How to Hold a Wine Glass Like an Expert?

In-depth talks about wine need so much comprehension because it has a broad scope. There are various types of wines and wine glasses. Hence, there are also other ways to hold a wine glass.

This blog will discuss this broad topic and ensure that it is understandable for everyone, even if you are an apprentice or a pro.

Types Of Wine Glass

The first part of our blog will be about the different types of wine glasses. It is essential to understand these because they will help you to choose better glassware based on the wine you have.

If you don’t know yet, the choice of wine glass is crucial to maintaining the excellent quality of the wine.

Wine glass base on glass structure



Stemless wine glasses are the ones with no stem. These are the modern wine glasses seen in airlines, hotels, and bars. People like to use stemless wine glasses because they are easy and comfortable to grip.

Wines like Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose, Viognier, and Bordeaux are fine when poured and consumed in stemless glass.



On the contrary, stemmed wine glasses are ones with stems. These are the traditional wine glasses that everyone got used to. Stemmed glasses are typically present on formal occasions and parties.

Yet, people use this at home too. Experts say that stemmed wine glasses are better than stemless glasses because they can preserve the temperature and the quality of the wine.

Wine glass based on wine type

White wine Glasses


As the name implies, these glasses are used for white wines. These have smaller bowls, less curvy walls, and a small diameter.

Red wine glasses


Red wine glasses are more considerable than white wine glasses. The bowl is more extensive, and the rim is wider to let the red wine get mixed with more air. Red wines have bolder aromas; it is best to use glasses that will fit them.

Large wine glasses


These are also called goblet, burgundy, or pinot noir glasses. Large wine glasses suit aged wines because they have intense aromas. You can swirl the wine better in this type of glass, and the flavor will come out faster.

Champagne glasses


Yes, champagne is also a wine; you can serve it with a wine glass. Actually, wine glasses are highly recommended than authentic champagne glasses because they can release the aroma better.

What Is The Acceptable Way To Hold A Wine Glass?

The notion of having an acceptable way of holding a wine glass is not fundamental. After all, we all have different preferences. As long as it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, then it is acceptable.

The right question here is, “Is there a right way to hold a wine glass?” If you know the difference between the two questions, you should continue reading this article because there is.

The following parts of this blog will teach you to hold your glass of wine properly! Specifically, a stemmed and stemless wine glass.

Where And How Do You Hold A Stemmed Wine Glass?

You can grip your stemmed wine glass anywhere you want to. However, if you like to look more classy and sophisticated, you should know the parts of the wine glass that will make you look like it.

At the bowl


The bowl is the u-shaped part of the wine glass. It is an essential feature because it holds the liquid. If the bowl is too small, you cannot swirl it; if the bowl is too big, it might affect the aroma of the wine.

You can hold a wine glass underneath the surface of the bowl. The palm should be facing upward; it’s okay to have your palm close to the glass. Remember, this is only advisable if the temperature of the wine is too cold for you.

At the stem


Stem in wine glasses serves as the separator. Holding the stem is recommended by sommeliers grip a wine glass because the temperature from your hand will not reach the wine.

Hold the bottom part of the stem using your thumb, middle, and index finger to do this. Naturally put the other two fingers at the base.

You can also hold your wine glass in the middle, but ensure ample distance between your hands and the base.

At the base


The glass wine’s base is what makes it all stable. Although you are free to use it when gripping your glass, doing it might feel uneasy. The spilling rate is higher when you use the base, and people around you might feel uncomfortable too.

Nevertheless, if you prefer it, here’s how to hold a wine glass in the base. Put all four fingers, excluding the thumb, underneath the base. Then, press at the top of the base using your thumb– this will put pressure on the glass.

Watch the video because it can guide you:

Where And How To Hold A Stemless Wine Glass?

Since stemless wine glasses have no stem, the answer to this question is simple: at the bowl.

When using a stemless wine glass, you can hold it like a water glass. Grip the middle part of the bowl or the area where there is not much liquor. It is to prevent close contact.

Holding the wine glass in the bowl is not ideal. No matter how little the contact is, it will still affect its quality. In this case, we suggest you maintain a time interval when holding your glass.

For example, after you take a sip or two, put the glass back on the table. Please do not hold it for an extended period. By doing this, you will be assured that the temperature of your hands will not significantly affect the wine.

Also, holding the glass for a long time might cause numbness and exhaustion in your hands. We bet you don’t want that to happen!

Note, that you can hold the stemless wine glass in the base too, but it is not the best option since your hands and the wine will be in proximity. It is also crucial to avoid holding it near the rim.

2 Essential Things To Remember In Holding A Wine Glass

  1. You can hold a stemmed wine glass in its bowl, stem, and base. Yet, the most ideal is to grip it at its stem.
  2. You can hold a stemless wine glass in its bowl. However, ensure that you prioritize the least contact of your hand with the wine.

Why Is It Important To Hold My Wine Glass Properly?


Maybe, you are wondering what this fuss is all about if you can drink wine the way you want to. Well, that is not the issue because there are reasons why you should drink wine the right way.

Properly holding the wine glass has crucial effects on the wine itself. Hence, the quality of your wine-drinking experience will also depend on it.

Here are three reasons why you should hold a glass of wine the right way!

Temperature changes the quality of wine

We have been discussing the connection of heat from the hand to the wine since the start of this post.

The temperature of your palm will affect the temperature of the wine. The aroma, taste, and texture will change in this case.

Typically, wines are preserved in wine cellars at a specific room temperature because it affects how the wine will turn out. The aging of wine is dependent on the climate. The same case happens when serving the wine. It should be at its correct and perfect temperature to taste better.

Temperature can change your wine experience. That is why wine experts firmly believe people should hold wine glasses on their stems.

Better wine-drinking experience

Holding a glass of wine the right way will lessen the risk of spilling the liquor. We are sure you know how unsettling that experience is, especially if you are in a crowded room.

Another thing, holding the wine glass in the stem won’t leave streaks on the bowl. It is better to keep your glass clean at all times.


If you are in a formal gathering where all the attendees are classy, wouldn’t you want to be sophisticated too? Knowing how to properly hold a glass of wine will give you a good impression. Hence, it is crucial if you are in a business gathering.


We presented a lot of information for you to digest. The types of wine glasses differ in their structure and wine type. We also teach you how to hold a wine glass like an expert– both stemless and stemmed. Most importantly, you knew how essential it is to put this information into action.

Again, there is no acceptable way of holding a glass of wine, but there is a ‘right way’ that you should practice. Nevertheless, do what makes you comfortable as long as it won’t bother others!

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