How Much Does One Case of Wine Weigh? (Chart)

Whether you’re a wine lover, a wine collector, or a restaurant owner, you will experience ordering a case of wine. One of the first queries in your mind would be, “How much does a case of wine weigh?” This article will answer this query and provide more information about wine bottles and wine case weight.

What is the weight of one bottle of wine?


Before going into how much a case of wine weighs, let’s go into the weight of the bottle. Knowing more about the bottle’s weight will lead to a better understanding of the case’s weight.

How much does one full wine bottle weigh?

An average full wine bottle contains 750 ml of wine. It tips the scale at 2.65 pounds. The amount of wine it usually has weighs 1.65 pounds. Some glass bottles can be heavy, contributing to almost half the total bottle weight.

How much does an empty wine bottle weigh?

An empty wine bottle’s weight usually depends on its design, glass quality, and bottle size. If you pour out all the contents, you would be left with an almost 500-gram bottle. However, some wine bottle weights range from 300 to 900 grams.

Given that a full wine bottle weighs 2.65 pounds and the wine inside weighs 1.65 pounds, the weight of an empty wine bottle is approximately 1 pound.

How heavy are the different wine bottles?

Did you know that wine comes in many weighs and sizes? Understanding the different sizes and their weight can help you decide when ordering your liquor. You can factor in the individual weights of these bottles when computing shipping fees.

Here’s a chart outlining the weight of various wine bottles.

Type Weight Equivalent to
Piccolo (Split bottle) 0.66 lbs.
Half (demi-bottle) 1.32 lbs. 2.5 wine glasses
Half-liter 1.76 lbs. 3 wine glasses
Standard 2.65 lbs.
Liter 3.53 lbs.
Magnum 4.64 lbs.
Double Magnum (Jeroboam) 10.6 lbs. 4 standard bottles
Rehoboam 16 lbs. 6 standard bottles
Methuselah (Imperial) 21.2 lbs. 8 standard bottles
Salmanazar 31.8 lbs. 12 standard bottles
Balthazar 42.4 lbs. 16 standard bottles
Nebuchadnezzar 53 lbs.
Melchior 63.6 lbs. 24 standard bottles
Solomon 70 lbs. 26 standard bottles
Sovereign 92.75 lbs.
Primat 95.4 lbs. 36 standard bottles
Melchizedek 106 lbs. 40 standard bottles

Here’s a video guide explaining the wine bottle weights further.


What is the weight of one case of wine?

A typical case of wine has 12 standard bottles that weigh 2.65 pounds each. Therefore, a case with a dozen wine bottles weighs 31.2 pounds (14.5 kg). It is important to note that the bottles alone contribute almost half the total weight.

Factors such as the weight of the cork, labels, and the case itself will add to how heavy everything will be.


How many bottles are in one case of wine?

A standard case in the US has 12 bottles containing 750 ml of grape wine each. [How Many Bottles Are in a Case of Wine? ]

How much does an empty wine case weigh?

When computing the shipping or delivery fees, you need to factor in the wine case’s weight. It is also a consideration when storing or piling up your wine cases. A standard wooden case weighs five to ten pounds.

How much does a wine cork weigh?

One cork weighs around 0.02 pounds.

What is the total weight of one case of wine?

If you factor in the weight of the full bottles, the wooden case, and the corks, the result is 38.6 pounds.

The formula for this computation would be:

(12 bottles x 2.65 lbs. per bottle) + (12 corks x 0.02 lbs. per cork) + 5 lbs. case weight = 32.18 lbs.

You may round it off to 39 to 40 pounds to include the weight of labels and other protective packaging materials.

How heavy is a box of 6 bottles of wine?

A case of wine weighs 32.18 pounds. Half a case of the exact wine would approximately weigh 16.09 pounds.

