What Wine Goes with Prosciutto? (White, Red, Sparkling, Rosé Wines )

Prosciutto is made from high-quality meat, which undergoes an intricately long process before ready to sell or eat. Due to this, people sell this meat at a high price; hence we cannot blame you if you want to savor every piece of it paired with the right wine.

If you are asking yourself what wine goes with Prosciutto, stop, and keep reading as we will answer that! Please do not waste your precious Prosciutto by serving it with wines that won’t enhance or balance its taste.

Introduction to Wine and Prosciutto


Prosciutto is an exceptional meat that should be paired with a wine that brings out its greatness. However, if you are not an expert, how will you know what wine goes best with this delicacy? What are the factors to consider in choosing your wine?

Generally, food and wine have different elements that should be considered while choosing the perfect pairing. In order to come up with the best pairing, we must consider these factors and how they will affect each other.

Elements of food to consider

  • Fat
  • Acid
  • Saltiness
  • Sweetness
  • Texture
  • Bitterness

Elements of wine to consider

  • Sugar
  • Acid
  • Fruitiness
  • Tannin content
  • Alcohol level

To have a deeper understanding of these essential components and how they affect each other, watch this short video, It also explains the 6 basic rules for wine and food pairing that you must know.

Going back, Prosciutto is often characterized by its saltiness and slight sweetness. It is also high in fat content; meanwhile, its texture is buttery and melts in the mouth. Always consider these qualities of Prosciutto, and you will have the best wine pairing.

Now, let us tell you the wines that go with Prosciutto and the reasons behind it!

What White Wine Goes with Prosciutto?


Sauvignon Blanc

When you ask sommeliers about the perfect wine pairing for a Prosciutto, most will probably say the famous Sauvignon Blanc. According to the basic rules of wine and food pairing, an acidic dish must be paired with a sour wine– we can apply that principle here.

“Prosciutto, while not acidic itself, pairs well with the acidity of Sauvignon Blanc. This pairing is ideal if you want to balance the richness and saltiness of the Prosciutto.”

Pinot Grigio

Another pairing to consider is Pinot Grigio and Prosciutto. This type of wine contrasts the flavors of the meat– they have different elements, which makes the meal not dull. Specifically, Pinot Grigio is known for being slightly acidic, fruity, light, and dry. Meanwhile, Prosciutto has a salty, sweet, and creamy element.

Pinot Grigio, being light and refreshing, can balance the saltines in Prosciutto. It is also a dry wine that lets the meat have the spotlight in terms of sweetness.


Chardonnay is another wine you should pair with Prosciutto if you want something that will not overpower the taste of this meat. Chardonnay is a full-bodied, dry wine that has moderate acidity. It implies that it will not add any more sweetness to the meal; instead will make it richer.


Gewurztraminer is a white and dessert wine variety that originated from Tramin, Italy. This Gewurztraminer wine guide states that this has a low to medium acidity level, dry to sweet sweetness, and low tannin. In pairing, ensure that you will get a dry version of Gewurztraminer.

What Red Wine Goes with Prosciutto?



Are you looking for an accessible red wine to pair with your Prosciutto? Try this Tuscan wine– Sangiovese!

This wine is perfect for Prosciutto as it is not sweet and has high acidity and tannin. Again, from the basic rules of wine pairing, acid is best with acid, while tannins are suitable for fatty dishes, just like Prosciutto. Plus, it has the right cherry fruit flavor, contrasting with the salty and buttery taste of the meat.

Pinot Noir (light)

Pinot Noir is a famous light-bodied red wine characterized by high acid levels yet low tannins. This wine is versatile and can add new flavors to the Prosciutto. But, mainly, Pinot Noir can balance the taste of this salty and rich meat.

Note that light Pinot Noir is the ideal pairing and not the full-bodied one because the former is much more refreshing to the palate, which helps you not to get sick of Prosciutto quickly.


Dolcetto is a wine from Italy that translates as “sweet little one.” However, do not be confused as this does not refer to the sugar content of the wine but to the hills where the grape is grown historically. That said, Dolcetto will not overpower the sweetness of Prosciutto.


Chianti wine undergoes a long fermentation process, making it a dry red wine with medium to high acidity. It is an excellent pairing to Prosciutto without adding many elements, only balancing the flavors.


It may come as a surprise, but Burgundy is also an excellent pair for Prosciutto. Red Burgundy is medium-bodied with tasting notes of cherries, adding a new flavor to the Prosciutto. This wine is also low in tannin but has a high acid level hence good for balancing the meat’s richness.

