20 Wine Slushies Recipes

Kids often enjoy having fruit slushies, but how about young adults and adults trying to survive the scorching hot summer on a Friday night?

Do not worry because we have got you covered! You can enjoy your chill Friday night with an alcoholic drink that still refreshes you! Learn how to make and enjoy these 20 wine slushies recipes.

1. Three Ingredient Wine Slushies – by Simple Joy


This wine slushie recipe by Simple Joy is relatively easy to follow as you only need three ingredients to achieve your new favorite summer cocktail that you can enjoy on a Friday night with your friends after an exhausting work week.

This recipe is quite exciting because you can use any fruit as an alternative other than strawberry. As the recipe title implies, you only need white wine, any frozen fruit, and a simple syrup which you can buy in a local grocery store or make your own.

2. 3-Ingredient Berry Wine Slushies by Divas Can Cook

Wine slushies addicts, this 3-ingredient Berry Wine Slushies recipe by Divas Can Cook might become your new favorite. Preparing this does not take much time, and you will never have difficulty looking for the ingredients.

This mixed berry wine slushie recipe only needs different kinds of berries, sugar, and a bottle of wine! Put them all together in your blender, mix them very well, and then put them on your ice cubes and freeze them for at least an hour.

Take it out and blend it again, then there you have it!! You now have your berry wine slushies! Quench that thirst in an adult manner! Put on some berries as toppings!

3. Easy 3-Ingredient Peach Moscato Wine Slushies by Unsophisticook


As we get older, it somehow gets tiresome to have the regular refreshers that we had back when we were kids. Thus, sometimes we look for something exciting that will surely satisfy our adult taste buds, including this easy 3 ingredients peach Moscato wine slushie recipe by unsophisticook.

This can be made at home and is quite an exciting activity with your special someone or friends to enjoy a Friday chill night!

All you need are Moscato wine, a few frozen peaches, and confectioner sugar to add a little sweetness. Blend them well, but don’t forget to add some ice, then voila! You now have peach Moscato wine slushie!

4. DIY Wine Slushies Recipe by Rachael Ray Show

This DIY Wine Slushies Recipe demonstrated in one of the many episodes of Rachael Ray Show only takes a few minutes to make!! This approach is quite different from the usual ones, but it is effortless and time friendly, especially when you crave some regardless of the time.

All you need is to have any frozen fruit juices that are in the form of popsicle ice creams. Put it in a wine glass, and then pour in some wine! You can mix them well until the frozen popsicles melt, then there you have it! Enjoy your DIY wine slushie!

5. Wine Slushie Recipe – The Salted Pepper


You can try this slushie wine recipe by The Salted Pepper at home as long as you have all the necessary ingredients and equipment to make some. This wine slushie is a perfect refresher on a hot summer Friday evening since it has alcohol content.

You can enjoy binge-watching your favorite Netflix series while drinking this summer cocktail.

The ingredients you need include 2 cups of either red or white wine, depending on your choice, 2 cups of ice to be crushed together in a blender, and 1 cup of frozen fruit of your choice may it be blueberry orange or strawberry lemon.

This recipe highlights a combination of two fruits in one slushie recipe.

6. Easy Wine Slushie Recipe by Joel James

Are you getting bored with drinking just wine? Be adventurous and try something new, just like this easy wine slushie recipe by Joel James.

You can use any type of wine, depending on your preference. All you need are a few frozen wine glasses, a blender, different frozen fruits such as strawberries and blueberries, and the wine of your choice.

Then mix the ingredients well together. You can make a pineapple wine slushie on the topmost layer and repeat the same steps! Once done, you can now enjoy drinking your wine slushie. Make it more presentable and Instagram-worthy for taking a photo with!

7. Strawberry Wine Slushy Recipe by Dine Dream Discover


Are there any strawberry lovers out there? You will absolutely love this strawberry wine slushie recipe by Dine Dream Discover.

This is a perfect refresher for a very tiring day doing some household chores. This recipe only needs at least 3 tablespoons of sugar, but you can add more depending on the sweetness level you prefer.

Though, unlike another slushie recipe, this one needs 6 ingredients to successfully make a strawberry wine slushie that your tastebud will always crave for.

All you need are white wine, sprite, ice cubes, sugar, lime juice, and some frozen strawberries. Blend them well together, and there you have your perfect thirst quencher!