A Quick Glance at How Much One Case of Wine Weighs

Description Weight in pounds Weight in kilograms
1 empty 750-ml bottle 1 lb. 0.450 kg
1 full 750-ml bottle 2.65 lbs. 1.2 kg
1 cork 0.20 lbs. 0.09 kg
1 wooden case 5 lbs. 2.3 kg
12 bottles of wine 31.2 lbs. 14.15 kg
Total weight of one case of wine 38.6 lbs. 17.5 kg

Can I buy many cases of wine?


Yes, you can order several cases of wine. It pays to know how to order in bulk if you own a big liquor store, a bar, or a restaurant. It is essential to consider the economics of having them shipped or delivered. Remember that the heavier the truckload, the more fuel it needs.

Knowing the terminologies such as pallets and containers will help you negotiate with suppliers and freight services.

You will also need to consider how manufacturers group the wine cases into pallets for proper storage. Stacking the wine cases without considering their weight can break the bottles.

How many wine cases are in one pallet?

One pallet of wine typically holds 56 wine cases, but this number may vary depending on the pallet and case sizes. Each case contains 12 bottles of 750-ml standard grape wines.

How much does one pallet of wine weigh?

If each case weighs 32.18 pounds, then the total weight of the pallet would be 1,801.08 pounds. A pallet of Chilean wine would be heavier by roughly 900 pounds. Think of these numbers when computing the transportation cost.

How many “6 cases” are in one pallet?

Suppose you want to create layers of six 750 ml bottles (6 x 750 ml). It would be best to double the number of cases instead of bottles. However, arranging them in five layers would be the safest option. The resulting pallet arrangement would be five layers of 28 cases, and you’ll get 140 cases of 6 x 750 ml bottles.

How many wine bottles are in one pallet?

As mentioned earlier, one pallet holds 56 cases of wine. So a pallet has 672 bottles of a standard-sized wine.

How many cases of wine does one container van have?

It’s essential for wine distributors, importers, and exporters to know how many cases of wine can fit in one shipping container. It can help them decide how many cases to order and how much they must spend on shipping.

A 20-footer container can hold around ten pallets or 800 cases. On the other hand, a 40-footer container can typically transport 20 pallets, equating to approximately 1120 cases.

What are the pros and cons of ordering wine by the case?


If you’re considering buying wine by the case, it would be best to know its pros and cons. It will help you decide if it’s worth investing in a case for business or personal use.

What are the pros of buying wine by the case?

Buying wine by the case is an excellent idea for the following reasons:

  • They’re great for significant events such as weddings and big parties. If you have many wine drinkers on your guest list, ordering in bulk is the best way. You can even make a mixed case by combining different types of wine. Doing this can cater to your guests’ various preferences.
  • You’ll get great discounts when you buy wine in bulk. Some wine shops give 10 to 15% discounts when you buy cases of wine. If you own a business, this discount can significantly increase your profits.
  • Buying cases of wine allows you to discover a wine’s aging potential. Some wine enthusiasts buy a case, store it in a cellar, and open one bottle every few months. You can try this on age-worthy vintage wines from Burgundy and Bordeaux vineyards. Tasting wines this way can allow you to observe how the wine’s notes, aroma, and flavor profile progress over time.
  • Having a case at home will allow you to have ready stock in case there are surprise visitors. You will always have a bottle prepared if you want to unwind or celebrate something.

What are the cons of buying wines by the case?

Before buying cases of wine, please remember the following disadvantages:

  • You will need a cellar to store your purchases. A case of wine contains 12 bottles, so you need a place to keep them away from sunlight and heat. Unfit storage places can turn your wine terribly quickly.
  • You may be racking up unnecessary expenses. A case of wine can go from $100 to $500, so if you’re not prepared for it, you might go over budget. You might regret this significant purchase later.


Are you planning on buying wine by the case? You may be wondering, “How much does a case of wine weigh?” Perhaps you’re worried if you can transport it without any help. Whatever the reason, it’s great to know you have the answers right at your fingertips with this article.

How Much Does One Case of Wine Weigh

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