14 Best Wineries in Woodinville, WA (with Photos & Free Maps)

Washington State is the second largest wine manufacturer in the United States. There are over 13o wineries in the town of Woodinville. And you can find each winery in different settings like cozy indoors, beautiful gardens, and massive lawns perfect for group picnics.

For you to have a premium wine tasting experience, we collect the 14 Best Wineries in Woodinville, WA, which you’ll genuinely appreciate and love!

JM Cellars

$$ | (425) 485-6508 | WEBSITE


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If you’re a wine tourist looking for an extraordinary tasting experience, JM Cellars has you covered. From their unique walking trails to barrel tastings, this winery is the perfect place to have wine with your loved ones.

You’ll genuinely love their diverse selection of first-class wines over a breathtaking landscape. Their Bramble Bump Tasting Room is open from Thursday to Friday, 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, and Saturday & Sunday from 11:00 PM to 4:00 PM.


Novelty Hill-Januik Winery

$$ | (425) 481-5502 | WEBSITE

Award-winning and one of the best wineries to discover, Novelty Hill received various recognitions for its spectacular wines. If you’re looking for top-tiered Washington State wines, you’ve come to the right place.

For a start, you can go and try their best-selling Januik 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon, Januik 2019 Merlot Columbia Valley, and Novelty Hill 2019 Columbia Valley. Do you want to try their exciting wines? They are open from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day.


J. Bookwalter Tasting Studio

$$ | (425) 488-1983 | WEBSITE

Crowned as one of the excellent boutique wineries in the Pacific Northwest, J Bookwalter has a long-standing commitment to offering its guests the world’s finest wines. If you like to visit, their tasting studio in Woodinville is happy to accommodate you from 12:00 to 6:00 PM every day.

On top of everything, if you want a grand milestone celebration over excellent wines, you can rely on J Bookwalter. They gladly host public or private wine events, perfect for all festivities.


Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery

$$$ | (425) 488-1133 | WEBSITE


With its rich heritage of producing wines, Chateau Ste Michelle Winery wants to give you a memorable wine-tasting experience you’ll never forget. What’s even excellent is this winery offers its guests a lot of wine-tasting flight experiences.

If you want a refreshing wine to pair with your favorite culinary delights, you can go for their Daily Food Menu. But in case you love to have their limited wine collections, you can book a reservation for Feature Flight Tasting.



$$ | (425) 398-7200 | WEBSITE


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EFESTE takes pride in crafting natively fermented wines using minimalist techniques. You are always welcome to enjoy wines in their warm and spacious tasting room in Woodinville, WA. Plus, if you have an upcoming celebration, their tasting gallery might be the ideal venue you’re looking for.

Do you like to shop for wines? We recommend trying their Evergreen Riesling with yellow apple and tropical fruit aromas for a head start. But if you’re an avid fan of blush wine, you can go for their Oldfield Estate Rose, which has the vintage rose color you’ll surely love.


DeLille Cellars Tasting Room

$$$ | (425) 489-0544 | WEBSITE


Here’s another winery in Woodinville, CA, which you will surely appreciate and love. Their tasting gallery offers wines from the Rhone-inspired Bordeaux collection. Suppose you like a glass of wine over delicious meals. In that case, you can have it at The Lounge Restaurant, next to DeLille Cellars tasting gallery.

In addition, DeLille Cellars’ shop has distinct wines to offer. Some of the newest release wines you could try is the following: 2021 Chaleur Blanc, 2020 Le Dessein, and 2021 Roussanne.


Airfield Estates Winery Woodinville Tasting Room

$$ | (425) 877-1274 | WEBSITE


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Settled in the heart of Yakima Valley, Airfield Estates is a family-operated vineyard and winery. Since 1968, this winery has been harvesting wine grapes producing 20 varieties. To this day, they strive to create the freshest and finest wines in Woodinville.

Their wine shop must be your ultimate go-to if you love red blends. You can have the 2019 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, 2018 Reserve Merlot, and 2019 Reserve Syrah for $35. But if you enjoy white blends, there are various options for you.


Mark Ryan Winery

$$ | (425) 481-7070 | WEBSITE


Since 1999, Mark Ryan Winery has produced the finest grapes and created the best wines in the country. Their tasting gallery in Woodinville, WA, has a cozy and casual ambiance that is perfect for wine enthusiasts.

Here are the crowd’s favorite wines you must try: 2021 Viognier, 2020 Wild Eyed, and 2020 Monkey Wrench. Do you like to have an extra exceptional wine tasting experience? Please stop by their welcoming space and taste their highly acclaimed wine collections. 10.


Gorman Winery

$$ | (206) 351-0719 | WEBSITE


Next on our list of best wineries is somewhere you can play guitar over a glass of wine. So, if you like to have your favorite wines over live music, you can swing by Gorman Winery.

One of their standout wines you should add to your “must-try” list is The Albatross 2018. If you love wines that scream personality, you can go for The Bully 2019 or The Pixie 2019. You’ll get a hunch from the wine’s name that Gorman has a dynamic collection.


Ambassador Wines of Washington Tasting Room

$$ | (425) 949-8322 | WEBSITE

Located near Woodinville Park North, Ambassador Wines has been selected as one of the top 100 wineries in 2021 by Wine and Spirit’s Magazine. Established in 2004, this winery crafts the finest quality wines from Red Mountain.

If you genuinely enjoy wines, come stop by at their tasting gallery. And before we miss it, there are a bunch of current-release wines to have. From Sauvignon Blanc to Grenache and Merlot, you’ll find your favorite wine in this place.


Castillo de Feliciana Winery

$$ | (425) 949-5088 | WEBSITE


Castillo de Feliciana offers its guests a taste of Spanish-style wines from the Walla Walla Wine Region. If it’s your first time, here are the wines you must try: 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2016 Garnacha, and 2015 Miercoles Red Blend.

If you like to chill and relax and sip a glass of wine, their tasting room in Woodinville is open Friday to Sunday from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Reach them for a heads-up if you want to swing by at their place.


Brian Carter Cellars

$$ | (425) 806-9463 | WEBSITE

Hailed as the Washington Winery of the Year in 2015, Brian Carter Cellars is something you should not miss in Woodinville. Featuring an urban village ambiance, this winery’s tasting gallery welcomes you to try its wines with the best food pairings.

You’ll never have a dull moment since all their staff are warm and friendly. Do you want a personalized but casual tasting experience of their European-style wines? Brian Carter Cellars has your back!


Sparkman Cellars

$$ | (425) 398-1045 | WEBSITE

Sparkman Cellars has one of the nicest tasting galleries in the town of Woodinville. You can try wines for their wine-tasting flights according to your style and preference.

They currently have White Flight, Rainbow Flight, and Red Flight. But of course, if you like to go wines by the glass, check out their 2021 Pearl Sauvignon Blanc. Pair it with tasty morsels such as cheese plates and chips with dip. And, if you share a deep love for white blends, Sparkman Cellars has a wide portfolio of white wines you can explore.


Wrapping up the Best Wineries in Woodinville

Indeed, there are a lot of wineries you’ll find in Woodinville, WA. Because of the town’s rich heritage of crafting wines, endless options are available for you.

But if you want a worthy and memorable wine tasting tour and experience, never forget these 14 Best Wineries in Woodinville, WA. A splendid wine blast is coming your way!

Best Wineries in Woodinville

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