19 Best Wineries In New Jersey

New Jersey is famous for wine and wineries; its story started around 1758. It is a recommended and highly anticipated tourist destination because of its quite fascinating history in wine and winemaking.

Thus, you will find yourself checking out the award-winning wineries located in New Jersey. Although there is a lot, we have listed the 19 Best Wineries in New Jersey that you can visit.

1. Unionville Vineyards

$$ | 908-788-0400 | WEBSITE

Shoutout to our wine lovers out there because the Unionville Vineyards is one of the best wineries to visit and see for yourself how delicious and flavorful their wines are made.

You can also book an event for them to host, may it be for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or corporate events. Moreover, they offer a wide selection of wines you can purchase.

This winery has six vineyards that source the local grapes located in 3 counties in New Jersey. In addition, the Unionville Vineyards have received various awards since 2015.


2. Laurita Winery

$$-$$$| 609-752-0200 | WEBSITE


Did you know that Laurita Winery received two awards this year: the Best Winery in New Jersey 2022 and the Best Tourism Achievement 2022, awarded by Eat This, Not That, and Monmouth-Ocean Development Council, respectively?

The winery is open from Thursdays to Sundays though the operating hours vary. They also have a gift certificate that you can give to your friends. You can also book Laurita Winery as your venue on your wedding day and other celebrations apart from the official events and activities.


3. Brook Hollow Winery

$$ | 908-496-8200 | WEBSITE

The Brook Hollow Winery is one of the best wineries to visit whenever you are in New Jersey. You can also book their event facility for important celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, birthdays, and music events.

They also have wine tasting by visiting their tasting rooms, where you can try the various kinds of wine they offer. Moreover, they are open every day with varying operating hours.


4. Cream Ridge Winery

$$ | 609-259-9797 | WEBSITE

The Cream Ridge Winery has been in the industry and is also a proud local producer of handcrafted wines for more than 30 years. They have expanded to at least 13 acres of vineyard.

Moreover, since their winery has been making names since it was established, they already have frequent customers that can opt to sign up for a Cream Ridge Wine Club.

However, unlike most wineries in New Jersey, they cannot accommodate you when you inquire about hosting weddings, baby showers, and other private events in their winery because the space does not allow them to do so.


5. Auburn Road Vineyard and Winery

$$ | 856-769-9463 | WEBSITE

Ever wondered what makes Auburn Road Vineyard and Winery different compared to the other wineries located in New Jersey? It is simply because everything that they do and everything you can experience with them is based on the art matters.

Moreover, they also try their best to give back to the community by sponsoring various charitable institutions. You can also avail of their club access and book them for private events. Just make sure to visit their page for inquiries.


6. Beneduce Vineyards

$$ | 908-996-3823 | WEBSITE

Beneduce Vineyards is one of the wineries you can visit whenever you are in New Jersey for a vacation. They are open every day with different operating hours but always check out their website for some announcements because there are days that they have to close down.

It is also exciting to visit this winery because they offer some book therapy and Sunday picnics, so make sure to book a reservation to check out their winery and vineyard. Moreover, they have been getting attention as they have won various awards since 2017.


7. Ventimiglia Vineyard

$$ | 973-875-4333 | WEBSITE


Ventimiglia Vineyard is a 50-acre winery and has already offered handcrafted wines for years. They have been in the industry, and its family-owned business passes down the ownership for generations.

This small vineyard and winery offer various red and white wines you can purchase whenever you visit them. Ventimiglia Vineyard ensures that they produce high-quality wines that most customers and visitors will never forget once they taste them.

Call and reserve whenever you want to visit them, and you can also order their wines through a phone call or email.


8. Hawk Haven Vineyard Winery

$$ | 609-846-7347 | WEBSITE

You can visit and try the guided wine tasting at the Hawk Haven Vineyard Winery. However, it is on a first-come-first-served basis, especially during the winter season and for more than 8 people groups.

They are open daily with different operating hours each day, so make sure to check out their website for the schedule. If you want to purchase their wine but at the same time buy it at a much lower price, then try signing up for their Annual and Quarterly membership for the exclusive member benefits.

They also offer a wide selection of wines ranging from white, red, pink, and sparkling wines. At the same time, they also make sure to ship to more than 40 states bringing you the wine you ordered.


9. Sharrott Winery

$$ | 609-567-9463 | WEBSITE


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Sharrott Winery is open daily, so you can book your reservation whenever you visit. However, there is only a limit of 8 people per group whenever you want to schedule a visit, and they are open every day with varying operating hours each day.

Moreover, what is interesting about this winery is that they are consistent with their weekly event, which you can see when you look at their website to find out what the occasion is.

