13 Best Wineries in Escondido, CA

Escondido is known for many things, like having tons of attractions and unique art. However, you might be surprised. It also houses tons of wineries!

Today, we will show you our list of the 13 best wineries in Escondido, CA. Whether you have been in the area for a long time, just moved, or only visiting, if you like wines, these are some places you will likely want to see.

Orfila Vineyards and Winery

$$ | (760) 738-6500 | WEBSITE

Orfila Vineyards and Winery is one of the longest-standing vineyards and wineries in the area. Additionally, it is one of the most decorated in the area, with over 1,000 awards from various competitions around the globe.

They offer some of the finest wines made of French and Italian varietals. However, that is not all there is to see. They also have a scenic space for you to take in as you enjoy your glass of wine.


Forgotten Barrel Winery

$$ | (888) 620-8466 | WEBSITE


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Forgotten Barrel Winery offers an array of wines from reds to whites to rosés to sparkling wines. Safe to say, they will likely have something that will satisfy your palate. Aside from the wine, they also have a lovely and cozy place great for small gatherings with friends and family. It is an ideal place for a wine-loving pair to exchange their I-do’s.

On the other hand, if you are only planning to visit, Mondays are the best times to do so. You will likely avoid the crowd. Also, they often got live music on this day.


Hungry Hawk Vineyards & Winery

$$ | (760) 489-1758 | WEBSITE

Hungry Hawk is family-owned and one of the newer vineyards and wineries in the area. They grow more than a dozen varietals in their area. Additionally, they have a good variety of red wines, but they also have some white and sparkling wines for those who prefer their drinks in a lighter shade.

Apart from the wine, they also have some lovely views to offer. It is an ideal place if you want a peaceful afternoon with some wine.


Twin Oaks Valley Winery

$$ | (408) 712-0487 | WEBSITE

Twin Oaks Valley offers some white and rosé wines. However, it is with their red wines you will find a wide variety. While all the red wines can likely please an oenophile, we recommend you try the Merlot if you visit! A glass of it and your palate will be tickled, ready for more.

This winery does not only offer variety, though. Their wines are also affordable, making it a lovely hang-out spot for wine lovers. It is a place to get your fill of wine without breaking the bank.


Belle Marie Winery

$$ | (760) 796-7557 | WEBSITE

Belle Marie is one of the few wineries that are both family and pet friendly. They offer around two dozen wines at good prices. However, that is not all they have to offer. They also have a lovely place with a lighthearted and cheerful vibe.

As you can see, it is a place where the adults can relax and enjoy a glass of wine or two while the kids are having fun running around while sipping on some soda they also offer!


Cordiano Winery

$$ | (760) 469-9463 | WEBSITE

Cordiano has many wines to choose from, from red wines to white wines to dessert wines! You do not have to worry about food too. Unlike other wineries, they also offer some things to fill your belly on the site. We are not only talking about cheese and crackers. They have some delicious Italian dishes you do not want to miss when you visit!

Good wines and wine bottles almost always have a story behind them. It is the same with wineries, and Cordiano undoubtedly has a tale to tell. Ask around for it if you get the chance!


Espinosa Vineyards and Winery

$$ | (619) 772-0156 | WEBSITE

Espinosa has white and red wines to offer. They do not have much variety but do not let that stop you from giving this place a visit. What they lack in quantity, they make up for with quality!

If you are up for a chat, the folks here are also friendly and welcoming. If you happen to stop by when the place is not buzzing and bustling, the owners will likely sit down and talk with you until sundown. Safe to say, you can easily feel at home here.


Mia Marie Vineyards

$$ | (760) 215-9132 | WEBSITE

Mia Marie offers a decent selection, enough for wine lovers to find something to satisfy their taste buds. However, while you would mostly see an abundance of red wines in most wineries, they offer more white ones here.

Aside from the wine, this winery also has some of the loveliest views to boast. That, along with tip-top customer service! Whether you want a friendly or knowledgeable staff helping you, you will likely not be disappointed with their people.


Highland Valley Vineyards

$$ | (858) 531-6589 | WEBSITE

Highland Valley is one of the best places to go if you are a fan of full-bodied red wines, as they specialize in this type. Also, if that is the case, we recommend you at least try a glass of their Zinfandel when you visit. You do not have to worry, though. That is not all they have. They also have something for those who like lighter shades of wine.

In addition to the wine, they also have a lovely place for you to enjoy while you sip on some wine.


Domaine Artefact Vineyard & Winery

$ | (760) 432-8034 | WEBSITE


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Domaine Artefact has a little bit of everything, red wines, white wines, rosé wines, and dessert wines. Every wine lover will likely find a glass or bottle here that will tickle their taste buds.

Aside from the array of wines, they also boast of being earth-friendly. They are one of the few wineries aiming to be sustainable and to have zero carbon footprint. However, they are not only earth-friendly. They are also pet-friendly! You can bring your fur friend here, and you will likely also meet some new ones in the area!


Altipiano Vineyard and Winery

$$$ | (760) 839-7999 | WEBSITE


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Altipiano is one of the few wineries that only do wine by the bottle, making it an ideal place if you have the whole gang with you. They have a good range of options too. Even if you come as a group, the gang will likely find something that will satisfy everyone.

On the other hand, you can come alone and try to make some new friends. They have a great atmosphere and good spots for such!


Speckle Rock Vineyards

$$ | (760) 789-1287 | WEBSITE

Speckle Rock is one of the few wineries that offer wine for each of the five main types. As you can imagine, everyone will likely find something for themselves here. It is an ideal place for those looking for variety.

The place also offers a lovely view. However, that is not all. They also have lots of shade and comfortable places to relax, making them an ideal place to cool down on hot days.


Cheval Winery

$$$ | (760) 690-6617 | WEBSITE


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Cheval Winery is one of the few places where you can take a vacation. Now, if you want to sit down with a glass of wine and unwind for a few days, they are undoubtedly a winery you want to visit. Also, you do not have to worry. They have a wide selection of wines. If you plan to stay for a few days, you will likely not run out of wine to try out!

They also have some lovely views and folks. Safe to say, you will likely have a fun stay!


Final Words

Today we showed you our list of the 13 best wineries in Escondido, CA. As you have seen, Escondido holds a myriad of hidden gems that oenophiles will probably enjoy visiting. We hope we got to help today. If you have other wine worries, you might want to stop by our other talks!

That is all from us today. Until next time! Cheers!

Best Wineries in Escondido

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