How to Drink Wine Properly: A Guide for Beginners

Whenever you go out to fine dining, there is a massive chance that you will be offered to drink wine with your meal. For beginners, one of the most challenging things to do is to figure out how to drink wine properly. Check this article to find out how to do so.

Learn to Differentiate Wine Types

Before you learn how to actually drink wine properly, you should know how to differentiate the different types of wine first. Understanding this can be crucial for every beginner, so they’ll know exactly what they need to drink a specific wine type.

White Wine


White wine is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a refreshing drink before, during, or after your meal. This light-colored alcoholic drink is made from fermented skinless grapes that produce its yellowish color. It is also mainly used for cooking because of its acidity, ability, and aroma.

Red Wine


Red wine is the most common type you can find. It is made from dark-colored grapes, which give it red color. Some experts say that if you drink red wine in moderation, it can have a positive effect on your overall health.

Rose Wine


Another type of wine that not most people may know about is the Rose Wine. This wine variation is produced similarly to red wine but with a shorter period, giving it a pinkish color. The Rose wine’s pretty color makes it a refreshing summer drink. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but it’s also proven to be a healthy drink.

Sparkling Wine


Over here, we have the sparkling wine, the fizziest one of them all. It is caused by the significant carbon dioxide content in the drink, and it is usually light in color. This type of wine was initially rejected as the bubbles were considered a malfunction in making wine but is now acknowledged along with its benefits.

Orange Wine


The last type of wine on our list is the intense-tasting Orange Wine. While it’s a common misconception that this type of wine is made from orange, it’s actually made from the same grapes used to make white wine.

Tasting and Swirling

Suppose you’re dining at a restaurant with a sommelier. In that case, it’s better to talk to them first so that you can have an idea of what the restaurant offers regarding wine selections.

Most of the time, there will be some already open wine bottles that you can have a taste of (If your bottle of red wine is still unopened, don’t worry even if you don’t have the appropriate tools with you, this article will help you), and they’ll be glad to assist you in finding the best wine choice for you. Take some time to check each one and ensure you taste it well enough.

Once you have picked out a bottle of wine, it’s time for you to actually start your wine-drinking experience. Upon receiving the wine bottle, you first need to pour an ounce or two into your wine glass.

This will give you a gist of what the wine tastes like before you pour yourself a drink. Take small sips and familiarize yourself with the aroma and flavor.

After you’ve already gotten the hang of it, you can pour yourself a glass. Ensure the glass isn’t filled to the brim as it will only spill over. The trick here is to make sure that you keep swirling the wine glass so that the air can quickly come in contact with your drink.

The more air comes into contact with your wine, the more the aroma will intensify. As you swirl your glass, take a whiff and let that beautiful aroma tingle your senses.

Drinking Wine

Now for the exciting part, knowing how to properly drink a glass of wine. Since you already have an idea about your wine with the few taste tests you’ve had, there are other things you need to do correctly to get the best experience.

First, you should hold the glass appropriately, depending on the wine you’re using. Traditional wine glasses usually have stems, whether they are long or short, so make sure that you hold them well.

Do not put your hands directly on the base of the glass since it can warm up the wine fast. Use your thumb and index finger to hold the stem while lightly supporting the base with the rest of your fingers.

A new trend of stemless wine glasses has come to the surface, and they are much better to use than the traditional ones. You can hold this type of wine glass anywhere you like, just like holding a regular glass. This will help you get a more casual look with your wine without having problems warming it up or keeping it wrong.

When drinking wine, it’s always a must to not gulp it down. You would have to sip it slowly to taste the wine better. Once you’ve finished a glass, you may want to switch it out with other types to get a better feel of what you want to drink. If you plan to do this, start with a glass of white wine before trying out the reds.

Helpful Tips

Now that you know how to properly drink wine, it’s time to give you some helpful tips you can use when it comes. These tips will help make your life easier and give you the best experience possible. Without further ado, check out these tips below.

Choose the appropriate wine glass

When drinking wine, you must choose the most appropriate wine glass for the specific type of wine you’re drinking. You may think there is only one type of wine glass, but there are many. Choosing the right wine glass can enhance your wine drinking experience.

Suppose you’re planning to drink white wine. In that case, narrow wine glasses are better suited so air cannot quickly enter and decrease its concentration.

On the other hand, more oversized wine glasses are required for red wines so that oxygen can soon come in contact with it and enhance their aroma and flavor. The type of glass used for rose wine may differ depending on how mature the wine is.

Drink wine at the right temperature

Since we’ve discussed the appropriate type of glass for each wine variation, it’s understandable to say that there is also a specific temperature to be followed before you drink your wine. Technically speaking, each wine type should be served at its temperature to enhance its aroma and flavor.

You can drink red wine the best when it is served between 12 to 18 degrees Celsius, while white wine is best done between 5 to 8 degrees Celsius. The other types also differ in drinking temperature, so check it out first.

Choose the right food to pair your wine with

Of course, you can’t have a proper wine-drinking experience if you don’t choose a meal that’s appropriate to pair with it. There are many food combinations out there that you can choose from depending on the type of wine you choose to drink. If you want to know more, you may check out this video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve almost reached the end of this article, so let’s settle the topic with some of the most frequently asked questions. While we made sure to include everything you need to know above, some other questions might be lingering on your mind, so we’ll answer that in this section.

How to figure out which wine to choose at a restaurant?

If it’s your first time choosing wine at a restaurant, there are many ways that you can pick out a bottle. Each restaurant has its own set of wine selections that you can choose from, so it’s essential to be knowledgeable. Quickly scan the whole wine list and check if there’s something that you’re familiar with, to say the least.

For beginners, you can also ask the waiter or sommelier for recommendations on the best wine choice for your meal. You may also include information such as the budget to give them a more special offer for you.

Do older wines taste better than younger ones?

The concept of vintage wines does not always mean that they would taste great. The different types of wine are better served at their respective ages. For example, red wine tastes better when left to mature for 3 to 5 years or more. On the other hand, white wine is usually served in less than 2 years to ensure that it still has that flavor and aroma you’d be looking for in white wines.

Some wines can also be aged for more than 20 years, so it is still better to be knowledgeable about a particular wine type; don’t forget to read your wine bottles for more information on what you are drinking.


Once you reach this point in the article, you should be prepared to bring out your best glass and savor the rich aroma of the wine. We hope you were able to learn how to drink wine from us and make sure to share this with your friends who are beginners too.


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