14 Best Wineries in Hood River, OR

Distinguished wineries sprawl in Hood River, crafting various wine styles and making their own signature to give everyone a unique tasting experience.

Thus, whether you are an experienced wine drinker or a new explorer, visiting these 14 best wineries in Hood River, OR, is a worthy trip to take!

1. Evoke Winery

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Reigning as one of the best wineries in Oregon, Evoke Winery is an award-winning establishment serving delicious and sophisticated wines. It boasts over 20 awards from various national wine competitions.

Evoke Winery has a tasting room in three different locations in Oregon where you can visit and taste a variety of its wine.

But if you don’t have the time, Evoke Winery has a club where you can join and have wines delivered to your place quarterly. The club membership is free, all you need to pay is the shipment and the wines.


2. Stave & Stone Winery

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Stave & Stone is another noteworthy winery as they have award-winning wines available to the public. This winery boasts two fantastic locations in Hood River that are worth visiting.

If you want a great view of nature while tasting delicious wines, visit Stave & Stone’s backyard to see stunning hills and waterfalls.

There are a variety of watersports here that you can enjoy as well. And if shopping is your thing, head over to the winery’s Downtown tasting room as it is surrounded by boutique shops, bookstores, and more.


3. Stoltz Winery

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One barrel at a time is the mantra at Stoltz Winery. The winemakers at this place believe that producing single-barrel matches creates more quality wines because of the thorough attention they can give to each batch.

And, all of their wines are carefully crafted using old-world techniques and with grapes that came from the famous Columbia Valley.

Established in 2007, Stoltz Winery focuses on crafting old European-style wines using French oak barrels. You will surely love the classic taste and aromatic notes of every wine available at Stoltz Winery.


4. Cerulean Wine

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If you fancy pure and authentic wines, head over to Cerulean and savor all of their award-winning wines. Here, you can find delicious wines made using traditional techniques and self-grown grapes.


5. Phelps Creek Vineyards

$$ | 541-386-2607 | WEBSITE

Phelps Creek is a perfect place for anyone who wants to have a great time while drinking quality wines. This winery features a tasting room and an outdoor area with fire pits.

At Phelps Creek, you can go on a vineyard tour or enjoy a flight of distinct wines that will surely make up a great winery experience. Moreover, you can also join a tasting and food pairing event at Phelps Creek to even expand your wine-drinking experience.


6. Upsidedown Wine

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Upsidedown is a winery owned by the married couple, Audrey and Seth. The two of them personally oversee the production of its wine, farming, and managing of their cellar. Moreover, aside from having a tasting room that is open to the public, Upsidedown has an exclusive club.

Joining Upsidedown’s club is a pleasing opportunity for wine connoisseurs. You get to enjoy special releases, an allocation of its ever-famous The Gold Drop Collection, special tasting room pricing, and many more.


7. Marchesi Vineyards & Winery

$$ | 541-386-1800 | WEBSITE

Former sommelier, Franco Marchesi is an Italian proprietor and winemaker that moved to Oregon where he met his wife, Sandy.

Here, he built a vineyard on an abandoned apple orchard with Northern Italian grapes. Today, Franco’s Marchesi Vineyard is among the most visited wineries in Hood River, crafting delicious and quality wines.

Coming to Marchesi’s tasting room is like visiting Italy. You will be welcomed by a lovely patio with grape vines, flowers, and plenty of casual seating.  Finally, inside the tasting room, the walls are loaded with murals, pictures, and bookshelves, truly giving a wonderful vibe.


8. Gorge On Wines

$$ | 41-716-1091 | WEBSITE

GorgeOn is a proud winery boasting a vineyard in Columbia Gorge and a tasting room in Hood River. All of its wines are exclusively made using self-grown grapes. You can enjoy these wines in its tasting room, along with a variety of wines imported from all over the world.

GorgeOn offers a fun environment by hosting regular events weekly such as blind wine tasting and trivia nights. Moreover, GorgeOn has a club available for everyone that wants to be a member. Here, you can enjoy exclusive and limited releases, not many can have.


9. The Pines 1852

$$ | 541-993-8301 | WEBSITE


The Pines 1852 boasts a magnificent century-old vineyard that is rich in history and is responsible for growing the winery’s quality grapes.

The Pines care more about their grape’s quality over its quantity that is why they focus on thinning their crops to ensure all grapes are perfectly ripe and ready to give out its full potential.

As for The Pine’s wines, you can enjoy them at their tasting room in Downtown Hood River. The place features an outdoor secret garden and an exclusive boutique wine showcasing a variety of its delicious and tongue-tingling wines


10. Cathedral Ridge Winery

$$ | 541-386-2882 | WEBSITE


Wine connoisseurs and newbies alike will have a great time at Cathedral Ridge because of its over 25 award-winning wines and fantastic tasting tour packages.

Depending on what package you avail, you can get a chance to learn about the winery’s production process, sample still-maturing wines, try a decade-old wine, and more.

But if you want to skip touring and want to have a relaxing drinking time, you can sit down and enjoy a glass or a flight of six wines in its tasting room. Either way, Cathedral Ridge will surely give you a magical winery experience.


11. Hood Crest Winery and Distillers

$$ | 541-716-0140 | WEBSITE

Hood Crest is known in Hood River for serving fantastic local beverages in its friendly tasting room.

Operating as both a winery and distillery, Hood Crest produces a wide selection of wine and spirits. Moreover, you can also find a vast food menu in its tasting room featuring wood-fired pizza and its Take & Bake menu.

Hood Crest has six types of club membership available, and four of those feature its award-winning wines. Joining any of its clubs will gain your a variety of benefits you can surely enjoy.


12. Mt. Hood Winery

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Mt. Hood is another distinguished winery that boasts award-winning wines and a Northwest lodge-style tasting room with a panoramic view. Here, you will enjoy tasting rich wines with profound and distinct flavors while enjoying the peace of being away from the bustle of the city.

Mt. Hood is also an award-winning establishment that has earned the title of 2016’s Oregon Winery of the Year.

They are proud to offer you carefully cultivated wines by exceptional winemakers. And Mt. Hood will give you an unforgettable wine experience through its vineyard tours and tastings.


13. Wy’East Vineyards

$$ | 541-386-1277 | WEBSITE

If you are in search of a place where you can share your love for wine while also having fun, Wy’East is the perfect winery for you. It is a family-owned winery with a tasting room in the heart of Hood River, serving the people delicious hand-crafted wines.

Wy’East is perfect for everyone, especially for families that are looking for a place to have some quality time. The place features a cozy tasting room, a lovely patio, and a space where you can play bocce ball while enjoying a glass of wine.


14. Hiyu Wine Farm

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Come for the wine, stay for the food. Hiyu Wine Farm will definitely please your palate with their hand-crafted wines paired with fresh-from-the-farm food menu.

Hiyu Wine Farm offers a one-of-a-kind experience through its tavern tastings, family-style meals, and feasts.

They cater anyone from solo diners, couples, to families and large groups. However, Hiyu doesn’t offer wine tastings only as they believe that you can enjoy wine to the fullest if paired with food.



Visiting any of these 14 best wineries in Hood River will take you on a fantastic wine adventure that will please your wine-enthusiast soul. Whether you are looking for an exclusive wine-tasting experience or want to discover amazing food & wine pairings, Hood River will satisfy you!

Best Wineries in Hood River

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