29 Free DIY Wine Rack Plans You Can Make Right Now

Collecting wines can be an incredible pastime. Through these 30 DIY wine rack plans, you can show off your stunning collections with pizzaz. You can show off your creativity with a few easy steps and thorough directions in no time.

1. A-Frame Wine Rack


This A-frame wine rack provides an engaging style for your bottles. With the small holes for the bottleneck, you need a couple of steps to do this DIY project. You will need to use a hole drill to provide the spaces to put in the bottles. If you are new to

2. John Dolechek’s DIY Wine Rack

This step-by-step process from John Dolechek features a wall-mount wine rack. If you love geometrical décor, the diamond pattern of the shelves is perfect for you. The straight, square edges make it an easy starter project. You can customize the number of units and sizes to fit your wine collection.

3. DIY Wine Cabinet – With Printable Plans


If you are looking for an all-in-one wine cabinet, look no further. With this DIY wine cabinet plan, you can store your wine bottles and glasses with a drawer for drinking tools you may use.

It’s an excellent space saver with a printable pattern for a more straightforward process. This sturdy cabinet can fit fifteen wine bottles and up to twenty wine glasses.

4. How to make a 24-bottle DIY wine rack – storage cube

This 24-bottle rack is an excellent starter for a smaller number of wines. It’s relatively easy to do and provides a portable cubic design. You can have it mounted to the wall or on the kitchen top.

The storage cube style can balance out the bottles without falling. With the rack only consisting of six planks, you can make it even without prior knowledge in carpentry.



Not everyone is into the rustic look of wood we commonly see with wine racks. This modern and chic style will complement a more neutral aesthetic. With the aluminum flashing and twine, you can easily store your wine bottles in no time.

It’s the perfect rack for garden parties and complements a natural color palette. It also doesn’t require any hand tools, just some thick scissors and metal glue.

6. How To Build A Modern Wine Rack

Most wine racks lean more on the rustic style, so finding one for a modern twist can be challenging. This in-depth tutorial allows you to make a contemporary and functional wine rack to accommodate your home.

If you want to add some ambiance to this area to match the wine rack, some appropriate lighting can play some role like custom neon signs. Customize your favorite patterns and text to create the feel you want, making this area an eye-catching addition to your home or a little corner delighted you.

custom neon signs

It offers a sleek design with curves and waves, making it an excellent space saver. This wine rack will suit your home perfectly if you have a more modern aesthetic.

7. DIY Wine Bottle Holder


This triangular bottle holder is the perfect beginner project for many. You need three planks, and you can even use scrap wood. Glue them together and drill three holes, and you are done. This sleek and small countertop wine rack can show your prized wine bottles without too much space.

8. DIY Christmas Present – Countertop Wine Rack

This 8-bottle countertop wine rack is perfect as a gift or for parties. If you want to show a limited number of drinks at a time, this small yet sturdy unit will suit you well.

It’s simple yet saves a ton of space. This apartment-friendly wine rack will fit very nicely if you live in a small area.

9. Pallet Wine Rack for a Bottle and 2 Cups


Not everyone has the energy to run to the kitchen to grab a glass and a bottle of wine. This small, lowkey holder allows you to easily store and grab your wine bottle and glass.

It provides a more accessible way to get into your drinks faster. Check out this DIY project if you want to save time or have a fancy wine holder.

10. DIY Curvy Wine Rack Made From Baltic Bertch Plywood and Scrap Walnut

If you have some scrap plywood hanging around, make something new. With this curvy wine rack, you can have an ingenious way to recycle old wood.

The design is very modern, which adds a unique twist to your décor. It’s an excellent statement piece that will suit any kitchen or dining area.

11. Wine Rack Made From Upcycled Vinyl Records


Reusing old materials is always a good thing. With this vinyl wine rack, you don’t only find a new purpose for ruined old records, but you also minimize the trash you’re putting out. It’s perfect for lovers of wine and old records.

It might look like the vinyl is not sturdy enough, but this project showcases that it can easily support the weight of the wine bottles.

12. How to Build A Custom Wood HEXAGON WINE RACK

This hexagon wine rack is excellent for a tabletop or on the kitchen wall. It’s easy and can hold five bottles, making it a perfect project for beginners. It’s portable and saves a ton of space, which makes it an apartment-friendly décor. With this in-depth guide, you can make your DIY wine rack trouble-free.

13. Plumbing Pipes Trendy Wine Rack


Plastics are hard to eliminate in the environment. With this plumbing pipes wine rack, you can help nature through recycling. Not only will you lessen the waste, but you will also have a trendy and chic wine rack.

Depending on your aesthetic, you can paint in any color to suit your aesthetic. It is a sleek circular modern décor, away from the traditional rustic edges.

14. DIY Wine Rack Using Simple Tools

Not everyone can use carpentry stools for their wine rack project. Fortunately, this guide only requires you to use three essential tools, hand saw, sander, and drill.

