9 Things to Mix With Your Wine

A glass of wine is already pretty good on its own. However, if you are feeling adventurous, we have some suggestions on how you can put a twist on your drink. Today, we will answer your question and show you nine things you can mix with your wine. We hope your taste buds are ready for this tasty journey. We have a lot to talk about, so let’s get right to it!

1. Mix Wine With Fruits and Fruit Juices

As you probably already know, there are many different wines out there. However, they are all mostly made of grapes. On the other hand, it is no secret that grapes are fruits. With that, among the many things you can mix wine with, it should not be surprising that fruits and fruit juices are some of the best choices to fuse with this drink!

You can experiment with a wide array of fruits and fruit juices. You can try mixing your wine with some orange or pineapple juice or some peach or grapefruit slices. Also, it might be the best time to note that you do not have to stick to one fruit at a time.

As one would expect, mixing some fruits and fruit juices with wine would give you a fruity concoction. That makes this mix best for those who like fruity flavors.

Here are some mixes you might want to try:

White Wine Apple Spritzer


This recipe uses some apple juice to put a fun twist to the flavor. On the other hand, it uses some apple slices to make the wine more aesthetically pleasing. Not only will you get a tasty treat but a pretty one too!




As we have said above, you do not have to limit yourself to using one type of fruit at a time. You can mix and match just like this recipe which utilizes more than three fruits in different forms.


On the other hand, this recipe only uses some sparkling wine and some fruit juice. It is simple, but it is tasty.

2. Mix Wine With Lemonade

Lemon is a fruit, so you might now be wondering why lemonade did not make it in the previous group we discussed. Well, that’s because there seems to be a debate about whether lemonade is a fruit juice. Now, we may not be sure if lemonade is or is not a fruit juice. However, we’re sure it can be an ideal concoction to mix with wine.

Here is a mix you might want to try:

Rosé Lemonade Cocktail


This recipe uses some rosé and some lemonade. It is like your usual summer drink, only better!

3. Mix Wine With Sodas

Sodas can also be an ideal choice to mix with wines. The many different sodas can bring the drink the desired sweetness without the fruity flavors. Also, the fizz these drinks offer can be a fun addition to the mix.

This concoction is ideal for those looking for a sweet drink without relying on other flavors.

Here are some mixes you might want to try:



The kalimotxo is a Spanish drink. There are many ways to make it, but commonly you only need some red wine and some Coke like this recipe.

Red Wine Spritzer


As Coke is one of the most beloved sodas, many wine mixes use it. However, it is not the only soda you can mix with wine. For example, this recipe uses Sprite instead.

White Wine Spritzer


It is not only red wine that you can mix soda with. You can also mix sodas with other types like white wines. For example, this recipe uses some white wine and some diet 7 Up.

4. Mix Wine With Sparkling Water

As you might have noticed by now, many mixes use more than wine and one other thing. Sparkling water can be an ideal thing to mix wine with if you are after a particular taste but also looking for some fizz. As sparkling water is only carbonated water, it will not alter the taste of the concoction much. Its influence would mostly be evident in the texture of the mix.

Here are some mixes you might want to try:



The Weinschorle is a German drink. This recipe only mixes some white wine with some sparkling water. It is ideal for those who are only after the fizz and would like to keep their calorie and sugar intake to a minimum as much as possible.

Skinny Sangria Spritzer


Earlier, we already showed you a sangria recipe. However, this recipe mixes wine with sparkling water, helping make this one a low-calorie version of it.

5. Mix Wine With Mulling Spices

Generally, one does not present wine hot. However, it is how you want to serve it when you mix it with mulling spices.

Mulling spices is a mix of different spices. The combination varies, but it usually has some cinnamon and cloves.

As there are many mulling spice combinations, there are also many ways to make this drink. However, here is a mix you might want to try:

Mulled Wine


This recipe uses some red wine and a variety of spices, like cinnamon sticks and star anises. You do not simply mix the wine and spices here. Unlike the other mixes, this one undergoes several steps and processes. However, it is an ideal way to enjoy wine during the cold seasons.

6. Mix Wine With Tea

Wine and tea are both popular drinks in their own right. Surprisingly, mixing wine with tea is not as common as the two are favored. However, these two drinks can do wonders for one’s taste buds when mixed. Here is a mix you might want to try:

Iced Tea Sangria


This recipe uses some white wine and some iced tea. However, red wine can also work. It uses more iced tea than wine, making it an ideal mix for wines that just don’t tickle your fancy. With the proportions, the iced tea will likely mask most of its taste.

7. Mix Wine With Ginger Beer

Ginger beer is a surprising drink on its own. One could say it is not what it says it is. Yes, it does use some ginger. However, it is not a beer or how you expect a beer to be as it is a non-alcoholic beverage. Its surprise does not end there, though. This drink is also an ideal choice to mix wine with. Here is a mix you might want to try:

Ginger + Red Wine Fizz


This recipe uses some red wine and some ginger beer. It is a mix best for those who like their drink sweet and spicy.

8. Mix Wine With Spirits

No, we did not forget about spirits, of course! Among the many things mixed with wine, these drinks are probably the ones most blended with the grape.

One of the best things you can mix wine with is spirits. There are many spirits out there, which means there are many mixes you can try out. Also, like with fruits and fruit juices, you don’t have to limit your concoction to one spirit at a time.

This mix is best for those who want some (or a whole lot of kick) in their drink.

Here are some mixes you might want to try:

Wine and Whiskey Cocktail


This recipe uses some red wine and whiskey. Any whiskey will work. However, you might want to opt for a simple red wine so it will not overpower or contrast the whiskey.

Call Me A Cab Vodka Lemonade


This fun recipe uses some red wine. However, while other mixes can use any wine of your choice, this one specifically calls for the Cabernet Sauvignon. Additionally, as you can guess, you also need some vodka. This mix does not only have its tastes to boast about but the looks too!

Red Wine Margarita


How can we not include a margarita?

This recipe uses some red wine and tequila. It specifically calls for a Beaujolais, but anything like it will also work.

9. Mix Wine With Chocolate

We saved the best for last. Well, maybe not the best, as we’re sure some of you already have your favorites. However, among the many things you can mix wine with, this one might be the most surprising for many! You can eat chocolate with wine, so why not mix wine with it? Right?

A hit or a miss? Well, you decide! Here is a mix you might want to try:

Red Wine Hot Chocolate


This recipe uses some red wine, chocolate bits, and milk. Making it does take more time and effort than others, but if you are a fan of wine and chocolate, we believe all the trouble will be worth it!

Final Words

What can you mix wine with? Today, we showed you nine things you can blend wine with! As you have seen, whether you want something fruity and sweet, spicy and with a kick, or even something just surprising, there is something for you and your wine.

We hope that we can help you today. Do not hesitate to give us a visit again if you run into another wine worry in the future!

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