23 Best Cherry Wine Recipes You Shouldn’t Miss!

If you’re a wine enthusiast, then this cherry wine recipe should be on the top of your list! This unique taste is full-bodied and sweet yet also tangy and bold. Plus, it’s unbelievably versatile. Whether it’s with meat dishes, Asian flavors, or pungent cheese(not to mention desserts)—you’ll find yourself in flavor heaven!

Unfortunately, you won’t find cherry wine at your nearby liquor store. Cherry wine is still relatively new and uncommon in the mainstream market—if you want to taste it for yourself, making it from home may be the best option!

Create your own cherry wine masterpieces with these 23 Best Cherry Wine Recipes! Start crafting unique and delicious blends today.

1. Classic Cherry Wine by Homebrew Answers


Let’s start this list with a classic cherry wine recipe that is easily customizable and offers the traditional flavor you love! With its simple preparation, what will be the delicious result?

A fruity and delicious beverage perfect for accompanying any meal. Let’s get started crafting your special glass of classic cherry wine today!

2. Homemade Cherry Wine

You can easily craft a delicious homemade cherry wine with just seven simple ingredients! This recipe is the perfect choice for beginner brewers – not only does the tutorial require common household items, but it’s also incredibly straightforward. Impressive results are practically guaranteed when following this easy-to-follow guide.

For instance, the tutorial recommends a potato masher for pressing cherries. It demonstrates terrific techniques to craft wine from your abode with ease.

3. Homemade Cherry Wine Recipe by Celebration Generation


Whether you choose fresh or frozen cherries, making your own Cherry Wine is a piece of cake! This guide will help you create it with very minimal effort. Making fruit wine may require a lengthy timeline, but the process is straightforward and can be done right at home with just a few essential ingredients.

So why wait? Start today, savor its sweetened taste in one year—the anticipation will be worth it!

4. Raf’s Homemade Wine

Are you searching for an enjoyable venture? Look no further than crafting your wine from the comfort of your home! This tutorial video shows how to make delightful Cherry Wine. Put it into practice today, raise a glass, and celebrate the fruits of your labor!

Despite its lengthy production timeline, crafting this fruit wine is surprisingly simple, with just a few essential components.

5. Cherry Wine by Practical Self Reliance


From the moment they blossom on trees to their rapid expiration, cherries are a treat savored during the cherry season in California for years. However, these delectable fruits seem to vanish as quickly as they appear!

In response to this dilemma, they were inspired to create a unique recipe for Cherry Wine that you can make and enjoy all year. Tart or black cherries are the ideal ingredients for unleashing your culinary imagination!

6. How to Make Fruit Wine (Step by Step)

Have you ever wanted to create and enjoy a batch of homemade cherry wine? If so, this video is here to help!

You don’t need any prior experience or knowledge – just follow the instructions in our guide, and within six weeks, you’ll have 1.5 gallons of your own delicious cherry wine ready for drinking! Moreover, this same process can be used with any fruit of your choice.

7. Laurie’s Rhubarb Cherry Wine

Laurie’s Rhubarb Cherry Wine

Ready to give your cherry wine an exciting new flavor? Try adding some rhubarb to this simple recipe! You’ll be amazed at the delightful results.

The delightful flavor of Rhubarb Cherry Wine is something special – an effortless country recipe that entwines two plentiful regional ingredients, rhubarb, and tart cherries. This homemade wine features a vibrant, fruity taste like no other!

8. Lazy Cherry Wine


On this adventure, we are crafting a simplified version of our world-renowned Cherry Wine to satisfy the demands of our most passionate fans.

Although slightly less precise than other recipes, this method is ideal for those exploring and experimenting with winemaking in its simplest form. If you’re hoping to guarantee repeatable results, however—then please refer back to more intricate recipes!

9. Cherry Wine Recipe by Brewsy


Cherries don’t just make for a delectable summer snack. They are also the perfect base ingredient to craft an exquisite fruit wine. If you’re searching for something that has a deep red hue and boasts robust notes of florals, tartness, and fruity sweetness — then your journey ends here!

In this recipe, we employ fresh cherries; however, a little tip: using 100% cherry juice will produce equally delicious results.

10. Three-Gallon Cherry Wine

If one bottle of cherry wine isn’t enough, then make a three-gallon batch! This easy-to-follow recipe will provide plenty of bottles for you and your friends – perfect for sharing around. With this recipe, you can create something truly special that everyone can enjoy.

