20 Fun and Easy Muscadine Wine Recipes

In the mood to try something new? Do you want to tickle your taste buds? Are you looking to add a new wine to your rack?

Maybe we can interest you with the Muscadine wine then! Whether this is the first time you will have this wine, or you have had it before, one or two of these 20 Muscadine wine recipes will likely introduce a new burst of flavor in your mouth!

What Is the Muscadine Wine?

Before jumping into the recipes, let us get to know the Muscadine wine first. Have you never gotten up close and personal with this wine? Well, you are not alone. Many do not know about this unique wine.

The Muscadine is a wine made from grapes bearing the same name, making it a patriotic wine. Among the many wines on the market, it is one of the few to use American grapes.

How the Muscadine wine comes to be is similar to how other wines come to life. However, one thing to note is the amount of sugar put into it. While the grapes can get big (i.e., as big as golf balls), they naturally have low sugar content. Hence, the addition of sugar in the process.

Interestingly, it comes in different styles. There can be red, white, and even rosé varieties of it! Additionally, it can be dry or sweet, and in the same manner, its flavors can surprise you. It comes in a wide array of tastes. However, it always comes in a fruity flavor.

20 Muscadine Wine Recipes to Check Out

As we said above, this wine comes in different styles, and these recipes will show just that. Some of these are sweeter than others. On the other hand, some are drier. Some have greater alcohol levels. On the other hand, some do not. Some are lighter, while some are darker.

Finally, some are wildcards with the twists and surprises they have! We have tons to get through today, so without further ado, let us get to know the first recipe on this list!

1. Old-Fashioned Muscadine Wine Recipe


Muscadine wine used to be overly sweet to mimic other wines. However, the times are changing, and the practice of making this wine is too.

When making this wine, many are no longer trying to make it like other wines and have come to accept its unique flavor. Still, if you miss the old type, this recipe will likely satisfy your sweet tooth!

2. 1 Gallon Muscadine Wine Recipe

While some still stick to the old ways of making muscadine wine (i.e., incorporating tons of sugar), some have laid down the sweet stuff. This recipe still has sugar, but not as much, making it ideal for those who like their wine sugary but not overly sweet.

Not sure where to start with the Muscadine wine? This one is a great recipe to start with and tweak later on.

3. Muscadine and Raspberry Wine Recipe


This recipe incorporates other fruits in the mix other than the grapes. As the recipe name implies, it also has some raspberries, but it does not stop there. This recipe also offers a zesty orange flavor.

Additionally, it uses a small amount of sugar. This recipe might do the trick if you like your wines somewhat dry but with fruity flavors.

4. Kinfolk Farm’s Muscadine Wine Recipe

This recipe is ideal for beginners and those who will make wine for the first time. This recipe is not only simple but detailed as well. You will not find yourself lost with this one, as every step and ingredient from start to finish is in this recipe. It is one you can follow to the dot without worrying about finding substitutes.

5. Must-Try Muscadine Wine Recipe


This recipe makes a gallon, making it an ideal recipe for sharing with a small group. Additionally, you will not have to worry much about preferences as it uses a small amount of sugar, making it sweet, but not too sweet.

The sugary taste will be there enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. However, it will not be too much to put off those who like their wine somewhat dry.

6. Wine Maker TV’s Muscadine Wine Recipe

This one is an easy recipe to make up to 3 gallons, making it an ideal recipe for sharing with a big group.

Additionally, as this one only uses a small amount of sugar, you and your friends will not have to worry about having another glass from time to time.

7. Adventures in Homebrewing’s Muscadine Wine Recipe


Muscadine wine can make for a fine choice to serve at parties and small gatherings with friends and loved ones. This recipe makes around 5 gallons, making it an ideal recipe for such. On the other hand, you also do not have to share! If you want to always have some muscadine wine in your racks, this one can do the trick.

8. Mayhem Country Living’s Muscadine Wine Recipe

This recipe makes for a fine choice for those in it for the alcohol. Not only does this recipe have tons of grapes, but also plenty of sugar.

While many Muscadine wines only reach around 10% ABV, this one has approximately 14% ABV. With that, while you can make plenty of wine with this recipe, you might want to watch your intake of it.

9. 5 Gallon Muscadine Wine Recipe


This recipe makes around 5 gallons of Muscadine wine, making it an ideal recipe for sharing or stocking. Additionally, it uses a ton of sugar, raising its alcohol levels. This recipe will likely do the trick if you want a ton of wine and if you like them sweet and boozy.

10. Muscadine Wine with Molasses Recipe

Do you like molasses? As the name of this recipe implies, it uses this sweet thing.

