13 Best Wineries in Newberg, OR (Photos and Maps)

There’s so much to see in the Beaver State, Oregon. However, if someone told me years ago that I could find many wineries there, I wouldn’t believe them. Well fast forward to today and here’s a list of the 13 best wineries in Newberg, OR!

Avidity Wines

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Compared to some other wineries in the area, Avidity Wines only opened in 2018. However, this family-owned establishment has plenty of things to offer.

Passion is at the core of Avidity Wines. You can feel that in every sip of the wines they have. Avidity Wines. They have so many wine varieties for you to choose from. You can get a taste of these from the tasting room. Apart from the great wines, you can also enjoy views of the mountain and the Coast range. Now that’s a double win!


Rain Dance Vineyards

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Rain Dance Vineyards is owned by Ken and Celia Austin. Before opening their vineyard, they ran one of the best llama ranches in the country.

The couple first planted their first vines in 2009. By 2015, they were able to release their first vintage wines.

Get a taste of Rain Dance Vineyards red and white wines for only $30. Enjoy the tasting experience at the vineyard located in the Chehalem Mountains. They also offer an estate tour aboard a vintage Land Rover. If you want to book these activities, head over to their website to reserve your spot.


Bells Up Winery

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Before opening Bells Up Winery, Dave Specter had a career in Corporate Tax Law. His wife, Sara, had several freelance writing and consultancy gigs under her wing. But it seems their destiny was to become full-time winemakers.

Bells Up Winery makes handcrafted Oregon wines in small batches. The grapes used for their wines come from their vineyard.

If you want to drop by Bells Up Winery, you need to make an appointment. The great thing about this is it’s personally hosted by Dave, so you get a glimpse of how the winery came to be.


Tresori Vineyard

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Tresori Vineyard is a small family-owned vineyard that’s been around since 1997. Despite making use of the latest technology in its winemaking process, particularly sustainable practices, this vineyard is still producing wines in small batches. The hand-crafted wines they produce come from Pinot Noir grapes.

If you want to savor wines from the Tresori Vineyard, call them and make a reservation. The tasting sessions are from Thursdays to Sundays. They have a beautiful barn that’s the perfect venue for their wine tasting. You can also indulge in their wines as you relish the wonderful valley views!


Archer Vineyard

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The Oregon wine industry has certainly come a long way. Around 1989, before it even boomed, the Archers opened a vineyard. But in 2005, they sold this property to the Jivanjees. The new owners transformed the place by setting up a winery and a tasting room.

This winery produces wines made from Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris grown on the estate. If you wish to join the wine tasting at Archer Vineyard, you can call them for more information. Imagine drinking your wine of choice while looking at the breathtaking views of Oregon’s wine country.



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The beginning of Bryan and Laura’s Hazelfern was very humble. Byran’s family has always been into wine. So it’s no surprise he has a fascination for it. From experimenting with wines in his basement, he managed to venture into winemaking full-time with his wife, Laura.

Today Bryan and Laura are proud owners of a vineyard in one of the best wine-growing regions in the United States. Hazelfern’s doors are open to anyone who wants to taste their wine. You can enjoy their tastings with your family and friends for only $35 per person. But make sure you have a reservation before going!


Oliver Springs Vineyard

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Pinot Noir grapes were first planted on the vineyard in 2010. They were planted on an acre of land. After this, more Pinot Noir was planted. And since the owners of the vineyard love Chardonnay as well, they planted this grape variety on their property.

While the vineyard might be smaller than other vineyards in the region, they try their best to produce the best wines. All of the Pinot Noir they use for the wines are from their estate.

If you wish to check out this boutique winery, book an appointment on their website or give them a ring.


ROCO Winery

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When Corby Stonebraker-Sole and Rollin Soles came to Oregon in the 1980s, they didn’t realize that the state’s wine industry would be booming.

Now, after over 30 years in the business, they continue to produce different types of wines – from Chardonnay to Pinot Noir to Sparkling wines. And they have received accolades for their ones, including being part of the Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of the World.

If you want to try some wines served at the White House, check out their Tasting Experience packages. The packages start at $40.


Natalie’s Estate Winery

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While Europe is hundreds of miles away from Oregon, this did not stop Natalie’s Estate Winery from implementing tried and tested European winemaking techniques. Through these techniques, they can produce superior wines. They have successfully infused Old World traditions into the New World.

At Natalie’s Estate Winery, you have the opportunity to check their impressive roster of wines. The winery offers a unique wine-tasting experience for everyone. It offers barrel tasting, as well as wines hand-selected by the winery. The wines are then paired with almonds, olives, and cheeses.


Privé Vineyard

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The Privé Vineyard has been in the Oregon wine-making scene for quite some time now. Since 2000, the Privé Vineyard team has worked towards cultivating and nurturing the best grapes to make wine.

When you book an appointment at the Privé Vineyard for wine tasting, expect to spend at least an hour onsite. You will meet the winemaker of the vineyard, Piper Underbrink. While going through their tasting roster, Piper will speak with you about estate and the passion behind it.

You can also join the Privé Wine Club and get first dibs on the best special wines the vineyard has to offer.


Rex Hill

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There’s a lot of love that goes into making Rex Hill’s wines. As a luxury boutique wine brand, Rex Hill remains steadfast in its dedication to producing top-tier wines throughout the year.

The vineyard’s hard work and commitment paid off as the winery received recognition, such as the Wine Advocate Extraordinary Winery Awards in 2017.

There’s no better way to get to know Rex Hill’s wines than dropping by the vineyard. They have several tasting experience packages available for the public. And if you are looking for a private space for you and your family and friends, you can rent their Loft Gallery.


King’s North Winery

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Oregon is blessed to have land that’s perfect for planting different varieties of grapes. And the two brothers behind King’s North took this to heart, grew grapes, and produced wine in the region. The brothers, originally from Wisconsin, are committed to producing wines that reflect the great flavors of the grape vines.

At King’s North, they like to consider those visiting the vineyard as family. They will welcome visitors with open arms when they come for wine tastings. The vineyard is open to guests on weekends. Drop them a message on their website to make arrangements.


Et Fille Wines

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Nearly 20 years ago, a father and daughter duo decided to start making their wines. And they wanted to do it the sustainable way. They have been working with several sustainable vineyards in the region.

They have also leased a vineyard that they manage themselves. By working with different growers, including their vines, Et Fille Wines can produce diverse wines.

A great way to get to know Et Fille Wines is through a vintage tasting. You can try at least 5 to 6 crafted wines for only $25 per person.


It’s Always Wine O’Clock in Newberg

Whenever you feel you want to be surrounded by lush grape vines and drink wine made with passion and love, don’t forget that there’s a winery in Newberg waiting for you. And having a list of the 13 Best Wineries in Newberg, OR would make things even more accessible for you and me!

Best Wineries in Newberg

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