17 DIY Wine Corks Ideas

It would not be surprising to say that wines are genuinely one of the best things in life. It can be a calming stress reliever to wind up the day. Or you can have it for a toast on the glorious moments of life. But have you ever wondered and looked at the massive pile of wine corks sitting on your counter?

While it may look simple, a bunch of corks would be the best stepping stone to doing endless DIY projects. So, if you’re looking for pretty but functional DIY wine corks plans, we’ve got something for you! Now, get rolling because here are the 17 DIY Wine Cork Ideas.

1. DIY Wine Cork Drink Coaster


Are you a passionate fan of coasters? If you are, here’s a cute and enjoyable way to create coasters by using nothing but wine corks. For this adorable craft project, you might gather around six pieces of wine corks for each coaster.

To make your craft much quicker and easier, you must have a sharp box cutter, sandpaper, and a hot glue gun. This DIY wine cork drink coaster from Pink When needs only four steps. And voila!

You can have the most incredible handcrafted DIY coaster at your next dinner party. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner creativity and make your DIY wine cork coaster now!


2. DIY Wine Cork Jewelry Organizer

If you’re wondering how you can best recycle your wine corks, you’re lucky to cross this page. This video tutorial will guide you on making a DIY wine cork jewelry organizer.

You can make this DIY wine cork jewelry organizer a fantastic gift for your precious family and friends for Thanksgiving and other holiday seasons. Of course, there’s nothing better than a gift you have spent time and effort to make.

If you like a magical transformation for your wine corks, here are the few materials you might need: wood board, glue, rice paper, hooks, wine cork, paint, paintbrush, ribbon, glue gun, and utility knife.


3. DIY Wine Cork Tray


Maybe, your grand celebrations are now over. And you find yourself having a bunch of wine corks around the house, and you don’t want them to throw in the garbage bins. Why not make a DIY cork tray if you’re looking for a fun project for your wine corks?

This DIY wine cork tray idea would not take too much of your time. You can finish it in at least an hour. Promise! You’ll love this DIY wine cork tray. On top of that, you can have it as a simple but inexpensive gift for your loved ones.


4. Wine Cork Bathmat

Next on our list of best DIY wine cork ideas is none other than creating a bathmat. Amazing, right? For this handcrafted wine cork idea, you might collect some recycled corks, cardboard or scrap paper, scissors, a rug pad, and a hot glue gun.

For the first step, place the scrap paper under the rug pad. Afterward, start gluing the wine corks to the rug pad while lifting off the scrap paper to ensure it doesn’t stick to the glue.

On a final note, trim the excess rug pad using scissors. For more information about this exciting DIY wine cork project, click the link above and watch this video brought by BuzzFeed Nifty.


5. DIY Wine Cork Vase


Are you looking at the massive bunch of wine corks left in your kitchen? Well, if that’s the scenario, maybe it’s time to reinvent something about your wine corks. With a bit of powerful imagination, you might use your wine bottle stopper to good use. Transform it into a wine cork vase.

Gather these materials: cube-shaped glass vases, high-quality craft glue, and of course, a lot of wine corks. If this handcrafted wine cork idea sparks your interest, check out these DIY plans by Funny How Flowers Do That.

With five easy steps, you’ll have a magical and creative vase you can use as a classy ornament at home.


6. How to Make a Wine Cork Trivet

In this YouTube video, Becky Stern shares how to make a trivet out of wine corks with the world. For the prep time, start by arranging the pins. It will also be helpful to tighten the screw to keep everything in place.

And if you find wine corks longer than the rest, use a craft knife to cut the excessive ones. On an important note, it will be better to glue all the wine corks together if you want them to be long-lasting and durable.

And once it’s done, wait for them to dry up. Once the glue dries up, your wine cork trivet is ready to use. You can have it to preserve your surfaces at home from kettles and hot pots. And that’s nothing but impressive!


7. DIY Wine Cork Bulletin Board


Raise your hand if you have a vast pile of wine corks at home. You might want to make a DIY wine cork bulletin board perfect for quick sticky note reminders, a mini calendar, or your family pictures.

Put your old wine corks into good use by trying to craft this DIY project. Gather a bunch of wine corks, a large paper box, a glue gun, a spray, a glue gun, and a Manila rope for the supplies.

With five quick steps, you can have a nostalgic and aesthetic vibe at home by hanging your DIY wine corkboard. And with that, you’ll say goodbye to lost notes and have excellent space for photos too!


8. Wine Cork Keychains

Why not make a charming wine cork keychain to remember and savor the good memories you have over your favorite wines? Watch this video by Katharine Opal for crafting the cutest wine cork key chains in the quickest way possible.

For your jumpstart, here are the materials you need: wine corks, beads, charms, jump rings, keychains, eye screws, and pliers. If you don’t have them at home, I’m sure you can find them at the local store down the lane.

So, if you like some cute stuff to hang on your bag, home, or car keys, wine corks may be the best idea!


