15 Mulberry Wine Recipes You Can Follow At Ease

This list of 15 mulberry wine recipes we will give you is easy to follow. So, we are sure you can do your simple experiment at making these wines in the comfort of your home.

You have to stick to these recipes, collect the required equipment and ingredients, and have never-ending patience; then, you are all set!

Mulberry Wine And Its Origin


To make things understandable, we will start with knowing the basics. We will inform you about Mulberry fruit and its use in making delicious wines. Mulberry trees typically live for only a short period. Their lifespan is like that of humans, but some trees can still live for up to 250 years. Such cases only happen in certain species of these trees.

The tree itself is small. Mulberry trees usually have a height of 33-66 feet or 10 to 20 meters. These kinds of trees are native to China and India. So, you’ll probably notice that mulberry wines are typical in Asian countries.

Like the tree, the fruits of mulberry are tiny too. However, they are much more recognizable because of this feature. The color of the fruit is pleasing to the eye also. These colors are red, white, and black.

Most of the time, the fruits fall into the ground if they are already ready for harvest. When it comes to the health benefits mulberry fruits can give, it’s a lot! Mulberries have antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. It has nutrients that help reduce stress on the body, whether physical or psychological.

Here is a breakdown of nutrients that a 100-gram fresh mulberry contains. Remember that this data is subject to change depending on the amount of the mulberry.

Nutrients Amount
Fat 0.4 grams
Calories 49
Fiber 1.7 grams
Carbohydrate 9.8 grams
Protein 1.4 grams
Sugar 8.1 grams

There are plenty of advantages a mulberry can provide. There is no doubt that this fruit is good for the body! People do not take these advantages for granted. That’s why they make mulberry wines! Since mulberry can bear plenty of fruits, it is best to make wine than let it be leftover and rot.

Let us begin with the first mulberry wine recipe!

1. Mulberry Shahtoot Wine


Do not panic! Shahtoot is just a Hindi term for mulberry. That said, the first recipe on our list came from India. Silk farmers in silk-rich farms make mulberry Shahtoot wine. Producing it is another source of income for farmers, so they do this instead of letting it rot. Only three ingredients are needed for this recipe—the mulberry, Campden, and yeast for red wines.


2. Mulberry Red Wine

If you want to serve your guest red wines but don’t have one at the moment, this recipe will do the trick! Since mulberries have a bright and intense red color, it is perfect to deceive your guests that it is bought from the store. This mulberry red wine recipe is unique because it has ginger as an ingredient.


3. Homemade Mulberry Wine


Next on this list is a homemade mulberry wine! Besides the convenience of making mulberry wine in the comfort of your home, we are sure that you can do this recipe easily. All you need to have are the following: corn starch, crystal rock sugar, white wine, and mulberries. If you prefer a recipe that will produce a sweet wine, this one is for you!


4. Mulberry Wine (Using 2 Ingredients)

Another simple mulberry wine recipe awaits you! It only needs two ingredients– like mentioned in the name. But, you’ll need more patience in fermenting this wine.

Prepare the wine by alternately putting the mulberries and cane sugar in a glass jar. Make sure that it is dense since these will turn into liquid as time passes by. This recipe is excellent if you don’t intend to drink the wine immediately.


5. Morus Nigra: Spring Wine


Compared to other simple recipes on this list, making a Morus Nigra: Spring Wine is a handful task. You will need a lot of ingredients, and the process of making it is long. But, this recipe is considered one of the most accurate ways to make wine. The utensils you’ll need to use are the same as the ones experts use. Be ready when you make this recipe!


6. Easy Mulberry Wine

This easy mulberry wine recipe is different because it has wheat! It is unusual to put wheat in wine because it might cause additional texture. But, if you are experimental with what you want in a wine, consider this recipe! It is easy to do, and there’s nothing fancy with the ingredients. You can also use the empty glass jar in your home if you are on a tight budget.


7. Sweet Mulberry Wine


As the recipe name implies, this is also a sweet-flavored wine! We are sure that you can purchase most ingredients for this sweet mulberry wine in the market. These ingredients are common in making wines, so be sure to find them! Expect that you can get a gallon of mulberry wine if you follow the exact measurements of the ingredients. For better taste, ferment it for six months.


