lighter shades.

In addition to their wine, they also have a calm and relaxing place. If you want to enjoy some wine but also avoid all the buzzing and bustling, then Simon Creek is a winery you want to consider. Not only can they offer a peaceful atmosphere, but they can also offer a view to match!


Lautenbach’s Orchard Country Winery & Market

$$ | (920) 868-3479 | WEBSITE

Lautenbach’s is a winery and so much more!

They have an assortment of rosés, reds, and whites enough for everyone to find something to tickle their taste buds. They also have wine slushies that we recommend you try if you want something out of the ordinary.

That is not all there is, though. Lautenbach’s also has a lovely place that can accommodate patrons whether it rains or shines. They have a scenic outdoor area for sunny days and charming indoor seating for rainy days.

Do not forget to time your visit to enjoy everything this place has to offer!


Things to Keep in Mind for Your Door County Wine Tour

You can get to all of the wineries in a day. However, we suggest allocating at least two days for your wine tour so you can get the best out of all the wineries.

Additionally, if you want to visit all the wineries, we suggest starting at Stone’s Throw (Baileys Harbor) and then heading to Lautenbach’s (Fish Creek). Then, head over to Harbor Ridge (Egg Harbor) and finally explore the wineries at Sturgeon Bay.

Finally, while most wineries have a gift shop, you might want to spend most of your shopping at Lautenbach’s, as they have tons to offer.

Final Words

Today, we took you on a tour of the 7 best wineries in Door County, WI! As you have seen, the area may not be known for its wineries, but its wineries are places with things to boast of.

We hope we got to help you today with your wine matters and concerns. If you have other wine worries, do not hesitate to check out our other talks. For now, that will be all. See you again next time. Cheers!

Best Wineries in Door County, WI

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