15 Best Wineries in Livermore, CA (with Photos & Free Map)

Livermore is perfect for cultivating grapevines. Foothills and mountains in the coastal range surround it. Imagine the fantastic weather the region experiences. Warm days and chilly nights are common in the city. Why else would it have more than 50 wineries? If you intend to visit one, choose from the 15 best wineries in Livermore, CA.

Cuda Ridge Wines

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Cuda Ridge is a family-owned business. Don’t be amazed that they go for limited production. And the reason is that one of their top priorities is uniqueness. Thus, each of their wines is handcrafted.

Do you love Bordeaux-style wines? They have them here. Their wines have won accolades. Their red concoctions are likewise exceptional. You’ll see that they were carefully and purposefully made.

Do you want to visit here on a warm day? Sitting outside on the patio is enjoyable. The beautiful vines are a sight to behold. Additionally, the helpful and pleasant personnel will keep you entertained.


Concannon Vineyard

$$ | (925) 456-2505 | WEBSITE

One of the most popular Livermore winery recommendations online is Concannon. It’s a must-see. How would you like to have a picnic on its lovely grounds? Here, you can shoot pictures worth posting on Instagram.

How about taking a seat on the grass? Or enjoy your lunch outside while the kids play? A visit to Concannon is unquestionably worthwhile. However, the winery can become very crowded. It’s a good sign for business, right?

The kind team members won’t also bore you. They are knowledgeable about the wines they are recommending. You’ll surely see they are wonderful and incredibly nice.


Retzlaff Vineyards

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Are you keen on adventurous wine choices? They have excellent, delectable options here at Retzlaff. Sample and savor them for an unforgettable experience. You can also enjoy live jazz music in a lovely setup. But make sure to book reservations. Don’t worry! It’s simple and hassle-free.

Are you fascinated by the weather? It may get extremely hot here during summer. But they do offer plenty of water and umbrellas. Bring a hat and sunscreen anyway. Under the tree is a great place to see the sunset.


Wood Family Vineyards

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Reviews about Wood Family are all praises. The staff members are the loveliest. They will treat you like friends.  You’ll be delighted with how they’re helpful and approachable.

And about the wines? There isn’t a single subpar bottle here. Everything was so well-balanced. You’d notice they could be the best in the world.  The tasting experience is something you would like to repeat.

Here, you also get to take in some live music. Do you play chess? You can do so while sipping their samples. Pay a visit so you’ll know firsthand.


Dante Robere Vineyards

$$ | (925) 245-0172 | WEBSITE

Dante Robere is another family-run winery in Livermore. It is renowned for its friendliness and superior service. Of course, it offers some of the best wines, too! It has won more than 35 medals so far.

There is a large, airy tasting room at this winery. How would you like a distinctive wine-tasting experience? Everyone can find something to drink here.

There are also two lovely patios outside at Dante Robere. A small one is available for members. The bigger one is accessible to all. The picturesque vineyard and pastoral views are lovely.


Tenuta Vineyards

$$ | (925) 960-1006 | WEBSITE


Tenuta is a family-friendly winery. You’ll appreciate how the staff will make you feel at home. They are incredibly understanding. It is one of the most welcoming wineries in the area.

Visit Tenuta if you want to enjoy a fun and informative wine tasting. It has a great environment. And it’s not impossible to make friends here. There is also a record room at this winery. They brew here as well. That’s fantastic if you don’t enjoy wine.


Rios-Lovell Winery

$$ | (925) 443-0434 | WEBSITE


In the center of Livermore’s wine region is Rios-Lovell. Its land area covers an overwhelming 68 acres. Here, you may enjoy breathtaking panoramas of mountains and vineyards.

What else does it have to offer except lovely scenery? Prestigious wines. They are locally produced and bottled. You can bring your meals as well.

The location also has a concert hall and an event place. A tasting room, pavilion, and picnic areas are also included. It also has lovely landscaped gardens. It is the perfect location for special events like weddings.


Page Mill Winery

$$ | (925) 456-7676 | WEBSITE


Page Mill is another lovely place to enjoy wine. It began in the Santa Cruz Mountains many years ago. Then, it was moved to Livermore.