8. Mulberry Fruit Wine

Are you aware that you can also use rice wine in making mulberry wine? If not, this recipe will tell you how that is possible. Instead of using yeast to make the wine alcoholic, you can use rice wine. You won’t need to mix water on it too. The Mulberry fruit wine recipe only has three main ingredients– mulberry, rice wine, and rock salt. Indeed, this is easy to make!


9. Mulberry Wine (Food Reference Recipe)


We are sure that this recipe is flavorful! It has cinnamon sticks, mint, and lemon juice, to enhance the Mulberry fruit’s flavor. After fermenting the wine mixture for up to 6 months, serve the wine on all kinds of occasions because it will suit any dish. But, make sure not to consume it in one sitting.


10. Chutikarn Recipe: Mulberry Wine

The Chutikarn recipe of mulberry wine is easy to follow and do! You won’t need so many ingredients and utensils. Plus, the fermentation process is short, unlike the others. You can already drink homemade mulberry wine in just 7-14 days. If you like instant wine, this recipe might be what you want. The product is suitable for self-consumption and guests.


11. Mulberry Wine (Recipe of Health)


We have plenty of sweet mulberry wine choices here– this is another! Mulberry wine from the recipe of health is known for being sweet and bitter at the same time. Its saltiness is not distinguishable, while the savory taste is considerable. You should use ripe Mulberries and a Bordeaux wine yeast to achieve the said tastes.


12. Mulberry Wine (Healthy Farm Living Recipe)

Now, if you aim to make 5 gallons of mulberry wine, this recipe will give you the proper measurements. You can make enough wine that will cater to numerous people, or you can also sell it! Making 5 gallons of Mulberry wine requires a lot of effort and patience. But watch out because this recipe is worth it!


13. Pick a Pepper Mulberry Wine (Adapted Recipe)


Here comes another 5-gallon mulberry wine recipe! Luckily, the fermentation time for this recipe is only a year. If you follow this recipe, use a yeast specifically made for wines. Champagne yeast is okay too. Usually, regular yeast is not an option. Using an airlock is another trick to ferment the mulberry wine effectively.


14. No Yeast Mulberry Wine Recipe

This guide is evidence that you could make wine even without yeast. Some people may argue about this, but it is a fact! There is a natural yeast in the air that organically ferments the wine. Try making this no yeast mulberry wine recipe, and you’ll be amazed by what air can do!


15. Mulberry Wine (Chronicles of a Humpy Dweller Recipe)


The last recipe is intended for people who want to do a business out of mulberry wines. If you are that person, follow this guide. You can make 36 bottles of mulberry wine using this recipe, but you can change it depending on your preference. Note that you will be using fruit juice as another ingredient. So, the wine will indeed become more flavorful.

3 Frequently Asked Questions When Making Mulberry Wine

Can I make mulberry wine without yeast?

The answer to this question is yes. The process called wild fermentation helps in making it possible. As we mentioned earlier, the air has natural yeast. Although, not adding yeast to the wine will make the fermentation process longer than usual. It is to ensure that the wine will fully develop the flavor and the alcohol. Natural fermentation is possible!

How long should I ferment my mulberry wine?

The fermentation time solely depends on you. But, you have to understand that the longer, the better. There is also two-step fermentation you must know when making wine. The first one is primary fermentation, where you mix all the ingredients and let them sit for days. Usually, a week will be enough.

The second one is the final fermentation– this is the part when you have already poured the mixture into the designated bottles. Fermenting in this phase will typically last for a year (the least). Some winemakers ferment their mulberry wines for decades.

Can I add mulberry stems to the wine?

Adding the mulberry stems to the wine is not ideal. Most people remove it after the primary fermentation. Mulberry stems do not have an essential impact on the taste of the wine. So, if you like to drink it smoothly, better remove the stem.

Final Words

We gathered the easiest 15 mulberry wine recipes you can follow. But, take note that the preparations are what we are referring to since fermentation is a different thing. Each recipe has different ingredients and fermentation time, but as long as you follow the guides, we are sure that the result will be the same.

Also, do not forget the answers to the frequently asked questions when making a mulberry wine. These will help you to make wine at ease and peace!


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