13 Best Wineries in Los Olivos, CA

What better way there is to socialize other than sipping some red wine or white if you are more into that? Talking with a loved one while holding a glass is the best feeling in the world. See below the list of the 13 best wineries in Los Olivos, CA.

Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard

$$ | (805) 688-1545 | WEBSITE

Fess Parker Winery & Vineyard owners want to build a business they can pass down to more generations in their family. They had won awards for their wine collection and world-class vineyard. They believe in the old winemaking technique and continue to impress their customers with it.

Aside from wines, they also brew beers that you may enjoy. They have a club membership that you can join with different deals and many benefits. You can also have a wine tasting experience and tour of their vineyard.


Kaena Wine Company

$$ | (805) 688-4069 | WEBSITE


If you are looking for spectacular scenery while enjoying your fantastic wine, Kaena Wine Company will be the perfect place for you.

They have an outdoor patio surrounded by trees that will make you appreciate nature and what it has given you. The owner gave the name Kaena, which in Hawaii means potential for greatness, so they only serve the best of the best.

There are various memberships for the different wine drinkers. They had noted that some only drink red, some only white wines, and others could not wait to taste their new ones.


Carhartt Family Wines

$$$ | (805) 693-5100 | WEBSITE

Many people like to drink wine in a comfortable place. Carhartt Family Wines will offer you great wines while feeling at home.

It is as if you are drinking wine in your living room or backyard, enjoying a conversation with a friend or a family member. And so, for your comfort, they will also bring you the wine they have without you standing up.

Aside from the place, the staff members are all lovely. They give a warm impression and are all very knowledgeable about their wines, and they will give you suggestions if you are unsure.


Demetria Estate Winery

$$ | (805) 686-2345 | WEBSITE


The owners named their vineyard and winery after their daughter, Demetria, which they got from Demeter, the goddess of harvest in Greek mythology. Now, their daughter also works in the family business.

While enjoying your wine, you may also order meals that go well with your drink. You may also bring your picnic lunch if you intend to stay longer, which many customers have done.

The staff will instantly pour different wines before you while explaining each. Knowing what you are drinking will intensify your experience as you know what to expect.


Stolpman Vineyards

$$$ | (805) 688-0400 | WEBSITE

If one tasting room does not satisfy you, Stolpman Vineyards will offer you a wide variety of wine lists and tasting rooms. You can go back to their winery and try different rooms each time. The hosts are very welcoming to each guest. They are always happy to serve and answer any query one might have.

All guests leave with satisfaction and delight from the wines they serve and accommodations. You can even bring your furbabies to the place, and the staff will love to have them in their tasting rooms.


Dreamcôte Wine Co.

$$$$ | (805) 691-1200 | WEBSITE


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Another pet-friendly winery is Dreamcôte Wine Co., indoors or outdoor tasting room. They are famous for their hard ciders while keeping a minimum of alcohol and sulfur. It means that you can enjoy more wine. Their wines are best when you consume them as soon as you open one.

Even though the place is small, the service is the same as big wineries. They will spare you from elegance and generosity. They offer popcorn, not the cheap kind but the best ones to enjoy your wine. This winery is perfect if you want something new yet not too heavy.


Larner Vineyard and Winery

$$$ | (805) 688-8148 | WEBSITE

You are sure you are in good hands regarding wine with Larner Vineyard and Winery.

The fact that the owner has a master’s degree in viticulture and enology means that they are confident with what they are serving you. He also likes to help others with their wine, and you can enroll in his class if you want to learn more about this fermented drink.

On the other hand, you may join their wine tasting to try their products. And if you enjoy what they give you, it will be harder to resist their membership.


Saarloos & Sons

$$$$ | (805) 688-1200 | WEBSITE


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A dream without a plan. Saarloos & Sons live daily by the decisions they talk about after working hours. They value the parts of their family and want to continue this for the next generations. And when you come to drink with them, they will treat you just like their own family.

Drinking wine is perfect when you have company. It is a social drink, after all. As the hosts serve you, they will tell you exciting stories that will get you hooked. You may also stay in their provided air B&B, which has hotel quality.


Beckmen Vineyards

$$$ | (805) 688-8664 | WEBSITE


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For a more unexpected and diverse pallet, Beckmen Vineyards is perfect for you. Their wines have unique flavors yet pleasant tastes that will make you try more. The tasting room is quiet with a scenic view where you can taste nature with every sip.

Most wineries make their drinks organically, planting grapes without any chemicals. However, this place tries a biodynamic approach wherein the owners focus on growing the grapes and the entire ecosystem. You can ask the staff or the owners for more information about biodynamics. Indeed, it will pique your interest.


Firestone Vineyard

$$$ | (805) 688-3940 | WEBSITE

Because of the climate in Firestone Vineyard, the grapes beautifully and successfully grow. The temperature in the vineyard is neither too hot nor too cold, unlike other parts of the city. They have different kinds of red and white wines. They have the classics Bordeaux, Rhone, Burgandy, and German origins.

The place is impressive and elegant. It fits the price range and service you will get from this winery. You may sit indoors if the weather is too hot or rainy. Meanwhile, enjoy the fresh air when the climate is in the sweet spot.


Tercero Wines

$$$ | (805) 245-9584 | WEBSITE


Another winery where the owner has a master’s degree in viticulture and enology is Tercero Wines. He ensures he shows his interest and appreciation for wines by having a wall of them in their tasting room and shelves of glassware. It does scream “wine!” while you are in the room. The experience is memorable because the owner, Larry, often joins you while having commentary.

If you like what you are tasting, you can buy a few bottles, and the winery will waive the tasting fee. You may also apply for the membership and get the same deal.


Zaca Mesa Winery

$$$ | (805) 688-9339 | WEBSITE


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Even though the Zaca Mesa Winery has a deep history that they keep, they still want to produce some modern products. To do this, the owners must blend their principles with the new agricultural sustainability methods, and they did exactly that.

They are more popular with their Rhode red wines, which have bold notes at the end. However, even their white wines taste delicious. You can bring your picnic lunch, and they will suggest pairing it with your munches. The tasting will be free if you buy worth $70 of wine.


SAMsARA Wine Co.

$$$$ | (805) 688-8689 | WEBSITE


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The winery notes the different factors that may affect the quality of the grapes, including the kind of soil they use, the temperature in the vinery, and others that they can manipulate. Because of this, they harvest perfect and high-quality grapes. So, the care for the grapes takes the spotlight instead of thanking the winemaking process.

Their excellent review says it all. Everyone who had visited the place was amazed, whether they were trying some Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. Everything is a high class from stepping in their doors until leaving the area.



You deserve a bit of relaxation after a week of hard work. Get ready for the weekend and pack a lunch because you will enjoy what nature offers this weekend. Choose any of the 13 best wineries in Los Olivos, CA.

Wineries in Los Olivos

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