8. Tropical Wine Slushies by Simply Real Moms

The best thing to beat the heat is to drink something refreshing, but it gets a little too dull if you taste the same thing repeatedly. So why not try something unusual that is perfect for an adult tastebud, right? Why not try some alcohol like wine?

Thus, these Tropical Wine Slushies by Simply Real Moms are easy to make! All you need is to get your favorite brand of wine or a bottle of Moscato.

Do not forget to buy some frozen pineapples, mangoes, and peaches so you will not have to put in some ice cubes. Put them all together in a blender, and make sure to blend them well! Once done, pour it into a glass of wine and enjoy!

9. Watermelon Wine Slushie Recipe by Boulder Locavore


Do not worry, watermelon enthusiasts, because we have also prepared a watermelon wine slushy recipe by Boulder Locavore. Thus, if you love watermelon and quite enjoy drinking liquors then this recipe is perfect for you!

Quench your thirst by making this summer party cocktail on a hot summer day. You need at least 7 cups of fresh watermelon, a 750ml bottle of white wine, and ice cubes. Put them all together in a blender and mix them well.

10. Strawberry Peach Wine Slushie by HGTV

Enjoy this Strawberry Peach Wine Slushie by HGTV while binge-watching the trending Netflix series on a Saturday chill Saturday night that is best paired with some nachos or popcorn.

All you need are some frozen peaches, a bottle of white wine, and some frozen strawberries. Then, pour half of each slushie you made, and you now have an ombré-like slushie. Cheers to your Strawberry Peach Wine Slushie!

11. White Wine Slushie by Princess Pinky Girl


No time to prepare for a party cocktail because your best friends are already near your home? Do not worry because this white wine slushie recipe by Princess Pinky Girl only takes 5 minutes or more, depending on the number of glasses you prepare, but it will satisfy your guests’ thirst!

You can mix different fresh fruits if you want to experiment, but for starters, you can use frozen strawberries and frozen pineapples, some ice cubes, and the sweet white wine of your choice; then you are done! Your party cocktail white wine slushie is now ready to serve!

12. Raspberry Red Wine Slushie by Tipsy Bartender

Taylor Swift once said, “Loving you was red!”. This Raspberry Red Wine Slushie recipe by Tipsy Bartender does not take much time to make as long as you have your preferred red wine, sugar, iced cubes, and some raspberries, then blend them well together.

Now, you have your bloody Raspberry Red Wine slushie ready to be poured into a wine glass! Stay tipsy, sweetie!

13. Peach Wine Slushies – Tornadough Alli


Thinking of how to satisfy your thirst on a Friday night in a unique way? We got your back because this peach wine slushie recipe by Tornadough Alli is relatively easy to make and will not make you wait for a long time. Just a few ingredients are needed then you are good to go.

All you need are white wine, some frozen peach slices, mint sprigs, fresh peaches for garnish, and crushed ice for extra coldness. Blend them a little, and now it’s ready to serve!

14. Friesling Wine Slushie by The Wine Wankers

Beat the summer heat with some Friesling Wine Slushie by The Wine Wankers. It differs from the fruit wine slushies you have heard of, but this recipe is a must-try!

You need some riesling, vermouth, elderflower ice cubes, mint, and sugar syrup. Blend them, and voila, you now have a strong punch while helping you beat the heat!

15. Tropical Wine Slushies – Grandbaby Cakes


This Tropical Wine Slushie by Grandbaby Cakes is a perfect adult slushie recipe for people living in a tropical country! Imagine the intense heat most of the time.

You will absolutely want to quench that thirst. This tropical wine slushie only needs a few ingredients and will only take you less than an hour to prepare.

Get ready with your frozen diced mango, frozen diced pineapple, honey, or agave nectar, depending on your preference, lime juice, frozen strawberries, and other strawberries and pineapples for garnish. Of course, the highlight of it all is the wine.

For this recipe, it was recommended to use a frozen Barefoot Wine To Go Moscato, but you can also try a different type or brand of your choice. Mixing these tropical fruits well will make a delicious outcome!

16. Easy Wine Slushie Recipe by Original Recipe (by Mashed)

This easy wine slushie recipe by Original Recipe only takes 5 minutes of preparation and can serve 4 glasses already. You only need 3 ingredients for this recipe, a few ice cubes and at least 3 cups of frozen mixed berries, including blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries.

And, of course, the highlight of it is the red wine. At least two cups will do. You can save some mint and berries for garnish.

