Blush Wine 101: Types, Characteristics, Benefits & Food Pairing

Over recent years, blush wine has grown in popularity. It’s the crowd favorite because of its natural light, fruity, and crisp flavor. On top of that, it’s an all-around beverage perfect to pair with many meals. Health experts even say that blush wine holds powerful benefits too.

With that in mind, this write-up explores everything you need to know about blush wine. So, come for a ride, and let’s see exciting facts about blush wine.

What is a Blush Wine?


Blush wine is the type of wine that has a unique palette of colors ranging from light to medium pink. At the start of the winemaking process, the juice that winemakers use is transparent or clear in color. This juice is the same whether it comes from red or white grapes.

What makes the winemaking process unique and extraordinary is the moment when you leave the juice in contact with the wine’s skin. Concerning that, there are two known practices of creating blush wine.

Winemakers produce blush wine by leaving the transparent grape juice intact with the red grape’s skin for an hour or two. On the other hand, blush wine is also a result of mixing the red and white blends into a pinkish blush color.

What is the Difference Between Blush Wine and Rose Wine?


Most people connect blush wine with rose wine. But the truth is blush and rose wine has a slight difference. This difference lies in the winemaking technique or process. Wine producers create rose wine by leaving the clear juice with grape skins.

Meanwhile, rose blends are never a by-product of blending red and white wines. So, people can call all rose wines to blush wines. But not all blush wines can be connected to rose wines.

In addition, the crowd often described rose wine as a French technique for crafting wines with colors grayish pink to dark pink. That’s why it’s been a trend to call it rose wines than blush wine.

However, while they have the same pinkish color, blush wines are more market-oriented than smaller, meticulously made, and premium rose wines.

What are the Characteristics of Blush Wine?


Blush wines possess the same traits as white wines having a little body. Since blush wines are relatively light compared to red blends and have natural crispiness and freshness, they are an ideal beverage for the summer season.

Over the years, people often tied blush wine into old and new world blush wines. The crowd often old-world style blush wines as dry. On top of that, they possess more alcohol than new-world style blush wines. On the other hand, new-world blush wines are much sweeter and less alcoholic.

But overall, blush wines are floral, fruity, light, and bright. So, if you’re looking for a drink that is less complex and strong than red blends, you can always go for a cool glass of blush wine. Add some ice cubes, and take the heat away!

What are the Types of Blush Wine?

The most popular variety of blush wines in the United States is White Grenache, White Merlot, and White Zinfandel. While the crowd calls them “white,” these wines are blush wines since they are made from leaving the clear juice in contact with red wine grape skins.

What are the Health Benefits of Blush Wine?

Indeed, blush wine is a favorite choice for wine enthusiasts because it’s an all-around wine perfect for different dishes. On top of that, its delicious flavor and fantastic color make it unique and fascinating.

However, recent studies show that blush wine has had many promising health benefits. So, stay with us, and let’s talk about them individually.

Enhance Mental Health


Blush wine contains antioxidants that can help reduce hormone levels and stress found in our bodies. In addition, research showcase that antioxidant components of blush wine can help deal with unwanted thoughts resulting in anxiety and depression.

Drinking blush wine occasionally and moderately can help people restore, relax, and unwind from the hectic everyday life, tension, and worries. So, generally speaking, blush wine can enhance your mental health.

Reduce Risks of Obesity

The second health benefit of blush wine is that it helps deal with obesity problems. Studies prove that drinking blush wine boosts the overall growth of healthy guts bacteria. These helpful bacteria will, in turn, improve metabolism.

Once the metabolism is enhanced, it will give people more energy. On top of that, it will aid in losing weight and improving restful sleep while burning calories at night.

Improves Skin Condition


Like other wines such as white or red blends, blush wine has carbon dioxide too. In this modern era, there’s what we call “carboxytherapy” or carbon dioxide therapy. This skin treatment helps restore healthy skin by reducing collagen growth.