Despite using simple tools, the unit features a tall and sturdy rack that can store up to 30 bottles. It’s an excellent rack if you have an extensive collection and keep your wine for an extended time.

15. Game Table Wine Rack


Who doesn’t want multi-functional furniture? It can save up space and provide multiple uses for the price of one.

With this game table wine rack, you can enjoy your fun game nights with a side of alcohol. Although it can be a bit challenging, with this thorough plan and illustrations, you can try and make your own.

16. How to Make a SIMPLE Custom Wood Wine Rack

This simple wood wine rack can store fifteen bottles. You can make your customized holder for just a budget under $40. It can make for an excellent gift or décor for your home. The top of the rack can also double as a small table for drinking. The darker shade will complement your taste if you love a more rustic style.

17. Reclaimed Primitive Wine Rack


This wine rack provides unique décor and storage. It features an unpolished yet elegant design, perfect for a mix of primitive and rustic styles. The wine rack features a plank of wood and pegs as the primary structure of the shelves.

If you are more into the artisan look, this wine rack is an excellent option. It’s functional yet provides an artistic twist to the furniture.

18. Making A Wine Rack

Not everyone has a big space in their kitchen for wine. This oak wall-mounted wine rack can save a ton of space. With its sleek and functional design, you can easily find a spot in your home to put it. The project has only four assembled parts, making it an easy starter wine rack.

19.  Industrial Wine Rack


This industrial wine rack can add an exciting twist to your décor. Made with pipes, it provides an attractive circular design.

With only glue and clamps, you can make this wine rack in the afternoon. It can be an excellent recycling project if you have some old industrial pipes lying around.

20.  $15 DIY Wine Rack

Easy and affordable, this $15 DIY wine rack plan is an excellent project for novice crafters. The parts are not complicated and result in a wine rack with a subtle geometric design.

It features a vape compartment to store your wine safely. You can follow the plan and tutorial to make your wine rack to complement your kitchen wall.

21. Old Sewing Table Wine Rack


It’s hard to believe that this futuristic wine rack is made with an old sewing table. Using LED lights and incredible design, your old furniture can start anew.

Along with the wine storage, it can also double as a table. It provides an innovative way to recycle old furniture and lessen waste.

22. Modern Wine Rack

Made from Ayous woods, you can add new modern décor to your home. You need four planks and putting circular holes to hold the bottles. Then, the next step is to clue the planks of wood together.

It’s a straightforward project to do. So, even if you don’t have big, automated tools, you can make this as easily with a handsaw.

23. Barn Wood Wine Rack


This reclaimed barn wood can be an attractive addition to your exciting dining area for a more old-school look. The mix of old and modern blends with the materials of this wine rack.

While the wood can be outdated, the addition of sleek metal hooks adds a contemporary twist to the rack. If you love a mix of minimalistic and natural décor, this wine rack should be your next project.

24. Little Squiggle Wine Rack

Most wine racks have a rectangular or geometric design. With this squiggle wine rack, you can have an exciting décor with a function. It’s perfect for tabletops and displaying your prized wine bottles.

The wine rack is made with solid ash wood, so you can ensure that it’s sturdy and will last a long time.

25.  DIY Wood & Leather Wine Rack


This wood and leather wine rack is perfect if you are more into the minimalistic style. You just need to use a drill and scroll saw, and you can make it in no time.

With the leather straps acting as the stopper for the bottles, you can ensure that the rack is sturdy enough. It’s a basic project, perfect for those who do not have much experience with woodworking.

26. Rustic Pallet Wood Wine Rack

This wine rack will not just store your bottles; it can also hold your wine glass. You can make this wood wine rack with six parts, even if you are a novice in woodworking. It features four compartments for glasses and bottles, making your drink more accessible for some nights with wine.

27. DIY Wine Rack With Leather Sling


This modern wine rack provides a more contemporary twist. It features straight lines and a flexible leather sling. It’s the perfect countertop if you have a more modern aesthetic.

It’s sleek and dark and has a geometric artisan style. It can be used for parties and gatherings where you only serve a small number of wines.

28. DIY Floating Wine Rack

This floating wine rack offers a more exciting look for a wine rack. You can create a floating optical illusion for your wine through the small holes for the bottlenecks. It provides a modern and exciting piece of décor.

29.  Walnut Wine Rack | A Simple Woodworking Project for a Friend’s Wedding

This tall and elegant wine rack might be your plan if you want to showcase your wine with more flair. The guide details the measurement and process for this incredible sturdy wine rack.

Despite having a considerable size, the process is pretty straightforward. You can put them in your bottles for safekeeping, although their large size means that it needs much larger space.

In Summary

Whether new to crafting, there is a DIY wine rack plan for you. The blend of minimalist, modern, and old-school design provides a wide variety of options for you to try.

DIY Wine Rack Plan

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