The entire place is fantastic. Check out their beautiful gift store. Their customer service is also excellent. Going there is also worth it for the food. It’s also friendly for wheelchair users. Plus, the restrooms are spotless.

Do you wish to make memories here to cherish forever? Join the Page Mill Club. It lets you expand your wine collection. You can also sample rare varieties and gain access to member-only bonuses.


Nottingham Cellars

$$ | (925) 294-8647 | WEBSITE

Nottingham Cellars is a multi-awarded winery. It competes with Northern California’s best. Expect it to be dedicated to highlighting unique vineyard characteristics. The grapes come from vineyards with varying growth environments.

Reviews claim that it’s a fantastic location for wine tasting. Every wine palette will find something to enjoy here. The atmosphere is also lovely. The crew members are enjoyable to converse with.

Are you concerned about visiting on a hot day? They have a terrace that is entirely shaded. You may still have a wonderful time here, even with the sun shining brightly.


Omega Road Winery

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Excellent wines and accommodating personnel! That is the essence of Omega Road Winery. They constantly experiment with new kinds of wines. So be ready for a surprise. Their style is hugely distinctive for Livermore.

What is served in addition to their wine? You can have a mouthwatering cheese platter. And it’s from the esteemed Danville Cheeses. The staff members are also incredibly educated about the wines they have to offer. You’ll have a fantastic adventure. You won’t regret visiting here.


Darcie Kent Vineyards

$$ | (925) 243-9040 | WEBSITE


Do you adore a soothing atmosphere? Come to Darcie Kent. The grounds make for lovely spots for a picnic in the afternoon. The nearby hills also enhance the visit.  The experience is undoubtedly unmatched.

The owner’s lovely artworks adorn the space. More than 1,000 square feet of art are displayed in the tasting room itself. Also available is seating on the porch. There are also lawn chairs available. You even get to enjoy the background of live music.  The location is dog-friendly as well.


Mitchell Katz Winery

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Mitchell Katz is a state-of-the-art winery. It creates high-quality wines that reflect the identity of each vineyard. And how devoted is this winery to this objective? It keeps an eye on every vineyard and the cellars as well.

Visitors reportedly enjoy their time here. So, they cherish coming back and eagerly anticipate it. They feel like a family here. There is plenty of room to park at this winery. The back terrace is a lovely place to sit and view the surrounding mountains. Don’t forget to stroll through the beautiful grounds.


Del Valle Winery

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Del Valle is family-owned and has just undergone remodeling. It competes by utilizing the best grapes and conventional winemaking techniques. Both a tasting room and a sizable outdoor area are available here. Additionally worth seeing are the grounds and the beautiful vista. Vineyards and lovely hills surround the winery.

The skilled team members will round out your wine-tasting experience. They have a lot to say regarding the wines. They would also like to share the history of the winery.


The Singing Winemaker

$$ | (925) 606-9463 | WEBSITE

It’s always a fun time at the Singing Winemaker. You can join the owner in singing a lovely song on the weekends. Or listen to him serenade the crowd. The unique tasting room is equally enjoyable.

The winery is not a luxurious place. But it boasts of its signature red wine varietals. You can also experiment with blending some of their wines for a unique taste. Do you love giving wine as gifts? The winery is an ideal place to purchase presents. The friendly servers are even willing to offer some recommendations.


Murrieta’s Well

$$ | (925) 456-2395 | WEBSITE


Murrieta’s Well offers terrific wines. The proprietor would share a few signature wines based on guests’ preferences.

You can also ask the team for fantastic suggestions for food combinations. Remember to take a hike around dusk. You’ll have the most fabulous views of Livermore’s lovely hills. The winery also offers a picnic basket and a wine pairing to celebrate the moment.

The area may become congested in the afternoon. So, ensure to book in advance. According to reviews, you’ll receive far more than you anticipated. This incredible winery won’t let you down.



The wines from Livermore are some of the best. Come here for a remarkable wine-tasting experience. Are you looking forward to unwinding when the sun sets? Head out to any of the 15 best wineries in Livermore, CA. The stunning mountains and hills nearby will enhance your visit.

Best Wineries in Livermore

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