14 Best Wineries in Long Island, New York

Are you looking for a summer activity away from the busy life of the Big Apple? Do you love drinking wine and discovering new places? If yes, it’s time to visit any of the 14 best wineries on Long Island, New York.

Macari Vineyards

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Since its founding in 1995, Macari Vineyards and Winery has delighted visitors with wine tastings and farm tours. This family-owned and operated venture is proud of its 500-acre vineyard and two elegant tasting rooms. It utilizes ecologically responsible farming practices and cutting-edge viticulture.

Meanwhile, its year-round tasting sessions offer a wide range of in-house wines by bottle or glass. Guests can enjoy their wines and cheese platters in the tasting rooms or on the outdoor deck. A Macari wine educator can guide small and large groups in various tasting experiences.


Jamesport Vineyards

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This elegant winery is one of the oldest in North Fork. It has a gorgeous wine tasting room that offers a breathtaking view of the wine cellar. You can order from the Little Oak Wood Fired Kitchen if you want to pair your wine with some delicious food. It serves meatballs, freshly-made pizza, and olives in a bowl.

You can also order charcuterie boards with your wine every Tuesday and Wednesday. The winery also treats its guests to live jazz music. Wine enthusiasts recommend the East End Sauvignon Blanc. It’s a dry, white wine with a well-balanced acidity.


Sparkling Pointe

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This charming vineyard and winery lie on a sprawling estate in the breezy North Fork of Long Island. It uses estate-grown grapes to produce Méthode Champenoise sparkling wines. The state-of-the-art winery with fully automated equipment and a laboratory is at the core of its facility.

Another feature of this place is the reserve room that holds 1700 gallons of base wines. When you visit, you can tour the whole production facility and observe the step-by-step winemaking process. You may end your tour with a wine-tasting event.


Bedell Cellars

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This family-owned establishment is one of the pioneers in the Long Island wine-growing area. The owners’ commitment to sustainable farming inspired them to handcraft their wines in small batches. They have employed methods that honor the regional style of making wines for forty years.

They creatively process and blend the grapes nourished in the unique maritime terrain. This winery is famous for serving wines during Obama’s 2013 inaugural launch. It offers wine tasting and a food menu for groups of up to six guests. A recommended wine option is the delectable Malbec red wine.


Palmer Vineyards

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In 1993, Robert “Bob” Palmer purchased a vast, undeveloped estate on the North Fork of Long Island. He cultivated the vineyard and developed it into a beautiful winery. Presently, the Massoud family owns and operates Palmer Vineyards. The 90-acre vineyard produces more than 20 varieties.

It is known as one of the most reputable and visible wineries on Long Island. The numerous awards and praises it has received from guests reflect the winery’s culture of excellence. Make sure to try the Merlot Rosé when you visit. You’ll taste floral accents and intense spice with this fresh, dry wine.


Borghese Vineyard and Winery

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Borghese is Long Island’s first-ever vineyard and winery. Established in 1973, owners Louisa and Alex Hargrave pioneered the viticulture industry in the East End area. In 1998, the Borghese couple bought the establishment. They used their love of wine and respect for Italian tradition to create a fantastic winery.

Over the years, they made several award-winning vintage and sophisticated wines. With a microclimate and lush environment like France’s Bordeaux region, the vineyard can nourish superb French grape varietals. You can experience the wines in the charming, elegant rooms. You can also meet their wine experts for an in-depth discussion.


Pindar Vineyards

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The largest winery on Long Island is Pindar Vineyards, which produces 70,000 cases yearly. The 500-acre property grows 17 grape varieties into 23 proprietary blends and varietals. Amidst the immense production capacity, the vineyard commits to sustainable agricultural practices.

It ensures minimal environmental footprint in the vineyards, winery, and tasting rooms. One of its award-winning blends is a white wine with hints of citrus blossom and honeysuckle. Guests can enjoy a sunset wine tasting while listening to live music. There’s a vast space where families can hang out and have fun.


