12 Best Wineries in Charlottesville, VA

Wineries are where the magic happens regarding the different types of wine you love. A good winery is important as it impacts the wine quality and the environment as a whole. If you are around Charlottesville, here are the 13 best wineries in Charlottesville, VA.

Wineworks Extended

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Wineworks Extended offers some of the best wine not only in Charlottesville but also in Burgundy. This branch resembles an extension of their other winery in Burgundy. When guests come to this winery, they are allowed to experience both their renowned wines from Virginia and his premium wines from Burgundy.

Everyone in the place is very kind and helpful, ready to assist you with whatever you might need. Most importantly, their wines are excellent, and they have an extensive list of options you can choose from.


The Wine Guild of Charlottesville

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The Wine Guild of Charlottesville is dedicated to providing wine drinkers with better wines to drink. They have fun events like wine-tasting events that you might enjoy. It’s a place where people can learn more about wines and taste better ones.

This winery offers not only good advice and wine but also a lot of fun experiences. The customers of this establishment are guided through Charlottesville’s extensive selection of wines from across the world. They offer great variety as well as quality. The prices are also good in correlation to the quality of your preferred wine.


Jefferson Vineyards

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Jefferson Vineyard is a pioneering commercial vineyard in Virginia which started as early as 1774. They have an incredible assortment of wine, and the view is breathtaking. It’s a perfect place to relax and sip a glass of wine, alone or with the company.

The employees at this winery are really helpful and courteous. They are ready to advise you in selecting the best bottle for your needs and preference. If you want to taste-test, they also offer this experience so you can have a try and decide on what wine is best for you.


Tastings of Charlottesville

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This place is a wine bar, a wine shop, and a restaurant that offers full service all rolled into one. With over 50 types of red and white wines, they have a spectrum of choices for you to look at and get to know. Tastings of Charlottesville is a locally owned and operated store that prides itself on the expertise of its employees and the personalized service it provides to each customer.

You can order a glass of wine to enjoy and order a bottle if you fancy bringing home more. There are about 300 different bottles of wine available, ranging from those produced in the region to those produced in Europe.


Eastwood Farm and Winery

$$ | (434) 264-6727 | WEBSITE

The Eastwood Farm and Winery is run by a family and is owned by a group of women. They produce various high-quality, award-winning wines, beers, and ciders. You can enjoy many things when visiting Eastwood Farm and Winery as they also serve a tasty menu of dishes.

They have three categories of menus to choose from: Bar and Veranda Menu, Terrace Bar Menu, and Food Truck Menu. There is a variety of food to enjoy along with your glass or bottle of wine. You can enjoy your visit by sitting down, and watching the serene and beautiful view while snacking and drinking their finest wines.


Gabriele Rausse Winery

$$ | (434) 981-1677 | WEBSITE


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This winery is a wonderful spot to visit because of the friendly staff, good wine, and relaxing environment. Because they are equipped with individual stoves in their yurts, it enhances the experience of being outside.

If you want to take your time off from the noisy city, this place is a perfect place to visit as it’s away from the commotion of the city and offers attractive opportunities for wine tastings. Gabriele Rausse Winery makes you feel like drinking wine and eating wonderful bread with friends. It’s indeed a hidden oasis! The place feels welcoming and, most of all, warm and hearty.


Trump Winery

$$ | (434) 266-9909 | WEBSITE


The entryway and the stunning surroundings are the first things that will catch your attention when you arrive. The amazing sights seen from this point are just splendid, and pictures would not express them enough. Trump Winery is also the perfect place to have lunch dates as they have good food on their menu to pair with your preferred wine.

They also offer a gift shop that sells various interesting and one-of-a-kind items to purchase as presents. This place has a lot of interesting spots to discover and enjoy, so you’ll have a blast visiting this winery.


Blenheim Vineyards

$$ | (434) 293-5366 | WEBSITE

There is never a bad time to visit wine tasting at Blenheim Vineyards because the staff is always friendly. This establishment also serves genuine and delicious Virginia wine.

Blenheim Winery is all about providing their customers with a pleasant experience by providing delectable wine, comfy sitting with umbrellas, and spaces with shade so that you can take a breather from the heat when visiting during the Summer.

Overall, the seating is excellent. You also have the option to make a reservation, giving you plenty of lead-up time to prepare for the experience. Because of the COVID safeguards taken, the location is also very safe and risk-free.


Meriwether Springs Vineyard and Brewery

$$ | (434) 409-1435 | WEBSITE

This family-run vineyard and brewery has been one of the best vineyards in business since 2013 and is continuing its legacy of serving the best in the area. The views from the location are breathtaking and pet and kid-friendly. They also provide live music, which is an incredible additional perk.

Enjoy an even more elevated and fun experience with their lovely and accommodating staff. It is a very relaxing and tranquil location to enjoy, so if you want to spend time outside and taste some wonderful wines, this is a great place.


Knight’s Gambit Vineyard

$ | (434) 260-9424 | WEBSITE

This place is a beautiful winery with all its wines made from estate-grown grapes. They have an impressive selection of wines and cheeses that you may enjoy while taking in the breathtaking scenery. The patio is open and airy, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air.

They also have incredibly comfortable chairs to provide the best comfort and experience. Their friendly staff and superb collection of wines will keep you coming back to experience and taste more.


Michael Shaps Wineworks

$$ | (434) 296-3438 | WEBSITE


This location is known for its well-balanced wines, made from grapes produced in France and on the estate itself. They have a personable, courteous staff that are knowledgeable about their products. And so, they provide suitable recommendations based on the preferences you share with them. They have some of the most fascinating, flavorful, and well-structured wines in the area.


Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards

$$ | (434) 202-8063 | WEBSITE

Both the grounds and the vistas at this location are breathtaking. As you explore the location, you will come across stunning barn buildings that have been well decorated and have a wonderful atmosphere.

Because reservations may only be made 30 days in advance, you should start making your plans as soon as possible. The cuisine was amazing and ideal for a glass of wine. This place is a pause, especially if you just had a stressful week.



Here are the 13 best wineries in Charlottesville, VA, if you are looking for a place to unwind after a busy week. Sometimes all you need is lovely scenery, a glass of good wine, and friends to keep you company after a long day. There are many options to assess what winery best suits your taste.

Best Wineries in Charlottesville

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