Why Does Wine Make Me Hot? (5 Reasons)

Drinking wine can come with a particular delight and another slew of feelings. One of these is an increase in the sense of heat from the body.

However, many of us don’t know the answer to Why Does Wine Me Hot? This article will tell you five reasons you need to know.

1. Alcohol Content in Wine


The first and most prominent reason for this increased feeling of heat is the alcohol in wine. Unlike some alcoholic favorites such as craft beer, wine tends to be on the higher end of the alcoholic volume.

On average, wine tends to have 12% to 15% ABV; this is much higher than the 4% to 5% ABV rate of craft beer.

This high alcohol content is the reason behind the sudden warm feeling after drinking wine. It affects the body in many ways, such as temperature, metabolism, and blood circulation.

Moreso, large quantities of wine can trigger the body’s defense mechanism. As the alcohol cannot be broken down and metabolized when it’s too much, your body will begin to remove the excess in your system.

This excess alcohol can lead to symptoms akin to fever. In turn, your body might feel hot and nauseous as it tries to eliminate the alcohol. You can feel as if your temperature is rising, and your body will be hot to the touch.

When it comes to drinking wine, the alcohol content is the most common reason your body feels hot afterward.

2. Metabolizing Wine


When it comes to metabolizing the alcohol in your wine, your body will work much harder. Unlike food or water, alcohol is harder to break down in the stomach. It means that your liver needs to work more than it usually does.

When the body needs to excel in the process, it needs to release heat through the skin. It results in sweat, flushness, and increased heat in the skin.

Alcohol is especially tough on your liver. As our stomach is not equipped to process alcohol, your liver is the one that’s going to break it down to be digested. This is also why you need to lessen your alcohol content if you have liver problems.

3. Alcohol Triggers Sweating


This reason still connects with our metabolism and body functions. When the body exerts some energy in the processes it undergoes, it will produce an excess of sweat. It’s also the process behind why bodies sweat when exercising.

Sweat production can make your body feel hotter after drinking wine. This is also due to reduced body temperature. As warm-blooded animals, we need to be on the hotter side of body temperature.

When your skin releases sweat, it tends to make your body hotter. However, it does not mean that your temperature is rising. Your body is keeping you from having a lower temperature.

4. Wine is a Natural Vasodilator


Vasodilator pertains to the chemical that triggers the widening of the blood vessels. This substance triggers faster blood circulation. Although it’s an administrative drug, vasodilators are also present in wines and other alcoholic beverages.

The dilated blood vessels aid with the faster metabolism of alcohol. However, a byproduct also increases the feeling of hotness in the skin. This is a widespread occurrence and does not cause any harm to the body unless it’s over a prolonged period.

Be sure to limit your intake of wine if you ever have problems with blood circulation. The natural vasodilator of the drink might cause not only hotness but also trigger health issues.

5. Alcohol Flush Reaction


This last reason is the cause behind why many Asians have a very flushed cheek after they drink some alcohol. Alcohol Flush Reaction, commonly known as Asian glow, is an effect caused by alcohol where the face and body become red and feel warmer than usual.

This phenomenon is widespread among those with East and Southeast Asian heritage. This is due to the lack of aldehyde dehydrogenase 2; a compound needed to process alcohol properly.

The body, in turn, cannot break down the alcohol properly, leading to symptoms such as flushness, hotness in the skin, and nausea.

If you are of Asian Heritage, this might be the reason why you’re experiencing your skin feeling warmer after drinking some wine. Alcohol can also lead to nausea if you are not careful.

Does Drinking Wine Increase Body Temperature?


The answer is no; alcohol does not increase body temperature. This is a common misconception throughout the world. However, it’s best to know that drinking wine is not a reason for your body temperature to increase.

Alcohol decreases your body temperature. When it releases heat, the body becomes colder. The general feeling of hotness comes from your body trying to maintain the average body temperature.

Along with reduced temperature, most people who drink large quantities of wine can also experience nausea, sweating, and vomiting. This can make the body feel warmer than usual as it tries to eliminate the excess alcohol in your body.

How to Decrease Body Temperature After Drinking Wine?

Now that we know the different reasons why your body is hot after drinking some wine, here are ways to aid that.

1. Go Somewhere with Better Ventilation

The general feeling of sweat and hotness can cause people to feel nauseous. To combat that, finding a place with excellent ventilation can be a perfect solution. It will help your body temperature to be back to normal.

2. Limit Your Wine Intake

Alcohol consumption is not that problematic in moderation. If you love to enjoy your wine without feeling hot and nauseous, then limiting your intake might be your answer. This will determine the adverse effects that might affect your body.

In Summary

There are many reasons to answer the question—why does wine make me hot? We hope these five reasons we presented hold the answers to your questions.

Whether genetics, sweating, or your liver, there is something to learn more about our body and how it interacts with wine.

Why Does Wine Make Me Hot

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