How Many Bottles Are in a Case of Wine? (Chart)

Are you wondering how many bottles are in a case of wine? Well, you came to the right place. Today, we will be talking all about wine cases!

You do not want your party to have a lack of wine. However, you also do not want to have too much wine and have it go to waste. As you can see, figuring out how much wine to get is a little like math, so you need all the variables. You do not have to worry, though. We will be helping you solve this math problem today, so let us go!

How Many Bottles Are in a Case of Wine?

How many bottles of wine are in a case could vary. There are a few factors to consider, like the bottle shape and size. However, there are three common answers to this question. We will focus on those three today.

A Case of Wine Can Have 12 Bottles


Often, a case of wine contains 12 bottles. This count is the standard. When you ask someone well-versed in wine or a wine shop, this is the usual answer. A case typically holds twelve 750 ml bottles, amounting to around 9 liters or approximately 2.38 gallons.

A case often has twelve 750 ml bottles of wine. That equals around 9 liters or 2.4 gals of the grape. [How Much Does One Case of Wine Weigh?] Typically, a serving of wine has 5 oz, so a case should be able to provide approximately 60 glasses.

A Case of Wine Can Have 6 Bottles


On the other hand, a case of wine can also only have six bottles. This answer is a little more complicated than the first one.

When a case only has six bottles, you want to clarify the volume of the wine. While some only have six bottles, they are at 1.5 liters each. Technically, you will still get 9 liters of wine with this one. On the other hand, the bottles could still be at 750 ml.

Still, it could be it is not only the number of bottles that have been cut in half but the volume too. In this case, the case will have six 375 ml bottles. To put things in terms of servings, a 6-bottle case can provide as little as approximately 15 to as many as 60 glasses.

A Case of Wine Can Have an Indefinite Number of Bottles


Finally, there are times when there is no telling how many bottles are in a case until you see the exact one in question. Among the three, this one might be the most uncommon, though.

As we have said earlier, wine bottles come in different shapes and sizes. When a bottle size becomes more than the standard size, say the jeroboam and the rehoboam, there is a greater possibility a case of it will have less than the standard of 12 bottles.

You should not be surprised that it is possible to have only two bottles of wine in a case.

On the other hand, while you may not be sure of the number of bottles in a case, sometimes, you can be sure the contents will amount to 9 liters of wine. This one might be one of the few instances you might get more bottles than the standard 12. However, keep in mind that in this case, there are probably more split or half bottles in the case.

Comparison Chart


To better help you visualize all of that and help you decide what or how many cases to get, let us take a look at this table:

Case 12-Bottle Case 6-Bottle Case (Large Size) 6-Bottle Case (Standard Size) 6-Bottle Case (Half Size) 9-Liter Case


Number of Bottles 12 6 Large Bottles 6 Standard Size Bottles 6 Half Size Bottles Unspecified
Volume 9 Liters 9 Liters


4.5 Liters 2.25 Liters 9 liters
Number of Servings


60 60 30 15 60

As we have said above, you do not want too little or too much wine. You can refer to this table in deciding what or how many case(s) to get. Keep in mind that it is rare to get less than 2.25 liters or more than 9 liters of wine from a case.

If you need more, getting another case might be ideal. However, if you still need more or less wine, it might be ideal to consider getting other bulks like a box if you need less or a barrel if you need more.

Why Should I Buy a Case of Wine?


We now know how many bottles of wine there are in a case. Before you go, here are some other things you might want to know about buying a case of wine.

The Discount

Some might argue that it is better to buy individual bottles of wine, thinking that the cumulative price will be the same as the case. Right? Wrong!

You will get the same amount of wine for a lower price if you decide to buy a case. You can get as much as 20% off this way! However, of course, that is only an estimate. Every wine shop will likely give different discounts, after all. Even if you do not get the exact 20% off, you will likely still get a pretty good deal!

The Variety

You can get a case of various wines! You can get some red, white, or even sparkling wines. You will likely be more able to accommodate everybody’s taste buds this way. You can take your pick or if you trust your local winery, you might even want to ask them to surprise you!


Are you still wondering how many bottles are in a case of wine? Hopefully, not! Today, we answered this question and discussed that often, a case has 12 bottles. Sometimes, it only has 6, though. Still, occasionally, it could be there is no telling.

We hope we can help you with your wine concern. Feel free to give us a visit again if ever you have more! That is all from us for now. Cheers!


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