24 DIY Wine Stopper Plans

Elevate your wine game with these creative and crafty 24 DIY Wine Stopper Plans! Whether you’re looking for something elegant, fun, or festive – there’s a project out there to suit every style.

1. 11-Step Wine Bottle Stopper


This tutorial from instructables.com [insert link] teaches you how to make your own wooden wine bottle stopper. The project requires only basic woodworking skills, making it an ideal beginner-level craft! It’s perfect as an addition to your wine collection or as a gift to your wine-lover friends.

Further, this design features interchangeable parts that allow users to swap out different shapes and sizes as desired. It gives them even more versatility when choosing which stoppers they want!

2. Decorative Wine Stopper

The project requires only basic materials such as corks, and wood dowels, making it budget-friendly and accessible. Amp up your wine-topping game by using stylish drawer pulls that not only add flair but are also affordable and readily available for a mere buck or two.

You can even do it for free if you have some broken drawer pulls lying around.

3. Easy DIY Tassel Wine Stopper


Indulge your artistic side with this brilliantly simple yet chic tassel wine topper tutorial that promises a touch of pizzazz for any occasion. Perfect for those seeking an effortless upgrade in aesthetics.

The project highlights its ease through helpful steps. It bridges even first-time DIY-goers through all stages, inclusive of detailed instructions that are easy to follow.

4. Feather & Bling Wine Stopper

This DIY wine topper tutorial displays a quick and budget-friendly way of adding an artistic touch to your bottle. With the help of some bling and feathers, you can add a sparkly note to wine drinking.

The result is unique stoppers that will add flair for any occasion without breaking the bank or skimping on style! This step-by-step guide shows how fun it could be to flex creativity muscles even if you’ve never done so before -no fancy tools required!

5. DIY Wine Stopper


This DIY wine stopper project offers a fun and wildly creative approach that jazzes up your bottle in no time. With simple materials like corks, wood beads, and yarn of various colors for creating exquisite tassels – you can create elegant stoppers on a budget with style!

The best part? This tutorial is super easy to follow, with detailed instructions guiding even non-DIYers through each step, seamlessly delivering high-quality results sure to impress

6. DIY Glitter Wine Bottle Stopper

Glam up your favorite wines with this dazzling DIY wine topper tutorial that adds a touch of sparkle and chicness. With the use of glitter and sequins -transforming into designer-level stoppers has never been easier. Get ready to bedazzle your wine bottles with this DIY plan!

7. DIY Wood Burned Bottle Stoppers


Unleash your inner artist and create stunning custom-designed wine bottle stoppers with this brilliant DIY wood-burned tutorial! This plan not only offers an excellent way to use excess woodblocks, but it is also very easy to make! It’s a perfect novice project. Bonus, the smell is incredible and smoky after too!

8. DIY Heart Wine Stopper Made With Balloons

If you don’t have any heart-shaped stoppers, then try out this guide! Add a dash of quirkiness to your beloved wine bottles! With just balloons, glue, and stoppers at hand, this DIY plan is here for you to try. It’s perfect for any heart-themed events you have in mind!

9. DIY Thread Spool Wine Corks


Spruce up your precious collection of wine with these lovely Thread Spool Wine Corks! Not only do they make for an aesthetically pleasing display piece, but the tutorial is super easy to follow. These colorful and cute wine bottle toppers will surely be a fantastic conversation starter.

10. Space Bottle Stopper with Stars

Want some challenge in your DIY plans? Then, this resin art will surely provide you with some. Using some resin and decor; you can capture the scenic space at the tip of your bottle.

Don’t get discouraged if you are new to resin. We assure you the result is a stunning piece of art!

11. Snowy Tree Wine Stoppers


Feeling a bit festive? Add a cozy touch to your wine bottles this winter season with these cute Snow Tree wines!

If you want to personalize your holiday wine gift, then this is the perfect way to do it. Cute, snowy, and very adorable, with easy steps, add something fun to your holiday wine drinking.

12.  Beaded Wine Bottle stoppers

Transform simple corks into sparkling and chic works of art with these exquisite Beaded Wine Bottle Stoppers! With their eye-catching beadwork that comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, or patterns, this craft project is perfect for those who want a fun and easy starter DIY project.

Not only that, but finding beads is quite easy to do and very affordable (even free if you have some spare lying around.)

