14 Best Wineries in Yountville, CA

Settled in the heart of Napa Valley Wine Country, Yountville, CA, is the ultimate destination for vineyards and wineries. It is the most fantastic place to relax, dine, and sip a glass of wine.

Are you looking for a genuine, one-of-a-kind premium wine experience? Explore these 14 Best Wineries in Yountville, CA, for your next wine adventure.

Handwritten Wines

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Established in 2009, Handwritten Wines has served its guests the finest wines for 12 years. For the best part, there are a lot of wine-tasting experiences you can check out. You could go for the Classic Experience, which features five wines alongside fluffa crackers and truffle potato chips.

The Bread-and-Butter experience also highlights five wines served with artisan bread, jars of butter, and cheese. If you’re interested, book a reservation now. Handwritten Wines is open from 10 AM to 4 PM from Monday to Friday.



$$ | (888) 242-6366 | WEBSITE


Do you like to go for a chill and relaxed night out? Come along, relax, and reconnect at Chandon. This winery in Yountville, CA, gained its reputation for creating award-winning wines.

Here are our food and wine combinations. Chandon gladly offers their guests “The Epicurean Experience.” In this wine tasting adventure, the lovely guests will experience Chef Juan Cabrera’s culinary delights featuring 5-course wine and food pairing.

But of course, you can make your wine selections according to your style. Go for an Adventure flight where wines are picked and customized according to your tastes.


Jessup Cellars Tasting Gallery

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In Jessup Cellars Tasting Gallery, you will realize that wine and art go hand-in-hand. Build from passion and hard work; this winery has been offering its fantastic wines for two decades. Over the years, Jessup Cellars established loyal customers for crafting and serving ultra-premium wines.

If it’s your first time swinging by this winery, they gladly present three tasting experience offers. You could go for Tasting Flights, where you got to taste three wines for only  $30 or five wines for an affordable price of $50.

But if you like to have sweets along with wine, try out their Chocolate Lovers Experience for $60.


Blankiet Estate

$$$ | (707) 945-0385 | WEBSITE


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Blankiet Estate has been creating extraordinary and world-class wines over the years. From the moment you see their winery’s portfolio, you’ll realize they have distinct wine collections.

You could try out their Bordeaux Right Wine Bank collection of best-selling wines. On top of that, you could check their Cabernet Sauvignon selections. This collection is known to be the darkest of all their wines.

If you like to experience a premium wine tasting experience, contact them and give them a heads up.


Silver Trident Winery

$$ | (707) 945-0311 | WEBSITE


Spotted in an elegant but wine-country, casual vibe, Silver Trident Winery has welcomed customers worldwide for premium wine tasting. Unlike the others, Silver Trident Winery is a small, boutique-like family winery creating 3,500 cases of wines a year.

Over the years, this winery has focused on producing single-varietal wines such as Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Pinot Noir. Today, they have a Tasting Home in Yountville, CA, where you can see a beautiful pairing of wines in world-class home decoration.


Hestan Vineyards

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Found in the heart of Gordon Valley, Hestan Vineyards produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, Petit Verdot, and Grenache.

Nowadays, they take pride in their tasting salon, exclusively open for reservations. On top of that, this winery creates top-notch wines. For a start, you could try their latest release of Hestan Wines, Stephanie and Vincent, Christopher, and Meyer wines.

Do you like to have the ultimate wine experience? We recommend trying their 2017 Hestan Chardonnay and 2017 Vincent Christopher Pinot Noir.


Hill Family Estate

$$ | (707) 944-9580 | WEBSITE

With the mission of sourcing the best grape from their vineyards, Hill Family Estate crafts high-quality, customer-friendly wines. This winery owns twelve different vineyards where they pick the best and finest fruits for their wines.

Recognized as a hidden gem in Napa Wineries, Hill’s Family estate wanted to create wines using sustainable and environmental-friendly farming practices.

