15 Best Wineries in Michigan (Reviews & Guides)

Michigan hails as one of the prime producers of wine in the United States. Its colder climate gives it exceptional conditions for excellent wine grapes.

Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery

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Sitting on a 155-acre estate, Brys Estate Vineyard and Winery offers a vast plantation of different wine ingredients. Coming from Walt and Eileen’s minds, the winery opened its door in 1975. The family winery is set to serve the traditional Michigan values through its service and products.

With their elegant tasting room, you can taste the incredible flavors of their wines, such as Sauvignon Blanc and Reisling. The deck on top of the hill gives you the front row seat to see the vast and beautiful plantation.


Bowers Harbor Vineyards

$$ | (231) 223-7615 | WEBSITE

With almost thirty years in the wine business, Bowers Harbor Vineyards offers a wide range of vineyards to see. The winery has many accolades and awards from different wine Competitions. From Chardonnay to Riesling, you can taste a wide variety of flavors through their wine shop.

Their door is not just open for humans but to dogs too. If you have a dog accompanying you, it’s free to roam the gardens and patio at Bowers Harbor.


Black Star Farms

$$ | (231) 944-1270 | WEBSITE


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Sitting at the Leelanau Peninsula, the winery and farm hail as one of the famous stops in Northern Michigan. Black State Farms does not just offer quality wine; they also have an inn and dining hall for you to enjoy. It’s the best tourist spot for an all-in-one stop for a Michigan winery tour.

The winery produces wide classic varieties such as Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Chardonnay. Enjoy the view of nature through their hiking trails spanning across the hillside. Black Star Farms is a one-stop shop for a classic Michigan winery.


2 Lads Winery

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2 Lads Winery offers a modern architectural twist to the traditional Michigan wineries. Standing tall above the Old Mission Peninsula, their 10,500-foot facility is designed to serve the best wines. The large building has a glass wall, perfect for overlooking the wide hillside and lake.

You can check out their best-selling 2020 and 2021 series for an excellent selection of wines. Through their $18 tastings, you can taste their cold climate wines, such as Riesling and Pinot Gris.


The Winery at Young Farms

$$ | (989) 506-5142 | WEBSITE


In 2003, Mark and Abby Young established The Winery at Young Farms, becoming the first winery at Morton. As a family business, the winery emulates the traditional Michigan vibe. From the farms to the tasting room, you can feel the spark of Central Michigan.

The 78-acre land has been a farm since the late 1890s. The winery shows that Mecosta can produce great-quality wine through the hardy grape varieties.


Chateau Grand Traverse

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The Chateau Grand Traverse offers a wide variety of wines. Through their bar-style tasting room, you can taste the smooth taste of the beverages with every sip. Edward O’Keefe Jr. founded the winery, the first in Michigan to do a wide planting of Vitis Vinifera.

If you are fond of Riesling, this is the winery for you. Chateau Grand Traverse has nine selections of Riesling wine for you to enjoy. For just $10, you can taste five different wines in their tasting room.


Leelanau Cellars

$$ | (231) 386-5201 | WEBSITE

Located at the heart of Leelanau Lake, Leelanau Cellars offers various seasonal and classic wines. If you want new and fun wine flavors, this winery is perfect. You can pick from the array of unique wines and other beverages.

Besides the traditional grape-based wine, fruits such as blackberry and cranberry are also used. With Leelanau Cellars, you can taste new innovative flavors without losing the texture of conventional wines.


Mari Vineyards

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The bricked walls of Mari Vineyard’s winery welcome everyone to taste its excellent red and white wine. Owner Marty Lagina strives to offer wine sustainably.

After the tour around the vineyards and winery process, you can enjoy their wide selection of rich wine. Paired with their intricate charcuterie board, it’s a sweet blend of different flavors and textures. The bright and elegant patio is the perfect spot for you to unwind and drink.


MAWBY Sparkling Wines

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MAWBY Sparkling Wines is the place to be for strong fermented flavors. Through their double fermentation process, various wines can suit every taste. The 28 acres of land produce a wide variety of vinifera, perfect for making their wines.

Through years of experimenting, founder Larry Mawby settled on producing sparkling wine. Besides their delicious drinks, MAWBY also offers tasting rooms for drinks and fruit produce.


Hawthorne Vineyards

$$ | (231) 929-4206 | WEBSITE

Overlooking the West Grand Traverse, Hawthorne Vineyards is the perfect secluded winery to relax. With their tasting area and outside patio, you can enjoy the bay view of the area. The blend of fine wine and great view is the perfect combo to relax and unwind.

You can find the winery in the more hidden area of the Old Mission Peninsula estate. Either by flight or by the glass, you can ensure a pleasant wine tasting experience at Hawthorne Vineyards.


Shady Lane Cellars

$$ | (231) 947-8865 | WEBSITE

The ingredients at Shady Lane Cellars mix sustainable and high-quality products. The winery serves the unique taste of the Suttons Bay vineyards. Through scientific and precise techniques, winemaker Kasey Wierzba strives to produce authentic flavors of fruits through wine.

Despite being in the colder parts of Michigan, Shady Lane Cellars produces vibrant drinks. Their tasting room is a renovated 100-year-old chicken coop turned into something elegant and new. Through their outdoor patio, you can enjoy your wine in whatever way.


Filipo Marc Winery

$ | (586) 226-3990 | WEBSITE


Sitting at the hills of Williamsburg, Filipo Marc Winery offers an extensive catalog of dry, semi-dry, and fruit wines. Along with the traditional grape flavors, many other fruits are available. You can enjoy a more casual wine tasting experience with their humble outlook.

To ensure that you will love the wine you choose, Filipo Marc Winery lets you taste different wine variations free of charge. The winery also offers customized wine labels to ensure your events are personalized.


Left Foot Charley

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With the lead of winemaker Bryan Ulbrich, Left Foot Charley strives to produce the fantastic flavors of Northern Michigan. The winery offers a blend of different classic wines. From Riesling to Pinot Blanc, Left Foot Charley makes the traditional flavors of grape-based wine.

The winery has two different dining and tasting areas. If you love to taste wine, then their tasting area is for you. The Barrel room is the perfect fit for those who want to immerse in the mix of food and drinks.


Pentamere Winery

$$ | (517) 423-9000 | WEBSITE


The rustic interior of bricked walls and tasting bar will take you back in time. The Pentamere Winer sits on a 100-year-old building making a rustic and aged feel, much like their wines. Despite an excellent tasting room, the winery also offers a tour of The Cellar, the old station they use to age their wine.

Pentameter opens its doors to educating and introducing its guests to the magic of wine. With several awards under its belt, you can ensure that the winery knows wine deeply.


Blustone Vineyards

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Sitting on the Leelanau Peninsula, Blustone Vineyards overlooks the grassy hills of Northern Michigan. With its vast plantation on Sylt Road, the winery ensures that its different arrays of vinifera are the best of quality.

Rustic yet modern, Blustone Vineyards mixes the traditional feel of traditional barn tasting rooms with the contemporary panoramic view. The inside has a clean and chic style, perfect for dining and sipping wine. You can elevate the flavors of their best-sellers through their finger foods and charcuterie board.


In Summary

Whatever budget or wine you like, there is a winery for you to explore in Michigan. With this list of the fifteen best wineries in Michigan, you can easily explore their rich wine. Whether you love some ice wine or Pinot Noir, to the Riesling and Chardonnay, there is a winery for you.

Best Wineries in Michigan

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