21 Best Red Wine Cocktail Recipes

Looking for something new to enjoy this evening? Red wine cocktails are the perfect drink combination – with infinite possibilities! Whether you’re craving a refreshing, summery beverage or a warm and cozy winter classic, these recipes provide creative inspiration that every wine lover should experience.

Gather your friends for an unforgettable soiree or stay in and indulge while streaming your favorite film. Either way, don’t miss out on these 21 Red Wine Cocktail Recipes!

1. Red Wine Sangria Cocktail


Transform your next gathering into an exotic Spanish paradise with the Red Wine Sangria Cocktail Recipe!

Deliciously light and succulent, it is made from wine, fresh fruit, and a dash of sweetness. It’s perfect for cooling off on hot summer days or elevating any dinner party to new heights. Serve this classic fruity punch at your next get-together; you won’t regret it!


2. Red Wine Cocktail

Take your red wine game to the next level with Laura’z Kitchen’s infusion of minty flavors and citrus! Our unique twist on a traditional beverage will invigorate your taste buds like never before.

Enjoy an unforgettable libation experience that is sure to surprise, delight, and bring any occasion to life. Elevate yourself today with this one-of-a-kind flavor combination for a truly extraordinary drinking pleasure.


3. Holiday Wine Punch Cocktails


This scrumptious Holiday Wine Punch Cocktail is the perfect solution for serving a large crowd during the festive season. With only five simple ingredients, this delightful red wine punch is sure to be an instant hit and will keep your guests filled with holiday cheer!

So, impress them all by making this easy-to-prepare yet impressive Christmas or New Year cocktail – they won’t forget it anytime soon!


4. Red Wine Mojito

Introducing a brand new series of videos featuring Youtuber’s quick & easy cocktail recipes! One episode recently premiered, and it offers an exciting recipe for red wine mojito.

This unique twist on the classic comes with vibrant notes of citrus and mints – perfect for any summer occasion. Don’t miss out, as he presents more tantalizing cocktails in his upcoming episodes!


5. Kalimotxo (Red Wine & Coke)


Satisfy your Spanish sangria craving quickly and easily with the perfect kalimotxo, otherwise known as calimocho. This two-ingredient cocktail is made of red wine, and Coke yet has a flavor that exudes sophistication. With just minutes to spare, you can conjure up this delicious libation!


6. Red Wine Sangria Cocktail

If you’re looking to add a zesty kick to your red wine, then this sangria recipe is the perfect match for you. This fantastic guide from Total Wine features Cabernet Sauvignon combined with brandy and orange juice for an unforgettable taste experience. Get ready for a punch of flavor in every sip!


7. Strawberry Red Wine Cocktail


This delightful Strawberry Red Wine Cocktail Recipe requires only three ingredients: cabernet red wine, two strawberries thinly sliced, and a strawberry garnish. The simplicity of this concoction is its charm!

Pour your favorite glass of wine, add some sparkling water to give it an extra kick, and top with the fresh slices of strawberry – you’re done! Not only does the drink look so delectable, but it also takes no time at all to make.


8. Kalimotxo

Beat the summer heat with BenDeen’s signature Kalimotxo blend – a one-of-a-kind mixture of red wine and Coke that promises to refresh you in no time!

If you’re an avid fan of either (or both!) drinks, this lip-smacking cocktail recipe is just what your taste buds need. So why wait? Get yourself a glass today, and enjoy an unforgettable sipping experience like none other!


9. Easy Red Wine Spritzer

Easy Red Wine Spritzer

Red Wine Spritzer is an excellent and refreshing cocktail you can enjoy any time of day. You can make it in minutes with just two ingredients! Wine is probably most people’s go-to drink, but at the same time, everyone loves a good cocktail

In the warm days of summer, a spritzer is a must. This recipe combines the two best drinks!


10. Vodka With Wine Cocktail

Looking for an innovative beverage to tantalize your taste buds? Try the Vodka with Red Wine Cocktail from Liquidos By Ruka! This cocktail provides a delightful combination of potency and fruity wine. If you’re a fan of both red wine and vodka, then you simply must sample this delicious cocktail – your taste buds will thank you!


