16 Best Homemade Peach Wine Recipes

Peach wine is a juicy, refreshing sweet selection perfect for sipping on sunny days. In this modern day, many discovered the beauty of creating peach wine. It’s not only cool, light, and flavorful. Peach wine carries with it powerful health benefits too.

Is it your first time to try and make peach wine? Well, we collect 17 Best Peach Wine Recipes. Try them now, and you’ll love them.

What is Peach Wine?


We can all agree that the wine grape is the primary ingredient and commonly used fruit in winemaking. But it is no wonder that many fruits, like peaches, are used across the globe to craft and produce famous wines.

Today, peach wine is a fantastic, fruity drink made of peaches, wine yeast, sugar, water, and wine. Because of its refreshing, light, and sweet flavor, people often enjoy peach wine as a chilled dessert wine.

Winemakers use both yellow and white peaches to create peach wine. However, the taste may vary depending on the variety of peaches. Yellow peaches produced a more pungent acidic taste. On the other hand, white peaches are usually sweeter wines. But overall, when you like to make a peach wine, you must choose firm, ripe, and healthy peaches.

The Need to Make Peach Wine

Peach wine is an excellent drink because of its potent health benefits. This refreshing drink will cleanse your kidneys, boost the immune system, and decrease the risks of obesity. On top of that, experts state that peach wine lowers the chance of having eye diseases and cholesterol and repairs tissues and cells.

Things to Remember Before Making Peach Wine

When you make peach wine recipes, always pick ripened peaches. Also, before you try each recipe we listed for you, it will be helpful to wash the peaches and get rid of their leaves and stems. Make sure to cut down any bruises to prevent bacteria and store the peach wine away from sunlight.

1. Peach Wine Spritzers by Peanut Butter and Fitness


Peach wine spritzers are made up of semi-dry white wine having notes of peach. For this peach wine recipe, you can use any white wine you love and prefer, such as Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Gris.

All you need to prepare is a 750 ml or one bottle of white wine, 18 oz of peach nectar, 6 oz of ginger beer, and vodka. You can add some raspberries and peach slices when you serve it to make it more refreshing and more remarkable.

2. Moscato Peach Wine Slushies

If you like to treat yourself to some fantastic and delicious drinks, here’s a perfect peach wine recipe you’ll love. Once you try these Moscato Peach Wine Slushies, you’ll find it over gain. This recipe is a frosty wine slushy made with crisp Moscato wine and real peaches.

The essential ingredients are easy to find and prepare. One bottle of Moscato Wine, two cups of frozen peaches, and one-half cup of powdered sugar are the things you need. You can garnish this peach wine with fresh fruits such as peach slices and strawberries to make it exciting.

3. Homemade Peach Wine by Fermenting for Foodies


On the top three on our list is something fun and summery. When you follow this peach wine recipe wholeheartedly, it will take only thirty minutes of your time. If you want a full burst of summer flavor, you should not miss this homemade peach wine recipe.

Plus, you can expect a total yield of three liters. So, if you’re curious about how you can make peach wine by yourself at home, visit this recipe crafted by Fermenting for Foodies.

4. Peach Wine Spritzer Drink Recipe by The Happy Hour

Here’s a peach wine recipe perfect for a private, intimate dinner or your upcoming grand celebration. On top of that, this video recipe brought by The Happy Hour is super simple and easy to make. If you like this peach wine recipe, you only need five essential ingredients.

Put one bottle of peach and sparkling wine on your list, one-half cup of peach nectar, two fresh peaches, and ice. And surprisingly, this peach wine recipe only costs $21 or less.

5. Brewsy Homemade Peach Wine Recipe


Next on our list is another peach wine recipe you could try. This homemade peach wine recipe from Brewsy creates a sugary and luscious peach wine. What makes this peach wine even more impressive is that once finished, it can go well with spicy dinner deals and make an excellent dessert wine.

Once you master this recipe, you’ll realize that you don’t need to go to wine tasting galleries to have a peach wine blast. With these quick, detailed steps, peach wine is a refreshing, sweet beverage you can take home.

6. Canned Peach Wine Recipe

Do you want to stock some peach wine at home that you can use for everyday dinner or if you’re hosting a party soon? If that’s the case, here’s a perfect peach wine recipe.

In this recipe, you don’t have to scout fresh and ripe peaches down at your local grocery store. You can produce one gallon of peach wine from none other than canned peaches. Click the link and watch this canned peach wine recipe from DIY Fermentation.

7. Peach Wine Coolers Recipe


Do you like to have sunshine in a glass? Here’s an easy but unique drink you could have while chilling and relaxing. Put together frozen unsweetened peaches, brandy, honey, thinly sliced lemon, one bottle of dry white wine, chilled carbonated water, and ice cubes.

Start by combing the honey, peach, and lemon slices, and stir in wine. Afterward, refrigerate the mix for two to four hours or until chilled. Before serving, stir with sparkling water and fill with ice.

8. Tom Brueggen’s Homemade Peach Wine Recipe

Here’s a fantastic homemade peach wine recipe for reservation in your kitchen at home. All the ingredients you need to make ready are super easy to find. On top of that, you’ll never get lost with this wine video recipe.