The Old Field Vineyards

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This establishment is proud to be the only mother-and-daughter winery team on Long Island. With a rich history spanning a hundred years, five generations nurtured the vineyard into what it is today. They grew Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, and Merlot grapes to produce premium sparkling, red, and white wines.

The vineyard also employs sustainable agricultural practices. Guests choose the charming and rustic place to enjoy a glass of rose or Merlot amidst the chickens and ducks. You’ll love the authentic and intimate atmosphere prepared by the closely-knit team.


McCall Wines

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This North Fork vineyard takes pride in its sustainable and meticulous farming methods. It commits to being responsible stewards of the land to create high-quality wine. Since 2007, it has farmed and produced an award-winning wine collection.

One of its featured wines is the Pinot Noir Hillside, hand-harvested from the vineyard’s hillside area. This delectable drink offers a harmonious blend of strawberries, black cherries, and spice to create a deep, concentrated flavor. You can visit the tasting room seven days a week and enjoy their burgers every Thursday and Friday.


Lenz Winery

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Lenz Winery, established in 1988, has a rich history. Over the years, it has built a team that honors responsible vineyard management and high regard for quality. Today, guests flock to the place for its best varietal wines.

These wines are comparable to the premium wines from California and France. Wine tasters fall in love with their dry and tasty Merlot. It also serves excellent food that you can enjoy during wine tasting sessions. The team also organizes barbecues and farmer’s markets to make your visit worthwhile.


Roanoke Vineyards

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Long Island’s only membership winery provides exclusive access to its nine-estate wine portfolio and a 95-point Cabernet Sauvignon. Its members can attend special wine events and get inside information on winemaking.

TNon-members can purchase the wines at the winery’s shop on Love Lane in Mattituck. Roanoke fans recommend the “Infinite Possibilities” white wine. You can try the Cabernet Franc if you’re a red wine fan.

A creation with mild tannins that pairs perfectly well with a wide variety of cheese. Pet lovers would be delighted to know that they can bring their furry companions to this winery.


Rose Hill Vineyards & Inn

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What used to be Shinn Estate Vineyards is now Rose Hill Vineyards. The name may have changed, but its commitment to quality and excellent service remains the same. It aims to maintain the dedication to sustainable winemaking and special tasting sessions.

This quaint winery is on an off-beaten path, making it a delightful venue for small groups. For people who want to stay over the weekend, it offers a bed-and-breakfast that recharges the mind and soul. You can also order a wine flight and enjoy it at their patio overlooking the lovely vineyard.


Osprey’s Dominion

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The team at Osprey’s Dominion believes that producing the best wines entails minor human interference. It maximizes its soil complexity, unique location, and natural environment in creating high-quality varietals. The 90 acres of Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Gris, and Carmenere grapes are a rich resource for bottles of finely crafted wines.

It offers a pleasant setup where you can lounge on tables set on the lawn, either under umbrellas or shaded by vines. You can bring your food or order from them while enjoying the Chardonnay. Frequent visitors rave about the warm reception and excellent service.


Pellegrini Vineyards

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This pioneering vineyard on Long Island employs a time-honored tradition of producing world-class wines. It boasts a breathtaking two-story tasting room with hand-hewn beams and majestic oak posts. Visitors can pass through a trellised walkway to marvel at the modern production facility and see the winemaking process.

After touring the place, you can relax in the private tasting area with a fabulous courtyard view. The winery exudes a perfect combination of old-world charm and state-of-the-art facilities.


Cheers to a Great Winery Experience

The 14 best wineries in Long Island, New York, are testaments to the area’s nourishing land and highly creative people. Each place has something different to offer for newbies and wine connoisseurs. One brilliant idea is to visit a few wineries at a given time to maximize the trip and the beautiful weather.

Best Wineries in Long Island, New York

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