White Pinot Noir Guide: Everything You Need to Know

White Pinot Noir, arguably one of the world’s most prestigious wines, can be daunting to explore. Fear not! We’re here to provide you with an easy guide on what makes White Pinot Noir so special – from where it comes from throughout your wine journey with this variety – to take full advantage of every sip.

Origin Burgundy, France
Commonly made with Pinot Noir
Color Pale Straw to Gold
  • Fruity
  • Floral
  • Herbal
Texture Light-bodied

Crisp Acidity

Sugar Content (per liter) 1-5 g
ABV 11-14%
Biggest Producers
  • France
  • USA
  • Italy

What is White Pinot Noir?


You’ll Fall in Love With White Pinot Noir! Here’s Your Guide! Pinot noir is one of the most popular grapes winemakers use worldwide to produce various delicious wines. But did you know that white pinot noir exists?

That’s right – there are also white wines from this noble grape! By keeping skin contact to a minimum and aging it on its lees (yeast cells), high-quality wineries can create stunning white expressions of this varietal that are perfect for any occasion.

History of White Pinot Noir Wine Guide

Hey there, wine enthusiasts! Let’s take a trip down memory lane and learn about the mesmerizing history of white Pinot Noir.

This varietal can be traced back to its roots in Burgundy, France, where it was known as “Pinot Blanc” or “Blanc de Pinot Noir.”It certainly plays hard to get, though, since only 5% of the region is dedicated solely to this grape – making bottles quite rare!

But with that rarity comes elegance. A glass of chilled white Pinot greets you with an array of aroma profiles ranging from green apple and lime peel all way through honeysuckle and pear flavors — so versatile but always delectable.

In more recent times, we see other wineries around the globe taking up production too: such includes cool-climate regions like Oregon (US) have flourished into their unique wines, even gaining global acclaim by themselves.

So whether your taste buds are craving something light-bodied or looking for depth within flavors, white pinots gotchu covered!

White Pinot Noir Wine Characteristics


Flavor Notes Taste Appearance Aromas
  • Fruity
  • Floral
  • Herbal
  • Light-bodied
  • Crisp Acidity
Pale Straw Gold
  • Apricots
  • Peaches
  • Citrus
  • Flavors

Appearance of White Pinot Noir

One would recognize that these particular bottles visually stand out due to pale tones resembling sheer spun gold commingled by ripe fuzzy peaches! While some may appear brighter yellow than others, almost reminiscently border lining those faint sandy beaches.

Flavor and Texture of White Pinot Noir

As with reds, flavors vary depending on where and how the wine is produced; however, expect delicate aromas and taste of stone fruits such as apricots or peaches, some citrus zest, and even hints of florals. On the palate, they should be smooth, round, and fleshy with balanced acidity.

How is White Pinot Noir Made?


Did you know that the secret to exquisite white pinot noir wine is the delicate process of making it? From choosing a quality selection of fruit to conditioning and fermentation stages, through to careful aging – every step is vital.

When selecting grapes for white pinot noir wine, farmers have a unique eye when they look over each bunch – deciding which ones will produce the finest flavor. It’s often said that their judgment is as sharp as any sommelier!

The next stage involves conditioning and fermenting the grapes. Here temperature plays an important part during maceration—the softening of skins with juice extraction. And sometimes, winemakers add other methods, such as cold fermentation or battonage (stirring), to make this process even more luxurious.

And lastly, we come to aging – where patience does pay off! Once perfect barrel storage has been applied for about 12-15 months—aging can take up to two years for some vintages–you’ll be left with something truly unforgettable: a stunning piece of complexity and balance just waiting to tantalize your taste buds.

Different White Pinot Noir Wine Regions


Did you know that the White Pinot Noir grape is admired and grown all across the world? Let’s talk regions:


Starting from America, we must mention wine-savvy Californians who constantly transform their wineries with newfangled foodie havens. At the same time, Oregon, with its natural beauty, takes a more understated approach-& both produce absolutely breathtaking white pinots!


Jumping overseas, though, no one can deny the French for playing big daddy in vineyards –their Champagne cave has become synonymously honorable and mentioned around receptions and business veneration, presenting THE most delicious bubblies! Lesser-known areas like the Loire Valley region also grow alongside classic darlings: Côte d’Or & Bourgogne.

Talking about underrated gems-how’s my pick -Alsace sound, where they’ve established themselves as fine makings of complex wines; always shimmery silvery hues which make it hard not to tip back glass after-second-glass.