Surprisingly, the carbon dioxide in blush wine has been shown to help minimize stretch marks, improve skin suppleness, and reduce wrinkles. Overall, blush wine can improve our skin condition.

Rich in Antioxidants

Blush wine is rich in antioxidants that are healthy for your heart. These elements can protect the heart from inflammation and stress. So, moderate consumption of blush wine can help strengthen and enhance the immune system.

On top of that, a study showcases that individuals who moderately drink blush wine have lower chances of having heart disease than those who consume red wine. Since blush wine contains many antioxidants, it can protect your body from cholesterol, high blood pressure, and metabolic problems.

Fights Inflammation

Anti-inflammatory elements dominate blush wine which lowers the chances of acquiring chronic inflammation.

Generally speaking, chronic inflammation is the number one enemy of a healthy lifestyle. Inflammation increases the likelihood of developing auto-immune disorders, heart disease, and different types of cancer.

But for a disclaimer, like other alcoholic beverages, drinking blush wine should only be done occasionally and moderately. Excessive consumption of blush wine is associated with other health problems such as miscarriage, cancer, high blood pressure, and liver disease.

How to Serve Blush Wine?

It is always best to serve blush wines chilled at an ideal temperature between forty to forty-five degrees Fahrenheit.

But if you find your blush a bit drier and complex rose wine, you can serve it at a warmer temperature of forty-three to forty-eight degrees Fahrenheit. It would be excellent to serve blush wine in glasses with stems for best results.

What are the Best Foods to Pair with Blush Wine?


Since blush wine has a rich flavor and aroma, it goes well with many foods. The best foods to pair with blush wine are salmon, lobster, barbeque, goat cheese, and an Italian dish with red sauce. You can also drink blush wine while having your favorite lasagna.

On top of everything, blush wine is a favorite choice for white pizza, egg dishes, fish and chicken-based salad, and summer soups. Further sweeter varieties of blush wines will blend perfectly with fresh fruit plates, cheeses, and desserts.

Frequently Asked Questions


Blush wine is a pretty popular choice when drinking wine. Over the years, it has been famous and sought-after across the globe. Do you like to learn more about this fascinating drink? Stay with us, and let’s dive deeper into the common questions on the web about blush wine.

What is the proper amount of blush wine I should drink daily?

Blush wine has rich health benefits. But excessively drinking it could cause damage to the body. The recommended amount for everyday blush wine consumption varies between males and females.

For males, experts advise that it would be healthy and safe to consume 300 ml of blush wine or the equivalent of two glasses. On the other hand, women are recommended to drink only one glass of blush wine or equal to 150 ml.

Since blush wine is a part of the famous Mediterranean diet, experts often connect it to protection from chronic disease and improved health results.

Is it okay if I chill blush wine?

Since blush wine is fruity, floral, and light, you can serve it chilled. On top of that, blush wine is enjoyable when it’s cold.

The ideal temperature for serving blush wine is around forty to fifty degrees Fahrenheit. But most importantly, do not let blush wine in the freezer since it can change and dull the flavor profile.

Is blush wine better than white blends regarding powerful health benefits?

Powerful antioxidants, often termed “resveratrol,” are responsible for many health benefits of drinking and consuming wines. Overall, it is a potent anti-aging ingredient that protects the brain. In addition, these elements can lower the chance of stroke and heart disease.

Compared to white blends, blush wines have massive amounts of resveratrol. This huge component can be traced back to the winemaking process. When producers create white wines, they quickly strip off the grape’s skin.

On the other hand, blush wine is produced by leaving the grape juice intact with the grape’s skin for an hour or so.

That’s why blush wines have more antioxidants than white blends. And here’s an interesting trivia. A study proves that red wine has the highest resveratrol component among wines.

The Bottom Line

Indeed, blush wines are a fantastic beverage. It’s perfect for any occasion, and you can have it too for health purposes.

Plus, there’s a wide selection of blush wines to discover on the market. So, we hope this article made a point about the uniqueness of blush wine. Trust us, blush wine could be your favorite!


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