18 Must-Try Blackberry Wine Recipes

Are you tired of the regular grape red wine? If you want to try something new, there are many fruit wines that you may try. You can even combine them and create something different. Before giving you the 18 blackberry wine recipes, here is why blackberry wine is so popular.

Why are blackberry wine recipes popular?


Bramble or blackberry wine is just as good as regular wine. If the fruit quality is at its peak and the fermentation process is successful, it will result in a smooth, sweet, and tart taste with berry flavor.

The aroma, which wine lovers first test, is incredible. You can also make it in different ways that go perfectly with savory meals and desserts.

The creativity does not stop after you make your blackberry wine. There are still so many recipes that you may do with your finished product, such as making cocktails, desserts, or entrees. But what made people fall in love with blackberry wine is the numerous benefits that you may get.

Firstly, these berries have natural antioxidants that lower your risk of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and cancer. It is high in vitamins C and K and minerals like manganese.

Although they taste sweet, their glycemic index or GI is low and will not likely increase your blood sugar. So basically, they are not just delicious but also nutritious.

However, if you have any underlying medical condition, you should check your doctor and nutritionist before drinking a blackberry wine. This is to prevent and avoid any medical issues that may arise after drinking the blackberry wine.

Another bad news is if you choose blackberries that are not ripe enough, there is no way to salvage your wine. But if you already have your ripe blackberries ready but do not know how to make one, here are 18 blackberry wine recipes you must try.

But before you start reading and scrolling, take note of all these blackberry wine recipes you will surely enjoy.

1. Appalachian Blackberry Wine Recipe


This recipe came from Appalachia on the Eastern side of the United States. They make wine that has a stunning red color that is appetizing to the eyes.

With this recipe, you will learn how to make wine without any special equipment used in winemaking. Instead of using chemicals to make the wine clear, you will use egg white instead. You can serve the remains with ice cream after fermenting.

2. BlackberryBordeaux Red Wine

This blackberry wine recipe uses the Bordeaux yeast you use when making red wine, which is perfect for the blackberry. The steps and what you need are simple, which is great for first-timers.

You will only need the Bordeaux yeast, sugar, fresh blackberries, and boiling water. It takes about 4 to 6 days to ferment so you can enjoy the blackberry wine in no time.

3. Blackberry Cardamom Mulled Wine


Try a mulled wine if you want a festive drink that is great for winter. It is a sweetened wine with spices of your choice.

For this recipe, green cardamom pods are the star, accompanied by vanilla bean and cinnamon sticks that you can use as garnish. You will not make a blackberry wine from scratch; instead, add blackberry jam to dry red wine along with the ingredients mentioned.

4. Blackberry Wine in Mason Jar

Making blackberry wine in a mason jar is a good idea if you do not want to disturb the fermenting period of all wines when having a taste. Instead, this will allow you to enjoy one jar at a time. Furthermore, if you want to experiment with the flavors, this method will not ruin all the batches if it turns out bad.

5. Scout’s Blackberry and Pine Wine


Ever tried an autumn-flavored wine? This recipe uses a unique combination of blackberry and pine sprigs. Aside from the amazing flavor, you will get, there is a great reason behind this recipe.

Most blackberry wine recipes require you to use the finest fruit to make great wine, but you may use defective fruits here. Furthermore, it utilizes the natural yeast from the berry.

6. Frozen Blackberry Wine

For this recipe, you must freeze the blackberry overnight before making your wine. It allows you to extract more juice and sweetness from the blackberry since the cellular walls will be broken down.

To defrost it, you will put it in a pressure cooker and use the water buildup as part of the recipe. There really will be less wasted blackberry when you follow this recipe.

7. Blackberry and Apple Wine


Do you know that Blackberry goes well with Apple? There are many fruits and berries that you can pair with blackberry, making them versatile. You can make many dishes with the two fruits, but this recipe will show you how to make wine. It is very straightforward to make as it has the same method as the others.

8. Homemade Blackberry Country Wine

This homemade blackberry wine has additional steps that most recipes do not do. You will blend the frozen blackberries until it looks like a slush.

You can do all the necessary steps in a fermentation bucket, even the blending part. Doing this recipe reduces the mess and equipment that you have to wash. Furthermore, you will only have to use a clean towel instead of putting a lid on.

9. Blackberry Bourbon Mulled Wine


This blackberry bourbon mulled wine will not make you start from scratch like the Cardamom mulled wine. You may make wine out of blackberry mulled merlot jam and a mix of red wine and bourbon.

For a richer spice taste, add other spices to the mix, such as cinnamon, star anise, orange, and cloves. Use brown sugar if you want more sweetness to your wine.

10. Blackberry and Blackcurrant Port (Fortified Wine)

Portuguese wine, or Port wine, is sweeter and richer than normal wine. The alcohol level is very high, ranging around 20%.