You could visit this winery’s tasting room in downtown Yountville where you could explore a wide array of wine collections. They gladly accept walk-ins and reservations.


Hope & Grace Wines

$$ | (707) 944-2500 | WEBSITE

Since 2001, Hope & Grace Wines has been a thriving and booming winery in Yountville, CA. Nowadays, this winery is known to produce 3,000 cases every year. Pinot Noirs, Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Dry Riesling, and Chardonnay are specialties.

Enjoy the Hope & Grace wine collection with its warm and beautiful ambiance. Located in the charming town of Yountville, this winery is delighted to provide guests with intimate wine tastings. Explore their wine collection and book a reservation now.


Priest Ranch Wines Tasting Room

$$$ | (707) 944-8200 | WEBSITE


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With their sophisticated welcoming setting, Priest Ranch Wines Tasting Room gladly invites you for a tour. Come and experience a taste of unique, rare varietal wines like Brut Rose of Syrah and Grenache Blanc.

And if you genuinely enjoy red blends, this winery is the perfect stopover the next time you are in Yountville, CA. Their wines are made of locally made grapes from their vineyard in Somerston Estate.


Stewart Cellars-Tasting Room

$$$ | (707) 963-9160 | WEBSITE


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Stewart Cellars Tasting Room is a family-owned and operated winery in Yountville, CA. Today, this winery sources the best fruit and embraces the human touch’s power in every wine they make. On top of that, many of their wines come from a single vineyard.

To explore their wine collection, you can visit their Nomad Heritage Library, where you can have sophisticated wines over books. This winery is open daily for walk-ins and reservations from 11 AM to 6 PM.


Chanticleer Estate Wines

$$ | (707) 945-0566 | WEBSITE


Chanticleer is a boutique winery producing three premium wines from their seven-acre vineyard, including Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. In 2000, George and Caddy started this winery over small production but top-tiered, world-class quality wines.

Today, the art of crafting premium wines from the Chanticleer vineyard remains. Would you like to have a glimpse of their wine collection? Please give them a visit now. Chanticleer wines is truly a masterpiece.


Goosecross Cellars

$$$ | (707) 944-1986 | WEBSITE

Next on our list of best wineries in Yountville, CA, is Goosecross Cellars. Inspired by their love, dedication, and hospitality goal, this estate winery invites its guests to a beautiful tasting salon.

This winery slows time over a glass of wine with a breathtaking view. If you like to have the most outstanding wines in this city, swing by Goosecross Cellars. They have a massive selection of fantastic wines you’ll surely enjoy.


Hailstone Vineyards

$$ | (214) 870-4700 | WEBSITE

When you’re in Hailstone Vineyards, you’ve got to experience various wines in all seasons. Picking specific vineyards for their wine production makes Hailstone Vineyard extraordinary and different from everybody.

This winery in Yountville, CA, focuses on the ambiance wine creates. Do you like to have a glass of wine over great conversations with family and friends and good weather? Get the finest wines from different regions in Hailstone Vineyards.


Cliff Lede Vineyards

$$$ | (707) 944-8642 | WEBSITE

Here’s the last stop on our list of best wineries in Yountville, CA. In 2002, Cliffe Lede Vineyards specialized in creating wines from estate vineyards. This modern winery uses timeless techniques applying advanced technology to produce wines.

Their specialty wines include Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. And, of course, the crowd’s favorite white wines, such as Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir, and the most popular variety, Chardonnay, are also available. So, if you like white blends, Cliff Lede Vineyards is the ultimate go-to.


Final Thoughts

Yountville, CA, is the way to go for a leisure adventure of the wine tasting experience. You can take a trip to their vineyards or explore wine collections in a tasting salon.

Whether you like to have a cool glass of wine or pair it with bacon or desserts, there’s a place for you in California’s Wine Country. If you’re a wine enthusiast, you’ll surely love and enjoy these 14 Best Wineries in Yountville, CA.

Wineries in Yountville

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