14 Best Wineries in Nebraska (Photos, Reviews, Maps)

Since the late 1900s, Nebraska has been home to multiple wineries. With these 14 Best Wineries in Nebraska, we will explore some of the most well-rated wine places in the area.

1. Nissen Family Vineyards

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This family winery is a place for dry red and sweet white wines. Coming from a fourth-generation winery, the Nissen family continues to operate and make blends that have been present for generations. With their beautiful tasting room and events hall, you can make any occasion special with a touch of wine.

With their winery sitting on the top of the Nebraskan hills, you can enjoy the fantastic view of their vineyards. You can enjoy some Nissen family blends or their famous Nebraska Outlaw Trail series.


2. James Arthur Vineyards

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Since 1996, James Arthur Vineyards has been home to a delicious blend of sweet and bold wines. Many of their combinations focus on the sweeter variations of wine, such as their award-winning 2014 Sweet Charlotte vintage.

This winery sits upon the vast acres of grapevine plantations in Raymond, Nebraska. With its fantastic view and incredible wine, you are in for a fun time at this winery.

The winery offers an event hall perfect for parties, weddings, and company meetings. Make your events memorable with the incredible sight of their vineyards and delicious wine.


3. Junto Wine

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Junto Wine is sitting on the well-known Garland Hills. The cold climate of the area makes for excellent high-quality wine grapes. You can enjoy the lovely scenery and wine with its bumping and flowing lands.

The winery is also famous for housing and displaying many artworks from the local area. So, you can enjoy a variety of spectacular sculptures while touring the winery. Their homey tasting room makes for an excellent experience.


4. Cellar 426

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Born from a family business, you can feel the touch of homely love throughout this winery. Sitting in the rolling hills between Omaha and Lincoln, it serves an incredible scenic view you can enjoy from every angle. You can also taste their delicious wine in their modern lodge.

The winery focuses on darker and bolder blends rather than white ones. However, they still have lighter blends and specialty bottles, such as their in-season Mulled wine and Sunflower White wine.

As an ever-changing winery, they also feature seasonal blends that use local ingredients, letting you taste the exquisite flavors of Nebraska.


5. Soaring Wings

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Soaring Wings is an incredible spot if you love a wide variety of wines. Wine is available whether you love reds, whites, or anything. All of these bottles are at a reasonably low price yet of excellent quality.

The winery is also a spot for many events in the local area. With its broad grassy places, you can have a lovely time with nature. With its beautiful function hall and delicious wine, you can ensure that every event and function will be excellent, especially in wine quality.


6. Prairie Creek Vineyard & Winery

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If you love white wines, Prairie Creek Vineyard and Winery is the place to be. The winery is famous for its sweet white blends. However, don’t worries if you are a fan of bold reds, as they also have them in a lesser variety.

The winery came from the passion of Nick & Kristen Ryan. They set out to deliver delicious wine, perfect for any meal. The winery also offers dining within its tasting room, serving delicious food and incredible wine.


7. Miletta Vista Winery

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Miletta Vista Winery is a one-stop shop to enjoy Nebraska’s wine culture. Whether you are looking for a vineyard, winery, or lodging, this is the place for you. They even have a restaurant to let you enjoy their delicious wine and food.

If you are still unconvinced, their award-winning wines might be the pushing edge for you. The Milette Vista Winery is home to many wine bottles that received many accolades in the Nebraska area and the whole country. You can enjoy all of it with an affordable tasting session on a budget.


8. Deer Springs Winery

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Sitting in the Southeast of Nebraska, Deer Springs Winery was born out of Jim Partington’s love for wine. Enjoy their award-winning red wines, an excellent blend of sweet wine, and the fantastic view from their winery.

The place also offers indoor and outdoor seating, perfect for big groups, whether family or friends. They also offer many events that many locals enjoy throughout the year. So, if you want to take a wine break, this place provides entertainment and a delicious blend.


9. Slattery Vintage Estates

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Slattery Vintage Estates is the place to be for a great location and more excellent wine. This place is perfect whether you are in for some retreat, camping, or delicious food and wine.

Enjoy the scenic views along with their beautiful modern lounge. Sitting back and relaxing, you can enjoy their red and white wine. They also have an array of non-alcoholic drinks and ciders to ensure you will have your chosen beverage.


10. Capitol View Winery & Vineyards

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Capitol View Winery and Vineyards boast an excellent array of red and white wines. If you love a humbler experience, you will love this winery’s lounge and tasting room. It has a homey film, sporting wine lighting, and rustic wooden furniture.

The place also offers a tour of its beautiful vineyards. Enjoy being one with nature along with their delicious drinks. The site also hosts a good number of live music, perfect for unwinding after a long week of work.


11. Rich Harvest Winery

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Rich Harvest Winery is an incredible place to relax and unwind. The winery offers many events that many locals and tourists can enjoy. So, you know where to go if you love some good time and wine.

The staff is welcoming and warm to guests, reflecting their Southern hospitality. They also offer their handcrafted wines, ensuring that every bottle is made with the utmost quality. This is the perfect place if you want a humble time with wine and nature.


12. SchillingBridge Winery & Brewery

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ShillingBridge Winery and Microbrewery provides a classy experience as you enjoy your wine. Their elegant tasting room elevates your wine-drinking experience to a new light. Along with their banquet hall, make any of your functions more special with their beverage and excellent place.

The wine production area is also visible from the tasting room through the glass windows. You can see the wines being produced as you enjoy them. They also have an array of appetizers you can enjoy.


13. Native 32 Winery

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For many generations, the acres of land in West Point have belonged to the Doerneman family. With a passion for sharing the ground with the community, what better way to make use of it than for delicious wines?

The Native 32 opened its land to vineyard cultivation in 2016 and finally made its wine debut in 2019. The winery is now producing some semi-sweet and sweet blends you can enjoy. With their sleek bottles and fruity notes, the wine provides an excellent seasonal taste of Nebraska.


14. Lazy Horse Brewing & Vineyard

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If you want your wine-drinking experience with a side of horse watching, then Lazy Horse Brewing and Vineyard can provide you with an excellent time. Their barnyard-style tasting room offers a scenic view of the beautiful nature around the winery.

Enjoy their many sweet wines and a couple of dark blends. Along with its beverages, the winery also offers many delicious foods to go along with it. Their elegant tasting room also adds to the enjoyment of wine drinking.


In Summary

With this list of 14 Best Wineries in Nebraska, you can choose the best place for you to visit. There is a winery, whether you enjoy some classy or humble tasting room. Enjoy their reds and whites and taste the delicious Nebraska wine.

Best Wineries in Nebraska

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