Italy (Pinot Nero Bianco)

Ooh La-La-lastly! Let us give some love nods to Italy making quite solid efforts on this varietal under name “Pinot Nero Bianco.” This country pairing expert composes flavors impressed upon your tastebuds, leaving indelible marks throughout … Instead- explore different styles from various producers until you find your ideal match made in heaven.

Different White Pinot Noir Style


Calling out all wine enthusiasts! We’ve got the low-down on different styles to sip your white pinots.

White Pinot Noir Rosé

First is Rosé (cue in love heart eyes) – vibrant, delicate, and oh-so-refreshing: let’s give a round of applause for rosés made with care & attention that inevitably bring summer into happy hour wherever you are!


Next Up; “Locked up like Oak!” Fancy more intriguing flavors? Oaked varieties aged using an oak vessel hit it differently thanks to ventilation from its long stay bringing soft overtones, which can even mimic those drier reds.


And Finally, for unoaked pickers, If it lacks secrets & mystery but purity makes things great generally, then this category is definitely what pleases pure palettes! Not kept waiting for any duration before fermentation nor exposed time-wise afterward brings fresh, crisp varietals keeping almost identical tasting just as they’re picked off the vine.

How to Drink White Pinot Noir Wine


Serving Temperature & Glassware

For optimal enjoyment, serve slightly chilled at 10°C – 13°C (50°F-55°F). To elevate both presentation and anticipation invest in proper glassware like clear tulip-shaped glasses instead of regular stemmed ones; This will amplify aromatic nuances allowing for more depth & complexity while preserving temperature levels adequately for up 20 minutes per pour… so enjoy slowly sipping & savoring each sip!

Decanting and Aeration

If you’re feeling fancy pants, there’s nothing like decanting a zesty White Pinot Noir bottle. Not only does it make for a picture-perfect moment at dinner parties, but it can also help improve the taste.

Younger wines benefit more, whereas more mature/aged options need less breathing space, so our advice here lies with experimentation techniques!

Food Pairings with White Pinot Noir Wine

Who’s up for a White Pinot Noir glass (or bottle)? We sure are! And what better way to take things up a notch than by pairing it with some delicious eats?

First off, let us just say that there are no hard and fast rules when wine pairings. It all boils down to personal preference – but we’ll help you get started!

If you’re lucky to live within reach of fresh seafood, then crisp White Pinot Noir is your go-to choice. Munching on shrimp skewers or devouring lobster tail while sipping this fruity vino has got summer written all over it.

And moving onto the meats: poultry dishes like roast chicken or even turkey burgers make fantastic accompaniments because their subtle flavors won’t overpower the delicate notes in your wineglass.

Feeling snacky instead? Cheese boards boasting creamy brie paired with tart grapes complement white Pinots very nicely, too — try out different combinations until you find one which suits YOU!

White Pinot Noir You Should Try


Brand Left Coast Estate Amity The Prisoner Blindfold
  • Fruity (Peach and Apple)
  • Citrus
  • Slight Minerality
  • Red Fruit
  • Peach
  • Citrus
  • Fruity (Peach and Apple)
  • Citrus
  • Slight Minerality
Texture Medium-bodied Medium-bodied Medium-bodied
ABV 13% 13.5% 12.5%
Best Serve with Seafood Lean Fish, Shellfish Seafood, Pasta
Average Price $23.49 $21.49 $35.26

With a variety of tasty wines out there, let’s highlight three particular White Pinot Noirs that will leave you craving more:

1. Amity White Pinot Noir

First off – West Coast Wines boasts award-winning estate vineyards coupled with sustainable farming practices serving consumers sustainably and guilt-free (It’s like saving the earth while living it up!) Amity Vineyard may not be as talked about, but for their acidic-driven sips beyond impressive, they’re worth every penny invested and won’t disappoint!

2. The Prisoner Blindfold Blanc de Noir White Pinot Noir

Next is The Prisoner Blindfold Blanc de Noir- bringing dramatic flair & sophistication which dominates your tastebuds. Highly unique taste, probably thanks to intense sourcing from New York all way through California, builds complex flavoring characteristics unto itself.

3. Left Coast Estate White Pinot Noir

And lastly, Round-Up brings home Left-Coast Estate, whose grape family set remarkably high standards guaranteeing elaborate wine offerings, so pour yourself one glass, then several follow-ups alongside some quality company kicking back and enjoying life!


Are you already in love with White Pinot Noir? ENJOY responsibly, but above all, EXPLORE thoroughly different tastes and unique wines with us!


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