You can make a peach wine with Harvest Peach Puree, acid blend, nutrient blend, sugar, pectic enzyme, grape tannin, yeast, and purified water.

9. Frozen Peach Wine Slushy


Frozen Peach Wine Slushy is an easy summer drink you can enjoy on the beach. It’s a crisp and clean beverage perfect for a sunny day picnic with your friends or loved ones.

This peach wine recipe includes frozen peaches, fresh strawberries, and a whole bottle of your favorite white wines. You can use a Sauvignon Blanc if you like something light and fruity. Moscato is the ultimate go-to for a sweeter flavor.

Or you can pick Chardonnay for some oaky flavor. And, of course, for a grape-forward taste, Pinot Grigio is the best!

10. The Food Channel Warm Peach Wine Recipe


Next on our list is a warm peach wine recipe excellent for cozy and relaxing drink nights. This delicate hot-tasting beverage with floral overtones is something that everybody will enjoy.

Collect peach juice (not nectar), sugar, one bottle of Merlot, oranges, and ground nutmeg for the ingredients. With the six detailed step-by-step instructions from The Food Channel, you’ll have a refreshing peach wine that you and your family will love.

11. Tropical Peach Wine Slushies Recipe


Tropical Peach Wine Slushie is the ultimate showstopper. It’s a summertime favorite and a crowd pleaser. You’ll enjoy this peach wine recipe because it only requires a few ingredients, is quick and easy, and is perfect for any occasion.

Here are the ingredients. First, use your favorite white wine. Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc are excellent options since they are dry and full-flavored.

And of course, the main highlight of this cool beverage is frozen peach slices. To add a tropical hint, add some frozen pineapple and mango.

12. How to Make Peach Wine By Phil Billy Moonshine

Here’s a video by Phil Billy Moonshine that will take us into another peach wine recipe. Follow these detailed instructions carefully and wholeheartedly, and you’ll reward yourself with a cold glass of wine. If you’re interested in DIY wine recipes, this peach wine video recipe is something you will enjoy.

13. German Sparkling Peach Wine Punch


For this refreshing recipe, gather some pitted medium peaches, a bottle of Riesling wine, a bottle of sweet sparkling wine, and a bottle of lovely champagne. You can make it sweet and flavorful by adding four to six tablespoons of sugar to taste.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-make beverage, add this peach wine recipe to your list. You’ll never be disappointed.

14. Lisa Huff Peach White Wine Sangria Slushie

Here’s another beverage that would make the best summer drink for hot days. This peach wine recipe features white wine, peach liqueur, orange liqueur, honey, peaches, and fruit juice.

Mix them all, and you’ll have an easy frozen cocktail perfect for beating the summer heat. On top of that, since it’s not complicated to make, you can have it at home over books or weekend night movies.

15. Spicy Southern Kitchen Peach Wine Slushies


Because we can’t get enough of this recipe, here’s another peach wine slushie fantastic for summer entertainment. This peach wine slushie is extraordinary because it only has two ingredients.

This recipe’s excellent white wine choice is Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. Or if you want to go way little sweeter, you can try Moscato or Riesling.

16. Marissa Moore 5-Minute Peach White Wine Slushie

And the last hoorah of peach wine recipes is something that is super-duper easy to make. Once you taste this recipe, it will be your next favorite. This 5-minute  Peach White Wine Slushie is perfect for sipping by the pool on a boy or girl’s night out.

Marissa Moore uses 16 ounces of frozen peaches, 2 ½ cups of Sauvignon Blanc, and raw sugar for this peach wine recipe. Being super simple, you must place all the peaches in a blender, add the Sauvignon Blanc white wine, and blend until smooth. Voila! Sip and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions on Peach Wine

Now, let’s go into the most highly requested questions on the web about peach wine. Everything you need to know about peach wine is here. Keep on reading!

What is the best food to pair with peach wine?

Because of its exquisite sweetness, it is best to pair a glass of peach wine with spicy or smoky foods. Peach wine is an excellent complement to spicy dishes using green chile.

On top of that, it can go well with stir-fry, grilled chicken, salads with bleu cheese, and crab cakes. Barbeque and smoky cheeses will bring a pleasant burst of flavors to peach wine.

What are the health benefits of peach wine?


Experts state that peach wine contains powerful health benefits. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, niacin, thiamin, and calcium. In addition, peach wine holds a massive number of antioxidants. Further, since peach wine is abundant in water content, it helps in hydrating the body, which aids in cutting down fat.

What does peach wine taste like?

Since peach wine is often light-bodied and fruity, it has hints of sweet peach blossoms and tropical fruit on top of fresh peaches. Peach wine is a beautiful complement to lunches or dinners, even at grand parties. Or you can have peach wine as a dessert treat.

Final Thoughts on Best Peach Wine Recipes

Indeed, peach wine is truly a showstopper and versatile drink. Aside from its sweet, refreshing flavor, it also holds many health benefits. So, we have your back whether you like to craft your peach wine or turn it into a lovely cooler, spritzer, or slushie. Try these 17 Best Peach Wine Recipes!

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