13 Best Wineries in Missouri (with Photos & Free Maps)

A sip of wine can level up an event, take a long day of worries away, and many more. For some, it’s their comfort drink, and for some, it’s a drink they have at particular times. However you enjoy your wine, it’s always good to know places where you can find good wines. Here are the X best wineries in Missouri.

Peaceful Bend Winery

$$ | (573) 775-3000 | WEBSITE

The Peaceful Bend Winery is a quaint little farm winery aiming to provide fun and relaxation to its customers. This winery is loaded with personality and love that’s undoubtedly irresistible. This winery produces 14 unique varieties of wine.

These wines are all available for sample at Steelville. The tasting is free, and you can rest assured that they are high quality. They also serve brewed beers, so you have many options. The place has a lovely view, plus all the staff members are very kind and helpful. Overall, Peaceful Bend Winery offers excellent assistance and a menu of wines.


Villa Antonio Winery

$$ | (636) 475-5008 | WEBSITE

This location is just stunning; it’s a winery deep in the Hillsboro hills. This place has an affluent atmosphere throughout, and they serve a variety of excellent wines. The pricing for their wine tastings is also very reasonable.

You can either keep the glass or return it for a portion of your original purchase price. The location boasts beautiful scenery and an enjoyable ambiance. In addition to producing their wine, they also make their beer. The staff is excellent; they are warm and welcoming while remaining professional and diligent.


LaChance Vineyards

$$ | (636) 586-2777 | WEBSITE


At LaChance, you can have the best of both worlds— it’s a winery and a restaurant—in one convenient location. Located in the rolling hills just south of the Ozark Mountains, De Soto, Missouri, serves as the perfect backdrop for this establishment. They have farm-to-table dishes and award-winning wines.

The venue offers comfortable tents inside, which guests can enjoy in whatever weather. Whether you visit on a rainy or sunny day, you can enjoy their menu. La Chance’s elegant and relaxing ambiance is elevated thanks to the soothing live music. Additionally, their bartender is engaging and knowledgeable.


Stone Hill Winery

$$ | (573) 486-2221 | WEBSITE


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The Stone Hill Winery was established in 1847, making it one of the oldest wineries in the region. You can visit the winery for a taste or a tour of the cellar every day. Furthermore, the Vintage Restaurant serves various dishes, including traditional German cooking, to pair with your glass of wine.

The location has many lovely features, including its scenery, gift shop, food, and wine menu. You can also experience a free tour to explore and better understand how Stone Hill Winery operates.


Pirtle Winery

$$ | (816) 640-5728 | WEBSITE


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Pirtle is a family-run winery formed in 1978 and is open for tours and tastings. If you are looking for dessert wines, this is a fantastic spot to try and buy them. The employees are always very considerate and pleasant to one another.

At Pirtle, there is a large selection of chairs available on the patio, in addition to a good cheese board that is excellent for sitting down with a glass of wine. You can always relax with your favorite wine whether you just had a stressful week or want to celebrate something; Pirtle Winery is a lovely place to go to.


Chandler Hill Vineyards

$$ | (636) 798-2675 | WEBSITE

Chandler Hill Vineyards has a fully stocked and capable kitchen that provides daily lunch service. This location is perfect for celebrations and other important events. They have consistently maintained their high level of excellence, which has helped them become one of the all-time favorites.

Their newest feature, cabanas, is one of the ways they’ve stepped up their game. They also have an efficient system, allowing customers to have a fast and simple reservation process. The venue has outstanding cuisine, wine, and entertainment, in addition to its beautiful scenery. Their staff is welcoming too.


St. James Winery

$$ | (800) 280-9463 | WEBSITE


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St. James Winery is a family-owned winery that’s been in operation for a long time. This vineyard produces wines and fruit juices using American Norton grapes. One of the largest in Missouri, St. James Winery produces both sweets that define the area’s distinctiveness.

They are committed to creating eco-friendly wines and actively promote environmental responsibility. In addition to a beautiful assortment of some of the tastiest wine types, delicious juices are also available. They also provide many comfortable lounging areas inside and out, adding convenience and good quality service.


Augusta Winery

$$ | (888) 667-9463 | WEBSITE


Augusta Winery is owned and maintained by a family, and the place features gorgeous scenery and excellent wines. They offer a solid selection of dry wines, along with semi-sweet and sweet wines. Their wines are only vinted in tiny amounts so that these quantities can receive individualized care during the necessary processes.

Outdoors have plenty of seating and tables, especially on the top of the hill patio, where you can enjoy the view while sipping your wine. Augusta Winery also has a lovely tasting room– warm, cute, and welcoming. You can buy snacks like cheese, crackers, and pizzas to enjoy with your choice of wine.


Jowler Creek Vineyard & Winery

$$ | (816) 858-5528 | WEBSITE

You’ll feel at home at Jowler Creek whether you’re just up for a spontaneous wine-tasting activity or are planning a special event. They aim to welcome and encourage their customers to relax while enjoying their eco-friendly and award-winning wines.

There is a wide selection of seats here, and guests are welcome to bring snacks if they like something specific to go with their wine. The venue is relatively new and offers a lovely view. Jowler Creek also hosts live music and many events you might enjoy, including grape stomping and others. On a nice day, it’s well worth taking in.


Adam Puchta Winery

$$ | (573) 486-5596 | WEBSITE

Adam Puchta Winery produces award-winning wines. They are available every day and have daily wine tastings. You can tour the historic buildings and cellar or attend one of the various events during the year. They also have a website where you can learn about any events or special offers you may take advantage of while there.

The establishment offers a wide selection of high-quality wines, its unique take on wine slushies, and various delectable cuisine selections. Their helpful and well-informed staff are helpful, especially for customers looking for a wine with a particular flavor profile.


Defiance Ridge Vineyards

$$ | (636) 798-2288 | WEBSITE

Defiance Ridge Vineyards is a vast space with plenty of room for various activities. They have a restaurant that provides all services, accommodates weddings and other special parties, and has live music to make the atmosphere more enjoyable.

They offer a wide selection of wines, so you might want to assess and know your flavor preferences to find the wine that best suits you. They offer a full selection of hearty comfort dishes perfect for pairing with a glass of wine. Your trip will be even more pleasant because of Defiance Ridge Vineyards’ view of the lower valley.


Blumenhof Winery

$ | (636) 433-2245 | WEBSITE


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Blumenhof Winery is located in the picturesque town of Dutzow in Missouri and prides itself in producing award-winning wines. Both their selection of wines and meals are of very high quality and reasonable prices. When it’s warm out, you stay and enjoy the view on their patio, and on colder days, you can enjoy an enclosed heated deck.

Alternatively, you can visit their Tasting Room and relax while sipping your wine along the fireplace. Additionally, the music makes the whole experience even more delightful. The atmosphere also adds up and elevates the visit.


Wenwood Farm Winery

$ | (573) 437-3443 | WEBSITE

Wenwood Farm Winery is a sanctuary that combines high life’s elegance and sophistication with the country’s warmth and coziness. They have a selection of award-winning wines for you to choose from.

You can also participate in their cheerful events or enjoy a peaceful afternoon, taking in the view and the wine. They have good seating options and continuously improve the quality of their service and wines. The improvements are visible and enjoyed by customers as they visit.



Time with your friends or yourself is always essential. Spending a lovely and peaceful afternoon sipping a glass of wine can have a significant impact on your mood as it’s very relaxing. If you happen to stop by Missouri to try out some wine, here are the 13 best wineries in Missouri.

Wineries in Missouri

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