What Sparkling Wine Goes with Prosciutto?


Champagne or Prosecco

Champagne and Prosecco, while both being sparkling wines, they still have distinct traits that set them apart. They come from different regions, and their production involves different grape varietals and methods. Nevertheless, both are a perfect match for Prosciutto since they are carbonated, adding unique texture and flavor to salty foods.

Moreover, champagne is made using a different method than other wines called Methode Traditionnelle. This process is done by letting the wine undergo a second fermentation inside the bottle.

More importantly, this creates a nutty flavor to the champagne, which is a perfect pair for Prosciutto. Meanwhile, Prosecco can also balance the saltiness of Prosciutto since it is relatively acidic.


Franciacorta is a local sparkling wine from Northern Italy, made using a similar method to champagne but with different grape varieties. It is a dry wine match made to balance the sweetness of the ham. It can also contrast the fattiness and greasiness of Prosciutto.

What Rosé Wine Goes with Prosciutto?


Rosé Prosecco

Rosé Prosecco is a wine made from two different grape varieties– Pinot Noir and Glera. Its tasting notes, such as rose petals, strawberries, and a light hint of berries, will give the Prosciutto a refreshing taste.

Tavel Rosé

Tavel Rosé comes from a prominent wine region in Southern France called Rhône. It has darker hues than other Rosé wines because of the region’s grape variety and climate. Nevertheless, it is a dry wine that can offer warmth while drinking.

Its tasting notes include red cherry, nectarine, strawberry, and peach, with a hint of spices and almonds. Regarding acidity, Tavel Rosé is at a medium to high level.

What Fortified Wine Goes with Prosciutto?

Dry Sherry

Sherry is a fortified wine, but people often confuse it with a dessert wine. Although some sherries are indeed sweet, some are not, which should be your pairing for Prosciutto. Dry sherry is an excellent pairing with salty and sweet meat for a balanced taste.

Dry Madeira

Dry Madeira is made on an Island of the same name located in Portugal. This wine has different variations, which range from off-dry wines to sweet ones. Its medium to high acidity makes it a perfect match for Prosciutto, while its ABV content is over 15%.

Dry Mdadeira’s tasting notes, like walnut oil, burnt caramel, and hazelnut, could provide a refreshing taste when paired with the salty Prosciutto.

Can I Pair Dessert Wine with Prosciutto?


We gave you the best wine options you can get, from white to fortified ones. However, there is nothing we can do regarding dessert wines as these are not suitable for Prosciutto.

One of the basic rules in pairing wine and Prosciutto is to steer clear of sweet wines as these could overpower the flavor balance between the salty, savory prosciutto and the wine.

3 Best Ways to Serve Prosciutto with Wine

To end this very informative blog, we will drop the three best ways to serve Prosciutto along with their recommended wines! Stay with us, and one of these might end up on your dining table.

1. Prosciutto & Mozzarella

The first recipe is a classic Italian pairing of Prosciutto and mozzarella, which is also served with veggies and spices.

Making this is easier than you may think since this is just a sandwich-like dish. Pairing it with wine is not troublesome as well. You can savor the creamy and salty flavors of Prosciutto and Mozzarella with a dry white wine like Pinot Grigio.

2. Prosciutto & Melon

Prosciutto and melon– often served as appetizers, have always been a great combination that provides a summer and refreshing vibe. This is a straightforward recipe because you will only wrap the melon slices in a Prosciutto.

There’s plenty of wine that you can choose to pair with the sweet and salty taste of Prosciutto and melon. Among these are off-dry whites like Riesling, dry Rosé, and light Pinot Noir.

3. Prosciutto Pizza

If you want a very fulfilling meal to savor your Prosciutto, make this Prosciutto pizza and pair it with wines like Champagne, Chianti, Dolcetto, and Prosecco.

Champagne and Prosecco could cut through the richness of the meat, and they can also help with digestion. Meanwhile, Chianti and Dolcetto could balance the sweetness of Prosciutto because these are dry wines.

Final words

White wines like Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Gewurztraminer are a great pairing for Prosciutto. Red wines like Burgundy, Sangiovese, light Pinot Noir, Dolcetto, and Chianti are also on the list of choices. Moreover, Dry fortified wines, Rosé, and Sparkling wines can also enhance the flavors of your Prosciutto.

With all these choices, we hope that you can finally drop your worries about what wine goes with Prosciutto!


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