13 Best Wineries in San Luis Obispo, CA (Photos & Free Maps)

It is time to relax your spirit. Inhale the fresh air and enjoy a scenic view while tasting some of California’s finest wines. If you are ready for a trip to the Central Coast, do not miss out on these 13 Best Wineries in San Luis Obispo, CA.

Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards

$$ | (805) 595-9700 | WEBSITE

In Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards, adults are not the only ones who can enjoy a great day. They allow kids and pets on their premises where they can also enjoy the great outdoors and breathe fresh air.

Aside from dogs around, you will also see some peacocks, which will surely make your experience magical. The host is warm and incredibly accommodating with everything that you need. Guests highly praise their wines infused with apples and their ciders. It is a perfect picnic place to bring your whole family together.


Chamisal Vineyards

$$$ | (805) 541-9463 | WEBSITE


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The Chamisal Vineyards is a winery on the Central Coast that focuses on producing the best Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that you may taste. It has a nice and beautiful balance that emphasizes the flavors but is not too overwhelming. People recommend availing of their membership to maximize their experience in this establishment.

Aside from their efforts in making excellent wines, they are also committed to helping the environment with their sustainability projects. The hosts are entertaining to interact with, especially when asking things about the winery. They pour generously, which makes the price you are paying worth it.


Edna Valley Vineyard

$$ | (805) 544-5855 | WEBSITE

Even long before, the Edna valley already showcased how excellent they are for growing grapes. The place is perfect as it gathers fresh and humid air from the Pacific Ocean. You can taste nature through their products.

Their wines each have a distinctive character that you can tell. Despite being different from one another, they all share the same characteristic, which is having a perfect blend of flavors.

The tasting rooms are elegant, and you can pair them with their different cheeses, making you feel fancy in every sip, even if the experience is affordable.


Tolosa Winery

$$$ | (805) 782-0500 | WEBSITE


Tolosa Winery is another winery located in the long Edna valley to take advantage of the cool and warm climate great for grapes. With these fruits, they can create one of the best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Their earth-toned tasting rooms fit perfectly with the valley.

But of course, great wines don’t solely rely on the location of the vines. This winery uses various technologies to improve every factor that might contribute to the quality of the wine, from how the grapes grow until fermentation. They also use technology to build a sustainable vinery, which makes use of renewable energy.


Malene Wines

$$ | (805) 235-3338 | WEBSITE


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When others produce delectable red and white wines, Malene focuses on the rosé. Rosé, also known as pink wine, has a milder flavor than red and has a fruitier note than earthy tones. This winery uses direct pressing to produce that stunning pale-pink wine.

What’s best about Malene is that their rosés have different refreshing flavors. In their wine tasting, you enjoy wines that include unique elements and tastes such as mango, cherry bubble gum, passion fruit, and honeydew. If you think you know your rosés, this experience will change your mind.


Biddle Ranch Vineyard

$$ | (805) 543-2399 | WEBSITE

Biddle Ranch Vineyard believes that its guests must experience great wine and excellent wine tasting rooms. And so, with this mission, they did not fail their guests. Many have said that their tasting area is tasteful and even their outdoor setting is comfortable.

The guests also loved the red and white wines that Biddle Ranch offers. You may pair their drinks with their handcrafted cheeses and seasonal spreads. Despite achieving the goals of this winery, what attracted the guests, even more, was the helpful staff. They are very knowledgeable about all the wines that Biddle has to offer.


Stephen Ross Wine Cellars

$$ | (805) 594-1318 | WEBSITE

Great fruits come from great trees. And so, the owners of Stephen Ross Wine Cellars focus on making their vineyard perfect as everything else will follow. They make sure that their team shows dedication to the same goal and has incredible skills to ensure quality.

They are very competitive with their wines. In fact, for the past five years, they have won numerous awards for their pinot noir, rosé, chardonnay, and many more. These awards alone are enough to prove that their ideas work. Their tasting room is humble and trim so that the staff can assist the guests well.


Saucelito Canyon Vineyard

$$ | (805) 543-2111 | WEBSITE


Different grapes make different wines. Saucelito Canyon Vineyard has their eye on Zinfandels, a grape with black skin that is not a common ingredient in wine. Despite having black skin, the Zinfandel has a lighter color compared to Merlot when made into wine.

However, with the proper process, it is very aromatic and has a high alcohol content but a sweetness. This winery does a great job at making a delicious Zinfandel dessert wine. They did bring out the natural flavor of the grapes.


Baileyana, Tangent, True Myth & Zocker

$$ | (805) 269-8200 | WEBSITE


Before Baileyana became a vineyard, the owners thought of using the area for farming cattle. However, because the soil is rich and the location is famous for having the most extended growing season, they decided to grow grapes instead.

Now, it is a winery that offers different brands of wine: Baileyana, Tangent, True Myth, and Zocker.

Because there are different brands, their wine list is pervasive, with more than 30 reds and whites waiting for someone to taste. The costs are relatively affordable considering the quality of the wine they have and the experience that the guests get.


Claiborne & Churchill Winery

$$$ | (805) 544-4066 | WEBSITE

Claiborne & Churchill Winery gives wine lovers a different mouth journey with unique wines that do not typically grow in California. Instead of the standard wine you enjoy, their specialties are dry Riesling, a white grape, and dry Gewürztraminer.

The guests have a blast with the flavors of the wines that this winery produces. Since the grapes are not usually around, guests enjoy hearing the wine-making process of what they are drinking. The friendly and accommodating servers and great choice of music made their stay more memorable.


Filipponi Ranch

$$$ | (805) 903-3567 | WEBSITE


Filipponi Ranch is waiting for you if you are looking for a more country vibe while enjoying every sip of your wine. The family who runs this place wants their guests to have a unique experience. This experience does include not only their exceptional wines but also your overall stay.

Their tasting room is a ranch house. You can talk to your companions while drinking or down the ranch’s history. You may also visit the outdoors and stay at the picnic area where you can play games with your family.


Croma Vera Wines

$$ | (805) 946-1685 | WEBSITE


Croma Vera Wines may be a small winery on the Central Coast but do not underestimate their products. The owner of this winery poured her heart into the art of making wine. Now, it produces some of the finest Spanish wines in town, such as Tempranillo and Alberino.

Since the winery can only produce small batches of wine, you can rest assured that every bottle has quality. They take the smallness to their advantage as Croma Vera has more control over what goes in the process and observes each grape’s quality.


Deovlet Wines

$$$$ | (805) 787-0438 | WEBSITE


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It’s lovely to reward oneself with something opulent occasionally, and Deovlet Wines must be one of your options. Their products had been in the top 100 of Wine & Spirits for four years. The grapes only grow in premium vineyards to ensure the quality and balance of taste.

This winery makes sure that each bottle of wine is consistent while making them in the old-fashioned way. Visitors can taste how fresh the ingredients are and tell the wines’ differences.



Had these 13 Best Wineries in San Luis Obispo, CA, made you thirsty for wine? Please take it as a sign that you need to take a break. Bring your family or friends with you and even your fur baby to some of the pet-friendly wineries.

Best Wineries in San Luis Obispo

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