There are also additional steps to make this wine, not only to produce the wine but also wise tips that you may use when making other wines. This is a sophisticated recipe that includes two main ingredients, blackberry, and blackcurrant. It’s a perfect drink for occasions!

11. Vanilla Blackberry Mulled Wine


Instead of using blackberry jam to make the mulled wine, this recipe will require you to use a blackberry liqueur to mix with dry red wine. Of course, since this is a mulled wine, it does not stop there.

You will taste the vanilla from the vanilla bean and seeds that go well with the earthy flavors from cinnamon and nutmeg. All spices are available in McCormick Gourmet.

12. Home Brewing Wild Blackberry Wine

You do not have to go to the store to buy blackberries for winemaking. It will do just fine if you live in a neighborhood where wild blackberries are available. Use a Campden to clean the blackberries, kill the bacteria that might be on the surface, and remove wild yeast that is not good when brewing wine.

13. Blackberry and Elderberry Wine


Do you know what a perfect pair of berries is? Another berry. This recipe will use blackberry and elderberry to produce a rich red wine color.

Blackberry and elderberry wine might be among the most nutritious drinks, as both have vital health benefits. Blackberry contains antioxidants, while elderberry helps with inflammation and boosts immunity. It is like an elixir in wine form.

14. Simple and Cheap Blackberry with Grape Wine

This blackberry wine recipe is easy to do, yet making it extra. The blackberry used in this recipe is fresh and not frozen. The recipe will ask you to pour boiling water into the fruit directly.

However, the grape used is concentrated that you may buy in groceries. If you want to have fun making the wine, you may use your hand instead of a masher to mash the berries.

15. Blackberry and Banana Madeira-Type Wine


Another fantastic combination you may do with blackberry is one of the best tropical fruits, the banana. This recipe is perfect for enjoying during summer as it is sweet and refreshing.

If you want to have fortified Madeira wine, allow the wine to age for at least two years. It is a long time, but the sweetness and smoothness that it will develop are worth the wait.

16. Light Bodied Sweet Blackberry Wine

Light-bodied wine means that the alcohol level of the product will be no more than 12.5%. Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Grigio are some of the wines you might know.

Meanwhile, sweet wine has residual sugar in the final product, making it sweet when you drink it. This recipe is perfect for dessert dishes and when you want to enjoy wine but don’t want to get drunk.

17. Blackberry and Plum Wine


For a sweet, earthy, and tarty wine, this recipe is for you. Depending on the ripeness, you can taste the sweetness or tartness of the plum.

So, if you want a really sweet wine, pick some fully ripe plums. Meanwhile, if you like the tartness it produces, pick it before the fruit ripens. And since the blackberry already has some tartness, it is best to choose ripe plums.

18. Homemade Blackberry fruit wine with no sugar, no yeast, no chemicals

That’s right. You can make wine without the other wine necessities. Almost every winemaking requires you to use sugar and yeast, but if those are not available, you may follow this recipe.

The best part is that this recipe may also use other berries. The blackberry must be ripe and fresh. You may add crushed grapes to the jar with the blackberry as well.

Common FAQ list

How many blackberries do I need to make wine?

The number of blackberries needed depends on how much wine you are making. If you want a small batch of 1-gallon, 4 pounds of berries are enough. This ratio can be your basis for making a larger batch. For example, 5-gallon of blackberry wine will require about 20 pounds of blackberry.

Is blackberry wine good for a person with diabetes?

Even though blackberry wine is sweet, it can lower the glucose level of a type 2 diabetic person. They are also making a great antioxidant that can lower the risk of heart disease. Blackberries also lower the cholesterol level in the body, which makes it a healthy wine to enjoy.

How long does a blackberry wine last?

You can store a homemade blackberry wine in a bottle for up to 3 years. The longer you let it sit, the richer and more fortified the flavor. An opened fortified wine can still be good after several weeks if stored in your refrigerator. However, once you open a bottle of wine, it is best to drink it for up to 4 days.

How long does the blackberry wine ferment?

The fermenting period is only four days up to a week. There are many ways to know if your wine is already done fermenting. One way to know it is by constantly checking the change in the alcohol level. Even though it takes days to ferment, you must still keep an eye on your wine as it might overflow if covered.

Is blackberry wine considered a fruit wine?

Yes, blackberry wine is a fruit wine, and so are the other wines not made of grapes. Just like regular wine, fruit wines may also contain alcohol. This alcohol occurs naturally during fermentation. However, these wines are sweeter than regular wine, which is perfect as a dessert wine.

Is freezing blackberry required to make wine?

Freezing the fruit is not a requirement, but it will make the most of the blackberry. The process will break down the cellular walls, allowing more juice to come out.


If it is your first time making a fruit wine or any wine at all, don’t worry. These 18 blackberry wine recipes will guide you into making one of the most fabulous wines you may drink. Head down to your local market or start foraging for some berries.


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