11. Wine and Whiskey Cocktail


Prepare to experience the ultimate union of two classic spirits – whiskey and red wine. Paired with a hint of lemon, this Wine and Whiskey Cocktail is sweetened with simple syrup for an unforgettable sip. Don’t take my word for it — if you’re passionate about both wines and whiskeys, then you haven’t truly lived until you’ve tried this remarkable concoction!


12. Red Wine Spritzer

Cocktail Hour presents you with a range of simple mixed drink recipes that can be put together in no time using cost-effective tools. Take the Red Wine Spritzer, for instance; this delightful cocktail takes under 5 minutes to prepare, and you can savor it during all months of the year!


13. New York Sour


Get ready to leave an impression with the New York Sour, a unique and stunning spin on the classic Whiskey Sour. To craft this drink that will make your taste buds dance, simply create a whiskey sour, then float red wine atop it. Take pleasure in one of the most excellent cocktails around!


14. Easy Authentic Red Sangria

For your next summer event, why not impress and delight your guests with the festive feel of a Sangria? It’s easy to make a cocktail that exudes sophistication, requiring only Spanish red wine and fresh fruit for its infusion.

Plus you can even prepare it in advance. So all that is left for you to do when everyone arrives is celebrate! Serving up a pitcher full of this tasty treat will definitely get things off on the perfect note.


15. Red Wine Cocktails with Tequila


If you’re in search of a creative and delightful tipple, try one of these 5-ingredient (or less!) cocktails! In minutes, whip up an extraordinary Red Wine and Tequila concoction that combines the best elements of both drinks.

Not sure if you’re feeling like something mixed or wine? Look no further than this simple recipe for the perfect balance between the two. These quick cocktail recipes are made with minimal ingredients but maximize flavor – just what your taste buds need!


16. Red Wine Spritzer

Make your red wine experience even more delightful with this simple and delectable Red Wine Spritzer recipe! In no time, you’ll be able to create a fruity and sparkling masterpiece that is perfect for newbies in the drink-making game. Simply choose any type of fruit and get ready to indulge in its bubbly goodness – cheers!


17. Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail


Mix up a delightful and summery Vodka Lemonade Wine Cocktail! This fantastic concoction of vodka, cabernet sauvignon, lemonade, and ice is the ideal balance of sweet and dry flavors that will refresh you. All it takes to make this tasty drink is some crushed ice, your favorite type of vodka, a good bottle of cabernet sauvignon wine, and lemonade.


18. Red Wine Sour Cocktail

Elevate your red wine appreciation with BWS’s Red Wine Sour Cocktail! Its unique and tantalizing flavor will bring a rush of zing to your taste buds, pushing the boundaries of pleasure. Don’t miss out and give this sour a go now for an absolute delight you won’t soon forget!


19. Sparkling Red Wine Sangria


Unleash the deliciousness of your red wine with this simple and speedy spritzer recipe! You can put in any fruit for a bubbly, fruity drink that’s perfect for beginners and experienced bartenders alike. In only minutes, you will have created an intoxicatingly tasty beverage that is sure to be enjoyed by all.


20. Bloody Monk Cocktail

Bloody Monk Cocktail

Spice up your red wine with this bold and beautiful Bloody Monk cocktail! It exudes a vivid crimson hue, along with an intense yet delightful rum flavor. For those seeking something more potent in their glass – look no further than the Bloody Monk for a powerful punch that will tantalize your taste buds.


21. Red Moon Over Manhattan Cocktail


If you’re looking to impress at your next gathering, look no further than the irresistible Red Moon Over Manhattan! This flavorful red wine cocktail is a delightful take on classic bourbon cocktails and will be sure to have everyone waxing poetic about its deliciousness. It’s an easy yet creative way to make any gathering memorable.

In Summary

Wine fans, are you ready to savor something special? From warm and comforting winter classics to delightful summery drinks, these 21 Red Wine Cocktail Recipes will provide a new level of creative inspiration.

Invite your friends for an unforgettable fun time, or stay inside with that film you’ve wanted to watch and let yourself be swept away in the ambiance of one (or several!) delicious red wine cocktails!

Best Red Wine Cocktail Recipes

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