15 Best Wineries in NC (with Photos)

One of the most fascinating discoveries I made recently was wines made in the  Southeastern US region, particularly in the Old North State.

If you wish to go in-depth, check out the 16 best wineries in North Carolina. Each winery has something special to offer, so you are in for a surprise!

1. Mountain Brook Vineyards

$ | 828-722-1037 | WEBSITE

If you feel like escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, the Mountain Brook Vineyards offers that respite. Located about an hour and thirty minutes from Charlotte, this beautiful estate is the place to be.

One of the best ways to enjoy the wines produced by this vineyard is to drink outdoors. Imagine sipping a glass of wine while admiring the picturesque views of the place.

Apart from their wine tasting sessions, the winery also hosts interesting and fun events. Check out their website for the upcoming ones!


2. Duplin Winery

$$ | 800-774-9634 | WEBSITE


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Have you ever been to a place that produces wine? Well, if you want to know how wines are made, you must visit the Duplin Winery.

This winery allows visitors a glimpse of how their wines are produced. If you want more, they have wine tastings too. You can try at least ten wines from their roster.

There’s also a restaurant at the Duplin Winery. They have lunch specials from Monday through Saturday. Your meal will taste even better when you pair it with their wines!


3. Veronét Vineyards & Winery

$$ | 704-981-2490 | WEBSITE

If you’re from the Charlotte area, it only takes half an hour to reach the Veronét Vineyards & Winery. The family that owns and runs the winery is committed to sustainable practices. It’s reflected in the way they plant the grapes and produce the wines.

Visiting Veronét Vineyards & Winery is the perfect option if you are figuring out what to do for the weekend! Once you are there, you will see just how gorgeous the whole estate is. Don’t forget to head to the indoor bar to try various wines.


4. Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery

$$ | 704-981-2490 | WEBSITE

There’s so much history behind the property where the Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery is. And there’s no better way to know that than by dropping by and exploring it.

You can do so many things at the Grassy Creek Vineyard & Winery. There’s a Tasting Room where you can indulge in their wines and a trail you can hike on.

Contact the winery to reserve their pavilion if you have an upcoming event. And call ahead if you are dropping by anytime soon!


5. Uwharrie Vineyards & Winery

$$ | 704-982-9463 | WEBSITE


Make your day special by making a trip to the Uwharrie Vineyards & Winery. This place serves as the ideal background if you want some peace for the day or precious bonding moments with your loved ones. You can even bring your beloved pet to the property!

Enjoy the scenic Uwharrie Vineyards & Winery grounds and savor some of its wines. And if you are looking for a small and lovely venue for a wedding, then this is the spot!


6. Silver Fork Winery

$$ | 828-391-8783 | WEBSITE

Take time out of your busy schedule to see what the Silver Fork Winery has in store. Since the day it opened its doors a decade ago, Silver Fork Winery has been all about producing high-quality wines. They have a wonderful selection of wines that you will surely appreciate.

Silver Fork Winery has a delightful tasting room featuring its best wines. You can also opt to enjoy your beverage outdoors! And since this place has plenty of space, you can book it for some of the most exciting events of your life!


7. Laurel Gray Vineyards

$$ | 336-468-9463 | WEBSITE

The Myer family running this vineyard and winery has been taking care of the land for generations. The land in the Yadkin Valley has been under their helm since the 18th century. But it wasn’t until about 20 years when the family ventured into winemaking.

Since setting up this endeavor, the Laurel Gray Vineyards has been producing award-winning wines. You can try some of these at their tasting room. You also have the chance to learn more about this vineyard via a tour hosted by the owners.


8. Stonefield Cellars Winery

$$ | 336-644-9908 | WEBSITE


In rural North Carolina, you will find one of the finest wineries in the state. It goes by the name of Stonefield Cellars Winery. During the Spring and Fall seasons, you will have the opportunity to discover more about wines and wine-making.

Book a wine tasting flight session, if you aren’t ready to commit to a wine-making class yet. Choose seven varieties of wines to try for only $14.50.


9. Banner Elk Winery & Villa

$$ | 828-898-9090 | WEBSITE

Banner Elk Winery & Villa

Imagine waking up to a lush vineyard and an immaculate mountain view. Well, you can get that and more at the Banner Elk Winery & Villa.

Over the years, the winery has produced various wines, some winning awards in and out of North Carolina. Book a tasting or a flight as soon as possible if you want a taste of these wines.

If you want to go the extra mile, they have a luxurious villa nearby that you can stay in!


10. Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery, LLC

$$ | 336-835-9463 | WEBSITE

If you are a fan of classic, dry wines, you will love the Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery! The Raffaldini family worked hard to understand the land where their vineyard is, so they would be able to maximize its use. It resulted in producing various dry Italian wines that many people now enjoy.

Before going to the Raffaldini Vineyards & Winery, let them know you are visiting them. Check out their website to learn more about this!


11. Parker-Binns Vineyard

$$ | 828-894-0154 | WEBSITE

Are you looking for a place to relax and free your mind from worries? Come and drop by the Parker-Binns Vineyard. One look at this place, and you will find some peace.

Your experience will even get better because of the wines they have! Drink a glass or two while enjoying a burger or sandwich from The Burger Barn. If you took a liking to their wines, sign up for the Parker-Binns Vineyard Wine Club for more perks!


12. Weathervane Winery

$$ | 336-701-5235 | WEBSITE


The Weathervane Winery has a humble beginning. Over the years, you can see just how much the business has expanded.

One of their best offers is their wine tasting. The winery’s staff is there to welcome those who want to experience the taste of their dry and sweet wines. This wine tasting here would only cost you about $12.00.  Give them a call today and book your spot now!


13. Piccione Vineyard

$ | 336-571-1024 | WEBSITE

The Piccione hold their Italian heritage close to their hearts. And there’s no better way to honor their Sicilian roots than producing the most exceptional wines in the state. Their wines have won awards and accolades in various competitions.

Take time to enjoy the wine flights from the Piccione Vineyard. There’s no rush or pressure. It’s just you, a glass of wine, and the marvelous views.


14. Shelton Vineyards

$$ | 336-366-4724 | WEBSITE

Shelton Vineyards opened about 22 years ago. This is, by far, the largest family-owned estate winery in the state. Given how huge the place is, you won’t run out of things to do.

And since you are at a winery, you can’t miss out on the wines. There are educational tours of the winery daily. As part of that tour, you can catch sight of the wine-making process. And, of course, try out at least five of their estate wines!


15. Treehouse Vineyards

$$ | 704-283-4208 | WEBSITE


Before doing anything at Treehouse Vineyards, the owners, Dianne and Phil, prepared the soil and everything else they would need. As soon as everything settled, they planted the first vines in 2005. Their patience paid off, and they started official operations in 2010.

At this winery, you can choose between viniferous and muscadine wines. If you can’t decide which one to get, set up a wine tasting with them! Once you have tried the different variants, it will be easier to figure out which ones you like most!


Reconnecting With North Carolina’s Wineries

One of the things I learned recently was winemaking was already a thing in North Carolina back in the 18th century.

Some people even claim it started way before that! With this newfound knowledge, it makes even more sense to dive into the 15 best wineries in North Carolina!


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