Just put the ingredients all together in a blender and mix them well until you finally reach your desired texture. Then you are done. Your mixed berries wine slushie is now ready to serve!

17. Frozen Sangria Wine Slushies (easy!) – Simply Whisked


Ever thought of combining different fruits and mixing them with a glass of red wine to make a slushie? It is possible! You will love and enjoy this Frozen Sangria Wine Slushie recipe by Simply Whisked.

This is a perfect summer drink to satisfy your thirst with a twist!

This Frozen Sangria Wine Slushie requires you to have at least a bottle of red wine that is frozen on a tray of ice cubes, frozen fruits such as peaches and strawberries, Cointreau or triple sec depending on your choice, orange juice, agave nectar, and some slices of orange for garnish.

Ensure that you blend them well; afterward, it is ready to serve!

18. Sweet Wine Slushie by 18Doors

Sweet wine slushies are also perfect for party cocktails or can be considered a dessert after your candlelit home dinner date with your significant other.

For this sweet wine slushie by 18Doors, the ingredients that you will need are a cup of sweet kosher wine, pear nectar, ginger, a zested lime, and sugar.

Boil the ginger and pour in some wine and have it frozen. This recipe does not require you to use a blender so it is perfect whenever you decide to include it in your menu for your candlelit dinner date!

19. Cherry Vanilla Wine Slushies {PERFECT for Summer!} • FIVEheartHOME


We understand the frustration whenever the weather gets a little too hot, and sometimes, drinking enough water does not even fully satisfy your thirst and somehow gets a little boring.

Do not worry though because you can try this Cherry Vanilla Wine Slushie by Five Heart Home. Quenching your thirst in the summer heat with a twist!

You can make this a successful scrumptious wine slushie by blending a bag of frozen pitted sweet cherries, a top-notch vanilla extract, and a chilled Moscato well together, and then you are good to go! You can also add a piece of cherry on top of each serving.

20. Strawberry and Peach Wine Slushie by MamaKatTV

The best way to celebrate a long tiring week is to have some party cocktails! This is a bit different from the usual cocktails you get from the bars, and this Strawberry and Peach Wine Slushie recipe by MamaKatTV is perfect whenever you just want to stay chill at home on a Friday night.

Make sure you have frozen strawberries and white wines for the first layer and on the second layer of the slushie by blending white wine with some frozen peaches. Pour these two slushies one after the other then your combination slushie is good to go!

3 Common frequently asked questions about Wine Slushies


People are always wondering regardless of whatever they do or whatever the situation is. We always have questions about almost everything. Hence, we have gathered 3 common frequently asked questions about wine slushies that you may have thought of once.

What kind of wine is highly recommended to use to make wine slushies?

There is no specific kind of wine that is highly recommended for you to use in making wine slushies. We all have different taste buds, which all boils down to our preferences.

However, people who have been making wine slushies do not recommend you to use any kind of sweet wine simply because it will become sweeter when mixed with fruits. It is not a perfect combination!

Try mixing your favorite frozen fruits and favorite wine altogether. Be more adventurous to make your own signature wine slushies that you and your special loved ones can enjoy.

How long does a wine slushie last when stored in a freezer?

You might have wondered how long a wine slushie lasts when you store it in a freezer, especially when you have made too much for a simple occasion.

No worries because these wine slushies usually last two to three months as long as you store them properly in a freezer but it is advisable to add some more alcohol to prevent it from solidifying, any neutral-flavored liquor will do since wine does not have much alcohol content.

If you are craving your wine slushies again, mix them in a blender until they get crushed and become slushier. Since you have added a different kind of liquor, ensure to add more wine until you get your preferred taste.

What is the best way to store my wine slushies?

We have already crossed out from your concern list if a wine slushie is possible to be stored in a freezer for more than a month. However, we remarkably recommend that you keep them properly.

Ensure that you put your excess wine slushie in any kind or sealable container before storing it in a freezer. A baking dish is also applicable, but you may encounter a few struggles, especially when scraping the slushie.

The plastic sealable bag is the most recommended material to store your slushie inside the freezer. Moreso, it is also easier for you to squeeze it out whenever you start wanting to quench your thirst.


It is summertime, and we understand how you will do everything to quench your thirst and beat the heat! You can now have a great summer night with these 20 wine slushies recipes that are easy to make!

Most of the ingredients mentioned are somewhat often available in most households making it more possible to satisfy your cravings for alcohol and quenching your thirst!


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