12 Best Wineries in Scottsdale, AZ (Photos, Reviews, Maps)

Suppose you’re looking for an ultimate vacation, head on to sunny Scottsdale in Arizona. This Phoenix suburb boasts golf courses, luxury spas, and natural rock formations. A great way to complete your trip is to visit the 12 best wineries in Scottsdale, AZ. These modern tasting rooms allow you to enjoy wine after exploring the city.

1. Aridus Wine Company Tasting Room

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Aridus Wine Company Tasting Room’s Scottsdale location is a stone’s throw away from museums, entertainment centers, and restaurants. Like its main winery, it abides by a sustainability philosophy.

The tasteful use of natural and reclaimed materials for its interiors is evident in the tasting room. The result is a cozy, comfortable place where you can relax and unwind after work or on a trip around the city.

Its winemaker uses grapes from New Mexico, California, and Arizona to create delectable wines. Crowd pleasers include the Muscat, Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, and  Malvasia Blanca.


2. Carlson Creek Vineyard, Scottsdale Tasting Room

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Right in the core of Old Town Scottsdale’s entertainment and art district is this tasting room. It’s a renovated art gallery adorned with plush couches, art installations, and a copper bar. Its walls hold various artworks by local artists that rotates regularly.

You can purchase merchandise to bring home from the retail space. The winery also offers an education room where you can hold private events such as wine tasting sessions and classes.

Guests can choose from more than 13 rotating varietals. It’s best to pair them with their cheese boards which include marinated olives, artisan cheeses, dried fruit, quality cold cuts, and nuts.


3. LDV Winery

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LDV winery welcomes everyone, from new wine drinkers to serious wine enthusiasts. It offers memorable experiences that family and friends can enjoy. It aims to make wine knowledge accessible to many people by holding wine tasting and pairing events.

One of the unique activities is wine aromatherapy. It’s a sensory expedition that includes “grape-to-glass” lessons. You’ll be amazed at the interactive exploration with aroma-based activities, food pairing, and exceptional wine tasting.

Art lovers can immerse themselves in the art and wine pairing activities. It’s a chance to discuss art pieces while enjoying a glass of wine and some delectable appetizers.


4. Salvatore Vineyards Tasting Room (Passion Cellars)

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The family-owned and operated winery, Salvatore Vineyards, has been delighting wine lovers since 1933. It’s proud to be one of the oldest vineyards in the US. It uses grapes cultivated in its vineyard to produce high-quality wines.

It sticks to the decades-old tradition of crafting wines with only four elements. These ingredients include grapes, grape skins, yeast, and water. All wines have no added sulfites, making them as natural as possible.

The wines in their collection include Passion Rosella Rose, Passion Eidolon, and the 2019 Day Tripper. Various spreads such as the sweet bell pepper tapenade and olive country spread are also available for visitors.


5. Merkin Vineyards Old Town Scottsdale

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Merkin Vineyards aims to bring the whole  Arizona wine experience to the community. It strives to live by sustainable and regional best practices in achieving this goal.

All the ingredients for the wine and food they serve are harvested from its Wilcox and Verde Valley Estate. The winery sources other crops they can’t produce from the various farms in Arizona.

The goal of using only the freshest ingredients leads them to change their menu regularly. What they serve depends on what Mother Nature provides. Its wine collection includes white, rose, red, and canned. They are best paired with pasta, charcuterie boards, and pastries.


6. Su Vino Winery

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Su Vino Winery is a proud recipient of 40 medals for its wines. This award-winning winery is also the first in Scottsdale to offer personalized wine. It allowed guests to customize their wine based on their taste preferences.

The winery crafts its wines using unique blends and varietals. The exciting part for many patrons is experiencing wine production first-hand.

They get to bottle, cork, and label their wines, making them great personalized gifts and souvenirs. Su Vino has a chic and cozy tasting room that’s best for team-building activities, corporate meetings, and intimate parties.


7. Desert Rock Winery & Distillery

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This winery opened its doors to Scottsdale wine enthusiasts in 2015. It was after a successful stint producing and selling wines in Sonoma and Napa Valley. It used its 16 years of experience making wine the California way but with Arizona flair.

One of its goals is to bring wine education to the forefront of all its operations. The winery also aims to combine the exquisite wine lifestyle and delectable cuisine to delight locals and tourists. Its friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to welcome you to its chic country-style tasting rooms. Expect to enjoy award-winning wines and live music.


8. Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurants

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The wine country in Napa Valley was the inspiration for this one-of-a-kind winery. In 2005, the owner followed his passion for using wine and food to foster enriching connections. Its handcrafted wines result from the winemaker’s search for the best grapes in the world.

They work hand-in-hand with growers from France, California, and Chile to create an impressive wine collection. The team offers the utmost dedication to the art of winemaking.

This mission led to numerous accolades and awards, both national and international. Aside from the wine, Cooper Hawk’s also offers a memorable dining journey in a posh setting.


9. Arizona Stronghold Vineyards Old Town Scottsdale Tasting Room

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Located in the iconic Old Town Scottsdale, this winery offers impressive food choices and award-winning wines. It’s an ideal place for a chill or energetic afternoon. They offer bottles to go, wine-tasting flights, cheese plates, charcuterie, and Sangria.

Meanwhile, loyal customers rave about the warm, friendly atmosphere and welcoming interior. You can enjoy the wine and food on the outdoor patio and the beautiful sights.

You can choose from a wide array of wines, including Dala Cabernet, Dala Chardonnay, Tazi, and Bayshan. The winery delivers to several states except when the weather gets too hot.


10. The Wine Collective of Scottsdale, Wine Store, Wine Tasting & Wine Bar

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This collective endeavor carries various wines from various wineries in Arizona. Its tasting flights and food pairings are led by knowledgeable staff. The unique concept space promotes local businesses in the state while providing a fantastic experience to wine enthusiasts and novices.

You can choose to do an onsite tasting or buy some bottles to drink at home. It created cohesive but fun wine flight groupings that you can enjoy with cheese, chocolate, or meat boards. It’s a brilliant concept that makes wine tasting easy, economical, and enjoyable.

If you’re keen on enjoying a bottle, it’s best to try the Riesling, Arizona Rose, or Demi Sec Bubbles.


11. Vinum 55

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Like most Scottsdale wineries, Vinum 55 opted to establish a winery in the city proper. It aims to bring the beloved beverage nearer where people work and play. You can find it in the heart of the Downtown Ocotillo Lifestyle Centre.

It created a loyal following by bringing the country feel to an urban setting. The winery team is all passionate about wines, which reflects in the service and quality of its wine collection.

Its specialties are Merlot and Grenache. The Scottsdale location has an underground wine cellar that delights members of the exclusive wine club.


12. Sorso Wine Room

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This modern and elegant space is one of Scottsdale’s favorite wine destinations. It’s a comfortable venue to relax with loved ones over a bottle of wine and delectable cocktails. You can choose from over 150 types of wine and a wide array of sandwiches, appetizers, and flatbread.

The artistically decorated interiors, plus the industrial-style decor, set the mood for a relaxing night. Novice and seasoned wine drinkers can always ask for recommendations and information from knowledgeable servers. Its self-service wine dispensers make it stand out from the rest. It’s a new experience worth trying out.



The 12 best wineries in Scottsdale, AZ, offer a unique experience compared to others in the country. Most of the wineries get their grapes from vineyards outside the city.

These fantastic locations aim to bring wine enjoyment and education to the urban crowd- something wine lovers in the area appreciate and love. If you want to go on a wine adventure, it’s best to join the Scottsdale Wine Trail for an experience you’ll never forget.

Best Wineries in Scottsdale

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