11. How to Make Cherry Wine (with Pictures)


Home winemaking is straightforward and entertaining and an enjoyable experience with every sip. With their colorful appearance and mouthwatering taste, fruit wines make a great addition to any home bar – plus, you can use them in sauces, marinades, salad dressings, or even desserts! So why wait? Let the fun begin!

While crafting fruit wine may be a lengthy endeavor, the process is simple and feasible to carry out at home with basic ingredients.

12. One-Gallon Dark Cherry Wine

Are you a fan of the full-bodied flavor of dark fruit in your wine? Give this one-gallon dark cherry recipe a try!

This easy-to-follow guide is ideal for first-time vintners who are looking to craft their own delicious batch. Whether it’s just for yourself or you’re sharing with friends, this bold and flavorful concoction will indeed be enjoyed by all!

13. Browin’s Cherry Wine Recipe


When it comes to homemade liquors, cherry wine is the oldest and most traditional. This particular type of beverage can have an alcohol content of up to 16%, leaving a distinct flavor tantalizing your taste buds.

Additionally, cherries pair extremely well with blueberries, blackberries, and blackcurrants – so why not try making them yourself? Search for step-by-step instructions on creating robust yet semi-sweet varieties right in the comfort of your own home!

14. Sour Cherry Wine

The poster is trying their mom’s famous recipe for the first time. Made with sour cherries, follow them along inviting in this 21-day journey of making a delicious homemade sour cherry wine. Check out this video for tips!

15. Indian Cherry Wine


When it comes to cherries in India, you’ll find them on the tart side. To ensure that your experience with these fruits is perfect, search for freshly picked specimens that are firm and succulent.

If sour cherries are all that you have access to, don’t worry! You can still work with them and boost the flavor by adding extra sugar. We chose ripe but mildly sweet cherries to make our result sensational!

16. 1-Gal Cherry Wine at Home

Make your cherry wine in just a few weeks with this easy recipe! It’ll take hardly any preparation time, and you can enjoy the refreshing taste of homemade cherry wine. All it takes is 1 gallon to get started!

17. Easy Homemade Cherry Wine


Make the perfect cherry wine at home with Stoyanka’s foolproof tutorial! You can craft this delicious drink in just a few minutes using only four simple ingredients—including an unexpected twist: vodka. Now you have everything necessary to make that perfect glass of cherry wine right in your own kitchen.

18. The Ultimate Cherry Wine Recipe

If you’re a wine connoisseur, this cherry wine recipe is a must-try. Its complete yet tangy flavor profile will leave your taste buds wanting more, unlike anything else you’ve ever tasted. Make sure to give it a try at least once in your life!

19. Arishtam’s Indian Cherry Wine


If you’ve ever wanted to know how to turn the delectable cherry fruit grown in regions of India like Assam and Meghalaya into a heavenly white wine, then here’s your chance! Follow along with our step-by-step guide for making wine from stone fruits such as cherries.

20. DIY Black Cherry Wine

With these effortless steps, transform store-bought juice into a succulent, high-alcohol homemade wine! Some may call it ‘inmate’ or ‘ghetto’ wine, but the delectable results speak for themselves. So what are you waiting for? Create your own delicious drink today and begin to relish in its mouthwatering taste!

21. Cherry Wine


Ready to serve a wine that will impress your guests? Reach for cherries! This tart fruit lends itself perfectly to creating an exquisite summertime wine. Here’s our easy-to-follow guide on crafting cherry wine—so you can raise a glass and toast the night away in style!

22. 5-gallon Cherry Wine by Homebrewing


A single bottle of cherry wine is simply not enough for your special occasions. To ensure you are prepared, why not make a sizable batch yourself?

This 5-gallon recipe from Homebrewing will provide an abundance of homemade cherry wine – perfect for giving away as gifts or selling to generate extra revenue! Make sure you have plenty on hand when friends and family visit.

23. Romanian Cherry Wine


Create a unique and delicious beverage with Romanian cherry! All you need is water, sugar, and the all-natural ingredient -cherry. This 3-ingredient wine will bring you an enjoyable experience due to its low alcohol content achieved through natural fermentation alone.


No matter your experience level, these 23 Cherry Wine Recipes will have you savoring the delicious results of homemade wine in no time! You’ll be able to craft delectable drinks that rival even those created by experienced winemakers.

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