13. New Year’s Eve Themed DIY Wine Stopper


Fun, sparkly and bright, if you want something exceptional, then this is the plan for you. If you want a conversation starter, this is the way to go!

As the countdown to New Year’s Eve begins, you might find yourself scrambling for party décor ideas on top of preparing your perfect outfit. Fret not! This easy-to-follow DIY  tutorial presents an effortless way of elevating any get-together in a jiffy.

14.  DIY Football Wine Stopper

Want some sports-themed stopper? Then, you’re in the right place.

Celebrate your favorite sports game day in style with this DIY Football wine-stopper project. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any sports-themed party or occasion! Add a personalized flair that’s both functional while having the team spirit shine brightly throughout.

15. Simple DIY Wine Bottle Stopper


This nifty little gadget adds some serious style to your bar or kitchen and keeps your vino fresh. And the best part? It’s super easy to make!

Simply follow our step-by-step instructions using materials like drawer pulls and cork stoppers. Voila! An eye-catching new addition to any bottle of wine.

Don’t bother with boring corks that fail after one use; upgrade with this fun project instead. Plus, impressing friends with both taste AND creativity has never been easier!

16. Make Bottle Stoppers with Roses

Are you tired of boring and plain bottle stoppers for your wine collection? Try making these elegant DIY Bottle Stoppers with Roses Resin Art! These beautiful creations use a resin that gives an aesthetic finish.

So why bother buying expensive corks when creating your wine stopper takes only minimum effort but looks fantastic?! So go ahead and try it yourself!

17. DIY Geometric Bottle Stoppers


Plus, at such an affordable price point for supplies -there’s no need to break the bank on generic corks again. These gorgeous stoppers add flair while making it simple and cuboidal anytime!

You can also personalize it with different colors and patterns. So, be sure to check it out and try it for yourself!

18.  Bottle Stoppers Easy Wood Turning Project

Love woodworking and wine? Combine the two with this awesome DIY Bottle Stoppers Easy Wood Turning Project!

The step-by-step explanation ensures that even beginners can accomplish jaw-dropping results. So why settle on commercialized corks when making your own allows you to add personality at home while having wines last longer?

19. DIY Animal Wine Corks


Take your wine game to a whole new level with these adorable DIY Animal Wine Corks! This easy-to-follow guide shows just how simple it is to add some brass shine to any bottle of vino. What’s more impressive? The possibilities are endless!

From cute bumblebees sipping honey treats straight from the cork top or lovely giraffe neck shape protruding on edges, let your imagination flow strong!

20. DIY Crystal Wine Bottle Stopper

Looking to add a touch of elegance and glamor to your wine collection? This DIY Crystal Bottle Stopper tutorial is for you! The video guide walks through everything needed to create an opulent end product that looks like it was picked up straight from the high-end shops.

If you want to use it as a gift, you can even add some personalized gems that match the receiver.

21. Drawer Knob Bottle Stopper


Using a simple drawer knob, you can create fascinating bottle stoppers that not only look great but also keep the vino fresh as ever.

With color choices from metal tones like silver or gold knobs that fit sleek modern aesthetics; brass handles for classic looks, or even dramatic crystal options beyond imagination. There are endless ways to add individual style!

22. DIY Wooden Geometric Wine Stopper


If you’re looking for a creative way to add some flair to your wine collection, look no further than this DIY Wooden Geometric Wine Stopper.

By using only simple materials and easy-to-follow steps (all thanks to The Merry Thought!), this project allows even beginner crafters the ability to make an exceptional impact at dinner party gatherings or casual events.

23. DIY Holiday Wine Cork Stoppers


Impress your dinner party guests with these DIY Holiday Wine Stoppers! The simple yet elegant design employs traditional winter imagery on top of functional corks bringing the holiday spirit home.

Using recycled knobs, create unique festive pieces ready, whether serving up homemade dinners or taking them away as gifts for others.

24.  Glitter Wine Stoppers


Add a touch of glam to your wine collection with these DIY Glitter Wine Stoppers! The gorgeous colors range from vibrant pinks & purples, perfect for gifting special people or occasions.

So why buy bland corks when creating show-stopping designs is so accessible? Use this step-by-step guide now by the Something Turquoise blog and start adding personality to bottles everywhere!


So why settle on boring store-bought options when creating unique designs is so affordable & gratifying? Craft some yourself now using tutorials in this list of 24 DIY Wine Stopper Plans!

DIY Wine Stopper Plans

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