9 Wines to Pair With Brie

Are you wondering what wine pairs with brie? Wine and cheese generally pair well together. However, there are wine and cheese combinations that really hit the spot.

If you ever had a taste of such pairing, you would know what we mean. However, if you have not had such a pairing, today is the day for you to do so!

We will show you some of the best wines to pair with brie today, so get your taste buds ready as we embark on this tasty journey. Without further ado, let’s go!

Wines to Pair With Brie


Brie is a royal cheese. Not in the literal sense, but it holds such a title as it is known as the king or queen of cheeses.

It is a French cheese made of cow’s milk, sheep’s milk, or even goat’s milk. It is a complex cheese that changes as it ages. With that, it works well with an array of food like crackers and sandwiches, and of course, it also pairs well with an assortment of wine. As you can see, you only need to partner it with the right thing at the right time.

However, while the brie is pretty flexible and versatile, certain wines do it more justice than others. Different wines make different things from this cheese stand out.

What you get from your brie can depend on the wine you choose to partner with it. With that, let us go ahead and check out these wines and see what they can do for you and your brie.

The Chardonnay and Brie Pairing


Generally, brie goes well with white wine, and Chardonnay is one of the most popular of this type. However, that is not all the reason Chardonnay made it to this list.

Brie is high in fat. On the other hand, Chardonnay has the acidity to match. This wine can help cleanse one’s palate and keep this cheese from overwhelming one’s taste buds. This pairing is best for those whose tongues get bored or overwhelmed fast.

Tip: If you want to make this pair better, try adding some caramelized onion to the mix.

The Chenin Blanc and Brie Pairing


Chenin blanc is another white wine with the acidity to counter the fat content of brie. It is known to be highly acidic. If you find the acidity of Chardonnay is not enough to counter your brie, you might want to try this pairing instead. However, that is not the only reason Chenin Blanc pairs well with this cheese.

Chenin blanc and brie both have notes of nuttiness. Additionally, this wine has apple and pear flavors, two fruits often paired with brie. As you can see, their flavors and notes work well together.

Tip: They say two’s company, three’s a crowd. However, while this pair is already good, a salad can be a welcomed third.

The Riesling and Brie Pairing


Riesling is a wine that many do not quite enjoy. However, brie might be the cheese to make you fall in love with it.

Riesling is another white wine with the acidity to match the fat content of brie. Additionally, a dry riesling also has the sweetness that can go well with the sweetness of brie.

Tip: There are many types of rieslings. You might want to try pairing the different styles of it with brie to find your favorite match.

The Champagne and Brie Pairing


Champagne is one of the all-time favorites. Whether we are talking about a wine lover or a casual wine drinker, Champagne is a wine likely known by the person in question.

There are many reasons to love this wine, with it pairing so well with many things being one of them. With that, it should not be surprising that a wine that pairs well with many dishes and a cheese that matches well with many wines would do well together!

Champagne has the acidity to contrast the fat content of brie. To add, it has peach and almond flavors that can complement the taste of brie. Finally, we cannot forget to mention those bubbles from the Champagne can also add a fun kick to this pair.

Tip: If you are having brie with other salty things, you might want to put this wine as the top priority!

The Rosé and Brie Pairing


As you might already know, rosé is like red wine that did not make the cut. Brie generally goes well with white wines but can also pair up with red wines. The red wine only needs to be light, so it will not overpower the brie. Now, that is what you can generally get with a rosé.

As there are many types of this wine, for brie, you might want to try and opt for the fruity ones. However, if you want a unique and fun pair, you might want to go and hunt for a sparkling rosé. Like with Champagne, the bubbles in this wine can make for a fun kick to the pairing.

The Pinot Noir and Brie Pairing


As we have said above, brie might generally do well with white wines, but it can also pair up with red wines. Now, if we are talking about red wines, pinot noir is undoubtedly one of the most popular of this type. If you want to pair your brie with a red variety, this wine is one you want to consider.

Like the white wines we discussed above, pinot noir has the acidity to cut through the fattiness of this cheese. Additionally, it is how you want your red wine for brie to be – light-bodied.

Tip: Put some brie and bacon over some pasta and pair it with this wine for a fancy and filling meal.

The Beaujolais and Brie Pairing


Another red wine you might want to consider is the Beaujolais. This wine also has a high acidity level that could help with the fat content of the brie. Additionally, it is also a light-bodied red. However, that is not all there is to this wine.

It might not be as prominent as the sweetness or creaminess, but brie also has some tanginess. Now, if that is what you want to stand out, this wine is one to consider.

The Sauvignon Blanc and Brie Pairing



To make brie, manufacturers often use cow’s milk. However, as we have said, it can also use goat’s milk. On the other hand, sauvignon blanc is a wine often partnered with goat’s cheese.

With that, if you have brie made of goat’s milk, sauvignon blanc is one of the wines you want to consider partnering with this cheese. As this wine is good at bringing out the earthy and nutty flavors of goat’s cheese, it can also do the same for the brie.

Tip: Use some brie for a green and leafy salad, and it will do wonders to your taste buds with this wine.

The Moscato and Brie Pairing


Moscato is another red wine with the acidity and body to complement brie. However, that is not all there is to it. If that is the case, all light-bodied acidic red wine will do.

In addition to its body and acidity, this wine is also a sweet wine with raspberry notes. Now, raspberry is another fruit commonly paired with this cheese. As you can see, this wine pairs well with brie, from its characteristics to its flavor and note.

Things to Keep in Mind With Pairing Brie With Other Wines

We showed you nine wines that go well with brie. However, as you might already know, thousands of wine grape varieties are out there. With that, you can imagine how many types of wines there are.

Once you have tried brie with the wines listed here, we understand that you might want to venture out. We will not stop you. However, we do have some tips you might want to keep in mind when doing so.

First, as we have said, brie generally pairs well with white wines. With that, you might want to start your journey with lighter shades. On the other hand, when you begin venturing to darker wines, remember to go for light-bodied ones.

Another thing to note is that whether you go for lighter or darker shades, you want something acidic enough to cut through the fattiness of brie. The fat content of this cheese is one of its defining features. Partnering it with something with an extremely low acidity might make you sick of it fast.

Finally, you want to go for a wine that will not overpower the brie’s taste. With that, it might be best to stay away from bold wines.


What wine pairs with brie? Well, we answered that today and so much more!

First, we showed you the nine wines that go well with brie, where we learned that this cheese pairs up with an assortment of wines, from red to white wines. After that, we discussed what you want to keep in mind if you decide you want to venture to other wines.

We hope we got to help you with this wine worry today. Do not hesitate to come back if you have more!

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