9. DIY Wine Kitchen Utensil Holder


Here’s another wine cork craft idea that you’ll find interesting and enjoyable to make. I highly encourage you to make a DIY kitchen utensil holder. This stuff will look fantastic in your kitchen. On top of that, it might be an ideal homemade gift to celebrate the people you love.

The total activity time for this craft is around two hours. And for the materials, you’ll only need three basic things. Collect some empty tin cans, wine corks, and wax paper. And, of course, don’t forget to secure a high-temperature glue gun with you.

So, the next time you’re stuck with the crazy amount of wine corks, remember this DIY plan. You can recreate wine corks into something you can use for a long time, like a kitchen utensil.


10. DIY Wine Cork Wreath

For a blissful holiday season, you can celebrate it with a personal touch by creating a DIY Wine Cork Wreath. You can use a gallon of wine corks, tacky glue, a straw wreath, and ribbons. This YouTube video by Paigey stuff is easy to follow and do. Plus, you can get creative and use as many wine corks as you like.

So, if you want to know how you can put into great use the wine corks that you have, try to recreate them into a beautiful home ornament. Plus, you can celebrate a holly and jolly Christmas with this DIY wine cork wreath.


11. Wine Cork Wall Hooks


You can always upcycle your wine corks by turning them into a space-saving wall hook. If you’re too passionate about wines and hoarding a lot of wine corks, this is the perfect DIY plan for you.

Making wine cork wall hooks is an excellent plan to transform your wine corks into cute, planet-friendly stuff. For these repurposed wine cork hooks, you’ll only need wine corks, some screws, and a piece of wood.

Click the link above and see how you can magically shift your wine corks into an upcycled masterpiece.


12. DIY Wine Cork Mobile Holder

Nowadays, there are ongoing trends for mobile gadgets and accessories. So, if you want to follow the hype, here’s a DIY wine cork project you can try. In this step-by-step video tutorial by Maison Zizou, you’ll never get lost in creating your first ever DIY cork mobile holder.

On top of that, for this handmade mobile stand, there are only three things you must prepare. Gather some leftover wine corks, a cutter, and a hot glue gun.


13. Wine Cork Stamps


Wine cork stamps are perfect for giving a personal touch to handcrafted letters. So, if you can’t get over with stylish stamps, do not worry! You don’t have to spend a few bucks or purchase them at the store down the lane.

This DIY candy tutorial guides you on making inexpensive DIY stamps out of old wine corks. Here are the things you might need for the prep: wine corks, ink pads, craft foam, paper, pen, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

Start tracing the wine corks on paper if it’s your first time. Then, draw some images that you love inside the circles. Cut out the pictures and trace them into the craft foam. And one last step. Hot glue the craft foam shapes into the wine cork.

And voila! Begin customizing your handmade letters with these unique wine cork stamps.


14. Wine Cork Candle Holder

Next on our list of fantastic wine cork ideas is something unique but memorable. But for sure, this is a beautiful way to recycle your wine corks. Create them into a fabulous candle holder to enhance the look of your dinner table.

It would be best to gather hot glue guns, wine corks, and black cable ties for this craft. While the total active time may differ, this craft is not time-consuming. At best, I think you’ll only spend twenty minutes. So, why not try your own wine cork candle holder? Now is a perfect time!


15. DIY Wine Cork Garden Markers


If you’re a person who loves gardening, you’ll find this DIY wine cork project valuable and relevant. Occasionally, gardening may be confusing when you forget what you plant on a specific area or row.

Like store label tags, you can recreate organization tools in your backyard by creating a DIY wine cork garden marker. Here are the prepared supplies: wine bottle corks, permanent markers, and wooden skewers. What’s even great is there are only three steps to follow.

Do you want to try making one now? Check this DIY wine cork craft by Sweet Home Design. I assure you. Creating one is truly worth the time and effort!


16. How to Make a Wine Cork Vase

One thing is sure. It’s the fact that you cannot get too many flower vases. So, if you’re the person who often receives flowers or has your flower garden, it’s high time you have a wine cork flower vase.

This DIY wine cork idea looks fabulous and easy to make. Once you finish the craft, you can put it around the living room. Or you can dedicate it as a precious handcrafted token. So, watch this YouTube video tutorial and make the most beautiful wine cork vase.


17. DIY Wine Cork Tile Placemat


Finally, the last DIY wine cork project on our list is easy to make but waterproof, durable, and has a rustic aesthetic look. Aside from transforming your wine corks into table runners, coasters, cork boards, and floor mats, there are still endless possibilities for your old wine corks.

That includes crafting your own wine cork tile placemat. All you need is fifty wine corks, a hot glue gun, and a utility knife. And here’s our pro tip. In case you might want to add beautiful shades to your DIY wine cork tile placemat, try to use red wine corks!

The Bottom Line

Maybe now you’ll realize that your wine corks have great potential. Well, who knows that these tiny circles are more than wine bottle-stoppers? However, with these 17 DIY Wine Corks Ideas, you can turn your leftover corks into something beautiful but valuable and functional.

Are you excited to start your DIY wine cork project? Which one on our list is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments! And of course, don’t forget to have fun!

DIY Wine Corks Ideas

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