As we have said above, this wine can come in various colors. Well, this one has a fun blush tone! That makes this recipe a good option if you want some twist to your usual Muscadine wine. On the other hand, it can also be a fun addition to a party.

11. WINNING-HOMEBREW’s Muscadine Wine Recipe


This recipe is a classic. This one will likely do the trick if you want a taste of Muscadine wine close to home. Additionally, there are not that many ingredients with this one, making the things needed for it easy to gather and the whole process simple. If you want an easy, fast, and simple recipe, give this one a try.

12. Homemade Wild Texas Grape Muscadine Wine Recipe

If you want to get started on your wine as soon as possible, you might want to give this recipe a look. This one is easy, simple, and pretty direct to the point.

It makes for a good refresher if you have already made some muscadine wine before and only need to check on some parts. This recipe is a quick step-by-step guide from start to bottling.

13. Hearts Home Brew’s Muscadine Wine Recipe


This recipe comes from around the 1990s. If you want to try Muscadine wine recipes from different times, you might want to give this one a shot. As this recipe is from decades ago, you can expect that it is on the sweeter side. However, while sugar does help with alcohol levels, it does not mean this one is as alcoholic as it is sweet.

14. Keep-N-up W/Jones’ Muscadine Wine Recipe

If you have been wanting to start your batch but having trouble finding an easy-to-understand recipe, you might want to give this one a shot. This one might look hard, but it has helped many with starting on their Muscadine wine. It is not the fastest way to make wine, but it is undoubtedly easy and simple.

15. Muscadine Wine in 7 Easy Steps Recipe


This recipe will show you how to make some Muscadine wine in 7 easy steps. This one is an ideal recipe to try out if you do not have many grapes to spare but still want to have a taste of this wine. This recipe only uses a small number of grapes, but enough to give you a sip and see how good this wine could be!

16. Cheap and Easy Wine Recipe

This one might be the best recipe for those on a budget. This one will not cost you much as it shows you the cheaper options for the many things and ingredients for this wine. It is a recipe to try out if you are curious about this wine but not yet ready to spend tons of bucks to start your batch.

17. TANNAT WINE & CHEESE’s Muscadine Wine Recipe


If you have a lot of Muscadine and are not sure what to do with them, this recipe might be for you. It uses a whole gallon of grapes! Imagine how much wine you will have when you finish!

You do not have to worry, though. While you will use many grapes, this recipe does not have many ingredients.

18. Funky Chicken Muscadine Wine Recipe

As you might have already guessed from the name, this one is a fun and unique recipe.

This recipe uses Scuppernong grapes, but you need not worry. It is still the Muscadine grape, a variety of it. This recipe might work best for you if you are particular about cleanliness. For one, this recipe starts with washing the grapes, a step others skip.

19. To Wine and Cheese’s Muscadine Wine Recipe


This one is easy and detailed, making it ideal if you want a recipe that can help you from start to finish. Additionally, it offers several ways to do some steps and answers some questions you might have along the way. Two things that can help make the process a breeze if you are making the wine alone.

20. Fine Muscadine Wine Recipe

This last recipe on our list is similar to all the other recipes. However, it offers some unique ways to do some steps, which helps make the whole process easier. If you find yourself stuck or running out of breath with some steps, you might want to give this recipe a shot!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Muscadine Wine

You have now seen the 20 Muscadine wine recipes. Before you go, let us go ahead and tackle a few questions you might have about this grape and wine.

A. Where Does Muscadine Come From?

This grape originated in Florida, but it is now littering the southeastern part of the U.S.

B. Is Muscadine Wine Healthy?

Yes and no. The grape is undoubtedly one of the healthiest grapes used for wines. However, most – if not all – muscadine wine uses an awful ton of sugar. In moderation, it can probably do some good. Still, too much, and it could be harmful.

C. Can You Eat Muscadine Grape Skin?

The skin is edible, but as you might have already noticed, it is hard. Many prefer to squeeze the flesh out of the skin instead when eating this fruit.

D. Where Does the Muscadine Wine Get Its Bad Name From?

It seems its bad rep comes from the muscadine grapes’ price tag and the wine’s sweetness. The grapes are pretty cheap when you compare them to the hefty price tags of other grapes. Additionally, as we have said, this wine uses more sugar than others, often making this wine too sweet for the liking of some.


Today, we answered what muscadine wine is and learned it is a unique wine and one of the few truly American ones out there.

After that, we showed you our 20 muscadine wine recipes, where we saw the many ways to make this wine. Finally, we answered some common questions about this wine.

We hope we helped you get to know the muscadine wine and find the right one for you. If you have more wine worries, you might want to check out our other talks! Cheers!


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