This award-winning winery is open the entire year so that you can plan your visit regardless of the season. You can also avail of their wine club membership, where you can enjoy many benefits and perks other than receiving your handcrafted wine package right on your doorstep at least 4 times annually.


10. 4JG Orchards & Vineyards

$$-$$$ | 908-930-8066 | WEBSITE


Unlike the other wineries and vineyards in New Jersey, the 4JG Orchards and Vineyards are open from Saturdays to Sundays from noon to 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

You can plan and schedule your visit with them, and the good news is that they can accommodate groups with more than 21 people. However, men and women under 21 years old are not allowed in the vicinity.

Either with or without the parents’ consent, no exceptions indeed. Check out their website to learn more about what they could offer, such as events and wine selection.


11. William Heritage Winery

$$ | 856-589-4474 | WEBSITE

One of the family-owned businesses that are also well-known in New Jersey is the William Heritage Winery. They had been in the industry since the late 90s.

William Heritage Winery has won awards for being the “Winery of the Year” twice. You can enjoy your visit by booking in advance and making sure that you get to try the various kinds of wine they offer through their tasting room.


12. Cape May Winery

$-$$ | 609-884-1169 | WEBSITE


The Cape May Winery is open every day from noon to 5 o’clock in the afternoon except every Saturday when they close at 6 o’clock in the evening.

Make sure to check out their website for some announcements and for booking your visit and events. You can also enjoy your stay with the food they offer while you try and enjoy your wine in their tasting rooms.


13. Hopewell Valley Vineyards

$$ | 609-737-4465 | WEBSITE

The Hopewell Valley Vineyards are open every day. However, the operation hours for their winery vary each day, so make sure to book your reservation in advance to ensure that they can entertain you and your friends and family once you get there.

They offer a wide selection of wines that you can try and purchase. Moreover, they can also accommodate you whenever you are looking for a place to celebrate, may it be a wedding anniversary, birthday, baby shower, or even a corporate event.


14. Working Dog Winery

$$ | 609-371-6000 | WEBSITE


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Working dog Winery is strict regarding the age of its visitors. They do not allow men and women younger than 21 years old, with no exceptions for children. They highly advise that you book your reservation in advance.

The winery is open only during weekends from 11 o’clock in the morning or 12 noon until 6 o’clock in the evening. Moreover, they have a wide selection of wine varieties you can purchase, ranging from red wines, white wines, sweet wines, and some from their cellar connections.

You can also visit and check the upcoming events on their website as you plan your visit.


15. Wagonhouse Winery

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The Wagonhouse Winery is also one of the go-to wineries in New Jersey. You can also book them as your accommodation for important events in your life, such as wedding celebrations, birthdays, baby showers, wedding anniversaries, and other corporate events.

You can also book your reservations to visit their tasting room and try out their various kinds of wines. What makes it unique about them is that they also support the Trauma Survivors Foundation.


16. Plagido’s Winery

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The Plagido’s Winery is among the many award-winning wineries also based in New Jersey. This winery is open with varying operating hours each day.

You can enjoy their wines by trying them out in their tasting rooms, which are offered every day from 11 o’clock in the morning to 4:30 o’clock in the afternoon. Check out their website to see their live music and events schedule.


17. Amalthea Cellars Farm Winery

$$ | 856-768-8585 | WEBSITE


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Amalthea Cellars has been in the industry for around 46 years, as the first-ever vineyard was planted in 1976.

They offer a wide selection of wines ranging from dry-red, dry-white, dry rose, semi-dry, sparkling wine, sweet wine, and so much more. You can also avail of their VIP membership to enjoy their perks and other benefits.


18. Autumn Lake Winery

$$ | 856-516-4594 | WEBSITE

Autumn Lake Winery is one of the recommended wineries to visit in New Jersey. Make sure to plan your visit by booking your reservation by emailing or calling them in advance. You can also find the do’s and don’ts guidelines and the kinds of wine they offer on their website.


19. Balic Winery

*$$ | 609-625-2166 | WEBSITE


The Balic Winery has been in the industry for around 56 years and has proven its worth by producing at least 27 award-winning premium wines.

This winery is open every day from 9 o’clock in the morning to 8 o’clock in the evening, operating hours every Monday to Saturday and 11 o’clock in the morning to 7 o’clock in the evening every Sunday.

Ensure that you visit their website to make some reservations and check out their upcoming events and festivals, which you may want to consider while you plan your visit.



When you plan to visit a tourist destination in New Jersey, remember to complete your itinerary with at least one winery.

New Jersey is well known for having many wineries in almost every corner of the state. Moreover, in nearly a hundred wineries, we have listed above 19 Best Wineries in New Jersey that you can visit with your friends and family.

Best Wineries In New Jersey

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