16 Common Wine Bottle Sizes Guide

Are you looking for a wine bottle sizes guide? Well, you came to the right place. We can help you with that! Today, we will discuss the different wine bottle sizes and help you get to know each one. By the end of this discussion, you do not have to be confused about the bottle size names any more!

What is a Standard Pour?


Before we go ahead and get to know the different wine bottle sizes, let us quickly discuss what a standard pour is.

When it comes to wine, a standard pour is 5 ounces. This number could change depending on the place and person serving the wine. However, to put us on the same page, we will stick to this number today.

The 16 Wine Bottle Sizes

1. Standard Wine Bottle Size


The standard is the most common wine bottle size. It holds 750ml of wine and has enough for five glasses. Generally, it is the most convenient choice among the different wine bottle sizes for several reasons.

As it is the most common bottle, it is easy to find. Additionally, as most wine racks use the dimensions of this bottle, it is easy to store. Finally, with its size, it is easy to handle.

It is best to get a standard for:

  • When you want to start a wine collection. Most – if not all – wines come in this size. You will not have a hard time with acquisition and storage.
  • This bottle has just the right amount of wine in it. Not too much, but not too little, either.
  • When you want wine. You will find this wine bottle size at any place that sells wine. The standard bottle size is an almost always available option.

2. Split or Piccolo

We discussed the standard first. However, it is not the smallest of the bunch, as that would be the split. This bottle holds around 187.5ml of wine. In other words, a quarter of the standard or a single serving and some.

It is best to get a split for:

  • When you want to try a wine before committing to it.
  • When you want a “travel-size” wine bottle.

3. Half Wine Bottle Size


As the name suggests, this bottle holds 375ml of wine. In other words, half of the standard. It has enough for two servings.

It is best to get a half for:

  • When you will be sampling wine with a companion.

4. Get To Know the Magnum

Next, we jump to the magnum, the next bottle size after the standard. It holds 1.5L or two standard bottles. With this bottle, you will get around ten glasses.

It is best to get a magnum for:

  • When you are having a few guests over.
  • When you have to travel to get a particular wine. This bottle size is still easy to carry but holds a considerable amount of wine to make the travel worth it.

5. Jeroboam or Double Magnum


The Jeroboam or double magnum offers 3L to 4.5L of wine. In other words, twenty to thirty glasses or four to six standard bottles. The exact numbers would depend on what wine is in the bottle. Generally, this bottle holds 4.5L. However, that goes down to 3L if it is housing sparkling wine.

This bottle shares a name with a biblical figure – king Jeroboam. However, it is not the only bottle size that shares a name with someone from the Bible. Despite that, it is a mystery why they do.

There are many speculations, but there does not seem to be a definitive answer. With that, as you read on, feel free to make your own guesses why the wine bottles have the names they have.

It is best to get a Jeroboam for:

  • Small gatherings of 15 to 20 persons.
  • Gifting to a wine lover. Casual wine drinkers might appreciate a Jeroboam. However, only a wine lover will likely truly recognize its value and beauty.

6. Get To Know the Rehoboam

Similar to the Jeroboam, this bottle holds 4.5L. In other words, thirty glasses or six standard bottles. However, unlike the previous bottle, this one seems to only be for sparkling wines.

It is best to get a Rehoboam for:

  • Small and lively meetings or parties. As this bottle holds a bubbly drink, it only seems right for it to be in bubbly assemblies too!
  • Introducing a small crowd to wine. Sparkling wines are one of the easiest to like. If you are the only wine lover in the group and want to share your love for the drink with your circle, you might want this bottle at your next gathering.

7. Imperial or Methuselah


Most wine bottles share their name with a king. Interestingly, this one does not. Instead, it shares its name with the oldest man in the Bible.

The imperial or Methuselah offers 6L of wine. In other words, forty servings or eight standard bottles.

