14 Best Wineries in Fredericksburg, TX

It is satisfying to find a wine that suits your taste! For this post, we will talk about the 14 best wineries in Fredericksburg, TX. If you are unaware, this place is famous for its outstanding wineries. You can find plenty of them, so doing the research might be a hassle.

With that, we compiled the top wineries to save you some time. These are the ones that will not disappoint you.

Lost Draw Cellars

$$ | (830) 992-3251 | WEBSITE


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Lost draw cellars can give a memorable wine tasting experience. The wines are organic and local, so rest assured that these drinks are of the best quality. Despite being one of the leading wineries in this area, they are still committed to enhancing the flavors of their product.

They also offer snacks for you to enjoy while tasting their wines. The place is simple, and the staff is accommodating. It may be another reason you look forward to returning to this winery.


Pontotoc Vineyard

$$ | (512) 658-0023 | WEBSITE


If you want to sip wine while understanding more about history, then Pontotoc Vineyard might be for you! Their wines are rich not only with flavors but also with historical narratives. Visiting this place will be worth it.

The winery itself is cozy and guest-friendly. Pontotoc Vineyard has outdoor and indoor seating and can also accommodate customers in wheelchairs. The food they serve is also a must-try.

Here’s a simple trivia: the term Pontotoc denotes “Land of Hanging Grapes.”


Grape Creek on Main

$$ | (830) 992-3373 | WEBSITE

The grape creek has many affiliate branches, and not specifying them may confuse. The one included in this post is the Grape Creek branch on Main Street, Fredericksburg. It is the ideal spot for wine tasting among all their branches.

Guests may enjoy their wine in their tasting bars for 18 dollars. Meanwhile, there is also a taste & tour and private testing packages that you can enjoy for only 35 dollars.

Sipping a delicious wine while listening to relaxing live music is an experience we are all living for; Grape Creek on Main can offer that too!


Fredericksburg Winery

$$ | (830) 990-8747 | WEBSITE


Fredericksburg Winery is a family-owned business that has been operating since 1966. The owners take pride in promoting the beauty of Texas by naming their wines the authentic names and phrases from the country. It implies that the owners love Texas!

Their products are made from locally grown grapes, making them more flavorful and rare. Anyway, you cannot purchase their products in groceries or restaurants. So, if you want to taste them, you should visit their site.


Becker Vineyards

$$$ | (830) 644-2681 | WEBSITE


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At 20 dollars per person, people can enjoy the great taste of wine and beautiful scenery at Becker Vineyards. The tasting room in East Main Street, Fredericksburg, accommodates walk-in guests. But, if you are going as a group, you must make a reservation with more than eight people.

Becker Vineyards is one of the most prominent wineries in Fredericksburg. It has 10,000 square foot land and 74 tanks for fermentation. Their facility or building is another reason why people go to their winery.


Elk Store Winery & Distillery

$$ | (830) 997-2665 | WEBSITE


Elk store can offer you cocktails, wine, spirits, and edibles or food. They also have a public lobby where people can enjoy private and casual talks. This place is suitable for people who want to drink wine and bond at the same time.

Another feature the Elk Store has is its wall of wine– a collection of 100 globally known wine labels. They also have live music, television access, and outdoor seating. Elk Store Winery & Distillery has so many features that you can enjoy!


Safari Winery

$$ | (830) 998-5956 | WEBSITE


Safari Winery is another family business that caters to all wine needs. Journey is what it offers its guests– as the word safari means. Are you wondering how is that possible? Read the next part for the answer!

The owners of Safari Winery love to travel. Hence they decided to include their customers in their journeys by bringing new sets of liquors to the winery. Yes, their wines are imported.

You can start your wine tasting journey at Safari Winery!


Augusta Vin

$$$ | (830) 307-1007 | WEBSITE

The price list of wines in Augusta Vin is high compared to others on this list. But, we are sure that these are of the best quality. Regarding their facility tours, one person ranges from 25-30 dollars, depending on your package.

