15 Best Wineries in Connecticut (Photos, Reviews, Maps)

Did you know some of the best white wines are produced in Connecticut? Connecticut may not be that known for its wine. But Connecticut is home to world-class vineyards and wineries that produce award-winning wines.

Aside from that, their scenery, hospitality, and wine experience make them the best wineries in Connecticut. There is something in Connecticut and the wineries that make tourists visit and experience it. Every wine enthusiast visiting Connecticut should visit these wineries.

1. Arrigoni Winery & Cider Co.

$$$ | 860-342-1999 | WEBSITE

Arrigoni Winery produces several wines that match tasty food. The winery has a bistro, where you can have lunchtime and dinnertime dishes. The ambience in Arrigoni is rural and rustic. You can enjoy their pleasant live music while sipping wine.


2. Gouveia Vineyards

$$ to $$$ | 203-265-5526 | WEBSITE


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Gouveia is only for those who love to appreciate their vineyard and woodlands. If you are after good quality food, Gouveia cannot offer it because they do not have a restaurant. But, they allow guests to bring picnic meals, so you can enjoy the picnic lunch.

We recommend you enjoy a wine at the hilltop tasting room and look at the scenery outside. Do not forget to try the 11 award-winning wines of Gouveia! The award-winning wines include Seyval Blanc and chocolate Epiphany reserve.


3. Paradise Hills Vineyard & Winery

$$ to $$$ | 203-284-0123 | WEBSITE

Paradise houses the finest wines in Connecticut. You can have a taste of their wine collection in their Tuscan-inspired tasting room. Enjoying the view of the nearby scenery and estate vineyard is possible too with their outdoor seating.

If you want to experience a new thing, it is best to visit Paradise Hills during the autumn. Paradise Hills offers volunteer harvests of grapes. In exchange for learning more about the winemaking process in the vineyard.


4. Hawk Ridge Winery

$$ to $$$ | 860 274-7440 | WEBSITE


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A family-owned winery in Connecticut that has a natural farm-like setting. Despite their lands being surrounded by grapevines, the owner made sure to allot space for their farm animals and crops.

You can have a cozy and relaxed time at their walnut oak bar. They offer a delicious range of food from pizzas, and fries, to cheeses. The winery hosts live music to keep its guests entertained with easy-listening tunes. Meanwhile, there are other seasonal festivals hosted by Hawk Ridge.

The breathtaking scenery at Hawk Ridge is perfect for intimate weddings.


5. Saltwater Farm Vineyard

$$ to $$$ | 860-415-9072 | WEBSITE

We are quite accustomed to vineyards on long acres of land or on the hillside. Saltwater Farm is a top-notch winery located in the coastal country. Their place has a story, the building is a hangar from the World War II era. It has been restored and used to accommodate guests now.

The rich history of Saltwater equates to the richness of its wine collection. But, Saltwater does not offer wine tasting to the public. Only patrons can have the perks of enjoying a glass of hand-crafted wine.


6. White Silo Farm & Winery

$$$ | 860-355-0271 | WEBSITE

White Silo is known for its Rhubarb wine and sparkling raspberry wine. The wine collection of White Silo centers around white wines and fruity wines. If you love to have an educational tour and a wine tasting experience on the side, book a Groupon with White Silo.

But if you only want to enjoy their wine, you can join their wine tastings on Fridays through Sundays. If you are out for an intimate time with friends and family, you can have a picnic lunch and enjoy the scenery of Litchfield Hills. You can also have a day tour around the farm.


7. Jonathan Edwards Winery

$$ | 860-535-0202 | WEBSITE

Jonathan Edwards Winery is an amazing place to go with friends and family. You can enjoy your wine inside or become immersed in its attractive exterior, vibrant flowers, and trees.

You can have a wine tasting by the glass or by the bottle. This event is open from Monday through Thursday. You can enjoy 5 samples of classic wine for only $15! It is not pricey, right? Totally reasonable.

If you are organizing an event with numerous guests, Jonathan Edwards Winery has tented events that can accommodate up to 200 guests. You do not want to miss out on the vineyard scenery at dusk.