It is best to get a Methuselah for:

  • Average-sized gatherings of wine lovers. Casual wine drinkers will likely be wowed by the size of this bottle. However, only wine lovers will likely truly recognize and appreciate your efforts in finding, getting, and sharing this bottle with them.

8. Salmanazar Bottle Size

This bottle holds 9L of wine or sixty servings. It is equivalent to twelve standard bottles. It is a whole wine case in a bottle!

It is best to get a Salmanazar for:

  • A substitute for a wine case. If you are not looking for variety, you might want to get a Salmanazar instead as it can give your wine a better aging potential.
  • Gatherings of 30 to 45 persons.

9. Get To Know the Balthazar


This bottle holds 12L or a whooping eighty glasses! In other words, sixteen standard bottles.

It is best to get a Balthazar for:

  • Large gathering of casual wine drinkers and wine lovers.

10. Nebuchadnezzar Wine Bottle Size

This one has 15L, which is around one hundred servings or twenty standard bottles.

It is best to get a Nebuchadnezzar for:

  • Large gatherings of wine lovers.

11. Get To Know the Melchior


This bottle holds 18L or one hundred twenty glasses (twenty-four standard bottles). Two cases in a single bottle!

It is best to get a Melchior for:

  • Wine Expos
  • Gatherings of 50 to 100 persons.

12. Get To Know the Solomon

The Solomon holds 20L. In other words, around one hundred thirty-three glasses or twenty-six standard bottles.

It is best to get a Solomon for:

  • A Wine Collection
  • Gatherings of 65 to 110 persons.

13. Sovereign


This bottle holds 25L to 26L or one hundred sixty-six to one hundred seventy-three servings. In other words, thirty-three to thirty-four standard bottles!

This bottle is one of the few not named after a biblical figure. Instead, it got its name from a ship!

It is best to get a Sovereign for:

  • Aging your favorite wine.

14. Goliath or Primat

The Goliath has 27L. In other words, one hundred-eighty serving or thirty-six standard bottles. You will be holding three cases with this bottle!

It is best to get a Goliath for:

  • Aging a hard-to-come-by wine with plans of selling it in the future for a profit.
  • Gatherings of 90 to 150 persons.

15. Midas or Melchizedek

The Midas or Melchizedek offers 30L, forty standard bottles, or two hundred servings!

This one is rare and hard to come by. Not only because of its size. It is also because it seems this bottle is only for Champagnes.

It is best to get a Melchizedek for:

  • Keeping and aging a rare wine. For some wines, it might be the last time they will taste exactly as they do. If you do not want to run out of it, you might want to get a Melchizedek of it.

16. Maximus Wine Bottle Size

Finally, we have the largest wine bottle on this list. This bottle holds around 130L of wine, eight hundred sixty-six servings, or one hundred seventy-three standard bottles! This bottle is so big, it is as tall as a human being!

It is best to get a Maximus for:

  • Showing everyone how much of a wine lover you are. Among all the wine bottles on this list, the Maximus is probably one – if not the most – difficult to get. If you get your hands on one, everyone will likely know you are a wine lover with one look at it!

Comparing the Different Wine Bottle Sizes

Name Volume Serving Size
Split or Piccolo 187.5ml 1
Half 375ml 2
Standard 750ml 5
Magnum 1.5L 10
Jeroboam or Double Magnum 3L to 4.5L 20 to 30
Rehoboam 4.5L 30
Imperial or Methuselah 6L 40
Salmanazar 9L 60
Balthazar 12L 80
Nebuchadnezzar 15L 100
Melchior 18L 120
Solomon 20L 133
Sovereign 25L to 26L 166 to 173
Goliath or Primat 27L 180
Midas or Melchizedek 30L 200
Maximus 130L 866

Final Words

Are you still looking for a wine bottle sizes guide? We hope not!

Today, we talked about the different wine bottle sizes, and we got acquainted with the 16 wine bottle sizes from the split to the Maximus. We hope we got to help you today in your venture to better understand wines and all there is to them!

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