13 Best Wineries in Santa Barbara, CA

The West Coast has its fair share of excellent wineries. Suppose you want to try what its grapes have to offer.

Then, it’s time to schedule a visit to any of the 13 best wineries in Santa Barbara, CA. The region’s unique geographical features produce one of the best Syrah. Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay in California.

1. Whitcraft Winery

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One of the winery’s founders learned his craft from the best winemakers in California. His hobby blossomed into a commitment to high-quality winemaking.

The passion inspired the next generation of the Whitcraft family to continue the legacy of excellence. Its wines do not go through pumping, filtering, or fining. This unadulterated process allows the purest flavors of the grape to come out.

Visitors can purchase signature wines, including Pinot Grigio, Syrah, and Chardonnay. The place also has a wine club where members can enjoy free tasting sessions and discounts. They can also get access to the library wines.


2. Paradise Springs Winery

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Paradise Springs is the first bi-coastal winery in the country,  having operations in Santa Barbara and Virginia. You can find the California winery in the heart of The Funk Zone.

Guests can go daily to taste the selections from both states. It annually produces 1500 cases of Pinot Noir, Syrah, Bordeaux, and Chardonnay varietals. It offers tasting sessions of unique wine flights.

Those wanting a more intimate event can try its private cellar tastings. Most of its wine offerings have received high scores from Wine Enthusiast Magazine. It shows the quality of its origin, the Sta. Rita Hills Vineyards.


3. Area 5.1 Winery

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This hip and modern winery lies in Santa Barbara Funk Zone’s center. It’s just a few blocks from the train station, making it accessible. Tourists and locals flock to its tasting room to enjoy its unique blends.

It has a relaxing patio that allows you to enjoy the perfect California weather. The owner is very knowledgeable and friendly.

He’s willing to share interesting information about their white, red, and rose blends. The winery pays homage to extraterrestrial themes and pop culture. It’s a unique experience that’s truly out of this world.


4. Frequency Wine Company

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This family-owned and operated winery began serving its guests in 2010. Its elegant tasting rooms offer a single vineyard wine selection with varietals from Santa Barbara’s terrior.

Its Mediterranean-inspired tasting room and inviting patio allow you to enjoy the California atmosphere. A visit will enable you to try Graciano, Grenache, Rose, and Pinot Noir.

Wine enthusiasts can join the wine club to enjoy free monthly wine tastings, discounts, and shipments. The winery’s staff is friendly and knowledgeable. You’ll learn a lot about wine and its origins.


5. Sanguis Winery

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This winery expresses personal touch through its handcrafted and hand-labeled wines. The intimate operation will make you feel like you’re drinking wine with close friends.

This boutique winery specializes in Bordeaux, and Rhone blends nurtured in the Santa Ynez valley. It has a gorgeous outdoor seating area to revel in the California weather.

It’s best to make an appointment before visiting to ensure you’d have a great time. Many visitors agree that the wines are so good you can’t help but take home a case. You’d be awed by the creative labels and inventive blends.


6. Kunin Wines

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This family-owned and operated winery started in 1998. Since then, it has produced high-quality Zinfandel, Viognier, and Syrah. It included Loire Valley and Rhone varietals, including Mourvedre, Sauvignon Blanc, and Grenache.

The operations thrive on the family’s personalities and passions. Every year, it produces around 5000 cases of wine.

You can enjoy these delectable drinks in the tasting room. Its location at the Urban Wine Trail makes it accessible from the beach. It can be a pleasant stopover after a day frolicking in the sand.


7. Happy Canyon Vineyard

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This Santa Barbara boutique winery and estate vineyard thrive through a family’s passion. It rose to fame due to its award-winning Bordeaux varietals.

Through the years, the team cultivated the rich Santa Ynez valley land where their grapes grow. Its wines are delightful expressions of the terroir’s heritage and beauty. The El Paseo courtyard is the perfect venue for full-service wine tastings.

Try the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Bordeaux Blanc, Rose, and other unique blends. Its vineyard has regulation polo fields that host competitions. It aims to combine the love for wine and the sport.


8. Santa Barbara Winery

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This winery made history when it was the first commercial winery to open after prohibition. Founded in 1962 by a thirty-two-year-old wine enthusiast, it grew into an award-winning winery.

This facility is just a stone’s throw away from the Pacific Ocean, making it accessible to beach lovers. You can enjoy nationally recognized Pinot Noirs, Syrahs, and Chardonnays during wine tastings in its facility.

A visit does not require a reservation, so it’s okay to drop in anytime. It also takes pride in its sustainability efforts, allowing it to be the winery’s core value. It received a Sustainability in Practice (SIP) certificate for its green endeavors.


9. Jamie Slone Wines

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In 2019, this facility won the Favorite Winery and Tasting Room award from the Santa Barabara News-Press Readers’ Choice Awards. It also has other accolades, including being a favorite among travelers.

It promotes a wine-tasting lifestyle fueled by the founders’ passion for entertaining and good quality. You can try Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Albarino, and Chardonnay when you visit.

It also has other blends that can satisfy your palate. The winery is open seven days a week and has ample outdoor seating. Making reservations is highly recommended. However, they accept walk-ins as long as there are available seats.


10. SB Barbieri & Kempe

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This winery has produced 20,000 bottles of wine since 2005. A master sommelier exposed to international wines has created Rose, Bordeaux, and White blends with his partner. Their combined experiences in food and wine led to a world-class winery.

The tasting room experience boasts daily tastings that include an impeccable cheese selection. Visitors rave about the winemaker dinner events, where they enjoy a four-course dinner prepared by a chef.

Each meal gets the perfect wine pairing. Wine club members get the best deals, such as exclusive invites to parties and tasting sessions.


11. Carr Winery

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Carr Winery welcomed wine lovers in Santa Barbara in the spring of 2007. This downtown facility has since received many awards and accolades. It’s known to craft the best wines in the county.

It’s an incredible experience to sip delectable wines with a working winery as your backdrop. The wines from its vast collection all come from the Santa Barbara vineyards.

The manufacturing process follows traditional techniques to preserve the region and the grape’s essence. The winery organizes wine-tasting events. It also has the First Saturday wine, art, and food fair, where you can enjoy beverages at happy hour prices.


12. J. Wilkes

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If chocolates and wine are your favorite combination, this is your dream place. This winery offers this heavenly pairing daily, deriving inspiration from the Central Coast’s incredible geography.

The winemakers use rare and traditional grape varietals to craft high-quality whites and reds. The tasting room, located in the world-renowned Funk Zone, is near the beautiful ocean.

You can enjoy a collection of sub-appellate wines from the Central Coast, including Syrah, Zinfandel, and Chardonnay. Its tasting flights include a fantastic array of food pairings.


13. Silver Wines

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The Santa Bar 805-770-8121 bara Country provides all of Silver Wines’ grapes. The winery crafts Syrah, Nebbiolo,  Cabernet, Pinot Noir, and other proprietary blends.

The resident winemaker shares his philosophy of honoring the vineyard’s exceptional features. Its cozy tasting room offers outside seating to enjoy the delightful weather. You can also host private events in any of their facilities.



The West Coast may be known for its breathtaking ocean view. However, it’s also home to the 13 best wineries in Santa Barbara, CA. These places offer the best wine that the coast has to offer.

Its unique terroir produces delicious grapes that create unforgettable blends. So, if you’re planning a trip to sunny California, remember to visit its wineries for a truly memorable experience.

Best Wineries in Santa Barbara

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