Augusta Vin has a classy atmosphere that is still children-friendly. They have a private parking lot and covered outdoor seating. Good thing they don’t let smoking inside the vicinity.


Fiesta Winery Fredericksburg

$$ | (830) 307-3328 | WEBSITE


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Fiesta Winery has four branches, including the one located in Fredericksburg. It is okay if you can’t visit their winery and only want to purchase a bottle of wine. They have over 200 retail partners in Texas, which makes the product accessible.

The wine they serve tastes good, and the staff is friendly. Wine varieties are wide, including white, red, sweet, and red wines. Overall, if you visit Fiesta Winery, you will have a great time. Like their motto, in every visit, you’ll feel like you are in a Fiesta!


Signor Vineyards

$$ | (830) 304-7446 | WEBSITE


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Signor Vineyards is a sixth-generation business owned by a family specializing in ranching, farming, and horticulture. The most famous wine they have is Signor Estate Tempranillo, while the best-rated one is Signor Estate Mourvėdre.

They have good food, live and entertaining music, and a welcoming ambiance. It is a sign that Signor Vineyards are committed to providing enjoyment to their guests.

You can visit and appreciate the view of the 200-acre land of Signor Vineyards. For more information, check their site and see the visitor guide the management prepared.


Fat Ass Ranch & Winery

$ | (830) 644-2300 | WEBSITE


Fat Ass Ranch & Winery is one of Fredericksburg’s cheapest yet great wineries. The wine tasting only costs 10 dollars per person. Not only that, you get to keep a logo glass for souvenirs.

Reservations are not a requirement if you like to go, but they operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, make sure to visit early.

Fat Ass Ranch & Winery regularly have special offers for their guests. Recently, a Sangria and Saturday Only special treats. The latter only costs 30 dollars.


Texas Wine Collective

$$ | (830) 997-7470 | WEBSITE

Do not be confused because there is Texas Wine Cellar too. However, this one in the list is the branch where most people visit. It also has an interesting founding story that you might want to know!

From the name itself, Texas Wine Collective was founded through the participation of three innovative and best wineries in Texas. The merging of these wineries alone makes the place worthy of a visit.

You can go to their wine tasting rooms from Sundays to Saturdays. But, if you like to listen to good music, visit them on Saturdays.


Heath Sparkling Wines

$$$ | (830) 304-1011 | WEBSITE

Heath Sparkling Wines is the first in Texas to produce sparkling wines. These wines are served carefully with small-bite snacks to complement the taste of the wine. This winery is an affiliate of the Grape Creek– one also included in this list.

For wine tastings, the price per person is 35 dollars. However, if you want to purchase a bottle of sparkling wine, it is only available at their wineries and if you are part of their club. They don’t supply any retailers because the product is limited.

Check their site for the guidelines when you like to visit!


Cross Mountain Vineyards

$$ | (830) 333-9931 | WEBSITE


Locate this winery in Downtown Fredericksburg. Cross Mountain Vineyards offers Italian wines and handmade pizzas. The ambiance at this place is relaxed and cozy. Moreover, the hospitality of the staff is outstanding.

Cross Mountain Vineyards is another winery that considers the affordability of the wine. Wine tastings only cost 20 dollars per person, and you can also avail of the glass wine, of which the least cost is 10 dollars.

The most famous wine at Cross Mountain is Montepulciano d’Abruzzo. Consider it if you’ll buy wine!



As we said, there are plenty of choices regarding the best wineries in Fredericksburg, TX. Some wineries promote local wines, while some import from different countries.

The prices are different too. From cheapest to expensive, the choice is yours! Moreover, we want to emphasize how availing a wine club membership will give you an advantage.

Lastly, always do further research if you visit one of these 14 best wineries in Fredericksburg, TX. Know that they all have various rules and guidelines!

Wineries in Fredericksburg

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