8. Priam Vineyards

$$$ | 860-267-8520 | WEBSITE


Have you heard of a vegan-certified winery? That’s Priam Vineyard. They do not use pesticides to protect their vineyard, and Priam entrusts their cops to bluebirds.

It is amazing how the wines are still spectacular even when it undergoes a different winemaking process. Priam Vineyards steps up its game by only using solar power.

You may also want to experience guided tours and wine tasting in this vegan-certified winery.


9. Taylor Brooke Winery

$$ to $$$ | 860-974-1263 | WEBSITE

Every wine and beer enthusiasts love to visit Taylor Brooke because of its wide variety collection of wines and beers. Taylor Brooke Winery has fun-filled activities to offer such as slushies, flights, and traditional wine tastings. You can enjoy these activities on the lawn, patio, or taproom.

Although Taylor Brooke has food trucks throughout the year, you can whip your own food from home and bring it to the winery. There are also music and release night events that you can join.


10. Sunset Meadow Vineyards

$$ | 860-201-4654 | WEBSITE


Wine tasting is offered in Sunset Meadow. You can pair your wine of choice with cheese or chocolate. The winery offers an extremely reasonable price for their wine tasting.

There is no restaurant available on the site in Sunset Meadow. Guests are encouraged to bring their picnic lunch. Come for the wine! The picturesque scenery is just a bonus!


11. Stonington Vineyards

$$ | 860-535-1222 | WEBSITE

Stonington is one of the best wineries in Connecticut. The breathtaking scenery, calm atmosphere, and distinct wine make you look forward to Stonington. Stonington has several live events throughout the year that you can join.

But if you are here as a casual wine enjoyer, you can enjoy wine tastings in their tasting room. But if you are expecting more people to join you, it is best to book in advance.


12. Hopkins Vineyard

$$$ | 860-868-7954 | WEBSITE

Hopkins Vineyard is one of the oldest wineries in Connecticut. Since 1979, Hopkins has been cultivating grapes. It has now expanded to 30-acre of vines and produced award-winning wines. Besides the old farmhouse in the vineyard, they have breathtaking scenery. The winery overlooks the beautiful Lake Warmaug.

You can take part in several fun events that Hopkins Vineyard hosts throughout the year. Every May and September, the Wine Festival is celebrated in the vineyard. Try their Night Owl and Ice Wine from their wine collection.


13. Crystal Ridge Winery

$$ to $$$ | 860-657-1004 | WEBSITE


Crystal Ridge has a decent wine collection that is only offered for a few bucks. You can have wine tasting for only $12 to $15 per glass sample. The Sauvignon in their wine collection is smooth and light-bodied, perfect to complement dishes.


14. Haight-Brown Vineyard

$$ | 860-361-6969 | WEBSITE

Haight-Brown has been the oldest vineyard and winery in Connecticut. Just recently, it is now under new ownership. You can enjoy wine tasting in their tasting room while enjoying the picturesque view of Litchfield.

Wine enthusiasts praise Haight-Brown for their dedication to winemaking. They do not duplicate wines from a previous season. You can only notice minimal to no subtle differences in their wines from the previous or next year.


15. Preston Ridge Vineyard

$ | 860-383-4278 | WEBSITE

Preston Ridge Vineyard has an extensive wine collection. It appeals to wine enthusiasts like you. You can enjoy a few sips in the tasting room.

If you are a frequent goer to Preston Ridge, it is best to join their wine tasting case club. It gives you exclusive previews of new releases and a free glass of wine on your visits.



The rustic and farm-like setting of the vineyard gives you a slice of nature. It gives you a relaxing thought if you do this and sip a delicious wine

Winemakers in Connecticut love to innovate their wines. Several vineyards in Connecticut offer their unique styles and servings. This excites young wine drinkers to visit Connecticut.

What are you waiting for? Visit and witness the beauty of their vineyards and experience the absolute joy of wine tasting.

Best Wineries in Connecticut

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